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					                                                Song of Peace in Sonoma Valley
      March                      Rabbi’s Letter                           President’s Message
    2009/5769                    Jack Gabriel                                    Sy Lenz

                        “It Takes a Community to Daaven”           Tough times…
Inside                There is a wonderful quote by President      As we all know from all the reports in the
this issue…..         Jimmy Carter that says, “Go out on a         media, hundreds of thousands of jobs
                      limb. That’s where the fruit is.” I’ve       are being lost to the economic crisis.
                      thought about this in relation to how we     This is being brought home to us in so
    HAG PURIM!        at Shir Shalom conduct our Prayer Ser-       many ways, publicly and privately.
                      vices. The most traditional way to lead
         Page 8       Services is to get a prayer book, get a      Besides jobs disappearing, savings in
                      leader in front of the room, and to follow   IRA’s and other retirement programs
                      a predictable format. While this may be      have lost so much value that people who
    Sisterhood        comforting to some, it also can be dead-     thought that they had finally settled into
         Page 4       ening to others.                             an easy retirement have had to go back
                                                                   to work or drastically cut spending… or
                      Before I was a Rabbi, I was very involved both.
 Religious School     in the Havurah movement. The premise
                      there was that a community of equals         Some of us are better off than others, but
         Page 5                                                    that is as it has always been. What we
                      could create meaningful Judaism to-
                      gether. Each week, a different group of were hoping for from the new administra-
     Calendar         three or four people would divide up the tion in Washington now seems, in a
     Page 10          Service, including the sermon, and we’d sense, out of reach. Even if our elected
                      go to different people’s homes for Fel-      representatives of all persuasions sud-
                      lowship, Prayer and Onegs. Sometimes, denly put aside partisanship for coopera-
    FCC Forum         the results were great. Sometimes the        tion, the problems are so vast and varied
    Author Talk       results were awkward. Still, we enjoyed that no miracles could lend us an easy
                      the process and we all benefited from the path to recovery.
     Page 11
                      varieties of experiences that we shared. The families of servicemen serving in
                      I’d like to recreate some of that Havurah harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan are
                      energy here. We only meet twice a            dealing with tragic losses on a daily ba-
         ….and more   month for Services. Up until now, I felt     sis, with loved ones being maimed or
                      that as the Rabbi, I should create the       killed. At least for them, there is under-
                      whole experience for you. The problem standing on the military reservations,
                      is no one else gets a chance to share        along with material support. But how
                      their approaches to prayer or to practice many of our families in our congregation
                      their leadership skills. What I’d like to do are being directly touched? Very few.
                      is to invite different people to co-lead the
                                                                   Along the U.S. gulf coast, the devasta-
                      Service with me. This will make the Ser-
                                                                   tion left by Hurricane Katrina is still so
                      vice more interesting and bring us closer
                                                                   deeply affecting residents of Alabama,
                      together as a community. I hope you
                                                                   Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. How
                      volunteer or accept my invitation to work
                                                                   many of us have been involved with re-
                      with me to evolve this style. I also hope
                                                                   building the lives and livelihoods of those
                      that you commit to the once a month Sat-
                                                                   people? Few, I suspect.
                      urday Morning Service and the once a

                                            Concluded on page 7                         Concluded on page 7
                                     SHIR SHALOM
                 Rabbi Jack Gabriel
                 Board of Directors
                 Sy Lenz, President:
        Bonnie Lasky,Vice President:
              Casey Tucker, Secretary:
             539.7326                           The Congregation Gratefully
               Lori Bremner, Treasurer:                      Appreciates Generous Donations
                 Lee Morgan Brown
         939.1104                                General Fund
                      Gili Drori
            996.9605                             Robert and Linda Alwitt
                     Sam Friend                                          Lori Barron
    996.4412                          Zeva Cohn
                    Lori Goldman                                   Donald and Judith Feiner
          939.2738                        Bruce Goldstein and Vicki Hill
                  Adley Hochstadt                                Gary and Eileen Greenberg
             996.1389                            Peggy Hammett & Rudy Lacoe
                     Mara Kahn                                  Sidney and Vivian Konigsberg,
         935.6272                       Jewish Community Endowment Fund
                    Lorri Kaufman                                  Leonard and Sandra Leib
        938.4494                            Sy and Harriet Lenz
                     Lee Schein                                    Marcia and James Levy
                      938.5648                                  Dr Michael and Peggy Lipson
                 David Schoenbach                                      Esther Norton
           938.0110                       Daniel Sondheim and Chalon Bridges
                                                                        Carl Speizer
                                                                  Eugene and Shirley Spivak
                 School Director
                  Susan Jebrock                                           Yahrzeit
                                                             From Lynn Blankfort and Steven Martin
                                                                   in memory of Elmer Berry
                   Newsletter Staff
                   Peggy Feuer, Editor                        From B. Delano & Betty Debaryshe
               Bonnie Lasky, Photographer                        in memory of Lawrence Giller
               David Schoenbach, Website
  Items for newsletter are due the 16th of each month.
   Send to Peggy Feuer, P.O. Box 2248, Sonoma 95476            From Dr Larry and Susan Jebrock
               or e-mail                          in memory of Merle T. Levine
              Published monthly except July
                                                                 From Steve & Deborah Swett
      Congregation Website:                   in memory of Miriam Lucas
              Telephone: 707.935.3636
Contributions/Donations: Send to
Congregation Shir Shalom,
252 West Spain Street,
Sonoma, California 95476

                                                                   WAITING FOR YOUR CALL
                                                                  Committee and Activity Chairs
                                            Adult Education
                                                  Susan Cohen 939.6637
           MAZEL TOV!                             Phyllis Shnairson 939.7519
                                            Children’s Education
                                                  Amy Hummel-Alper 939.9701
                                                  Casey Tucker 539.7326
                                                 Ann Clark Attinson 933.9430
                                                 Pamela Sachs 938.7001
                                            Calendar Maven
                                                 Lee Morgan Brown 939.1104
                                                 Mark Hummel 939.9701
                                            Directory & Roster
                                                 Mara Kahn 935.6272
                                            Dues & Finance
                                                 Lori Bremner 996.9829
                                            Festivals, Family Shabbat
                                                Lee Morgan Brown 939.1104
                                            Liaison JCA
                                                Gwen Watson 938.5601
                                                  Mara Kahn 935.6272
                                            Men’s Club
                                                   Adley Hochstadt 996.1389
        Ethan Daniel Greenberg              Music & Art Festival
         Born Feb 1st, 7:43am                      David Schoenbach 938.0110
          7 lbs 6 oz 21 inches              Newsletter Noodge
                                                   Peggy Feuer 938.2981
             Proud Parents:                 Office Manager
Dr. Marla Ferschl & Dr. Jason Greenberg            Adley Hochstadt 996.1389
          Proud Grandparents:               Oneg/Kiddush Coordinators
      Eileen and Gary Greenberg                   Lori Goldman 939.2738
                                                  Michele Samson 933.8512
        A baby is God's opinion                    Adley Hochstadt 996.1389
      that the world should go on.                 Sam Friend 996.4412
             ~Carl Sandburg                 Sisterhood
                                                   Eileen Greenberg 935.5880
                                                   Lorri Kaufman 938.4494
                                                   Michele Samson 933.8512
               Thank You!
                                            Social Action
              Todah Rabah!                       Sally Brian 996.3355
            February Sponsors                    Peggy Feuer 938.2981
                                                 Laura Clein 938.3858
       Howard and Karen Sapper              Volunteers
                                                  Bonnie Lasky 769.1778
        for sponsoring the Kiddush                Barbara Sachs-Senn 933.9794
  In honor of his mother, Evelyn Sapper     Website
                                                 David Schoenbach 938.0110
           moving to Sonoma                 Worship
                                                    Henry Lasky 769.1778
       Gary and Eileen Greenberg
                                                    Richard Lenson 257.3498
          for sponsoring the Oneg           Yahrzeit
  In honor of the birth of their grandson          Celia Lenson 257.3498

                                    Sisterhood happenings

We would like to thank all of you who so generously volunteered to help make lunches and to those
of you who volunteered to bake cookies for the Brown Baggers this month. Without your support this
wonderful program would not happen. We would also like to thank Lee Shein for her generous help
and time in supplying the bread for the sandwiches.

 We also had quite a successful “Love Your Sister” Valentine luncheon at the Swiss Hotel last week.
A good time was had by all and we look forward to planning more luncheons and dinners for the Sis-
terhood “Lunch Bunch”.

 Sisterhood is overseeing the Second Night Passover Seder April 9th. Look for a notice asking for
volunteers to make charoset and desserts.

It’s that time of year to renew your membership to “Sisterhood”. Dues are $20.00 and are due by
March 1, 2009 and good through June, 2010. Please send your check for $20.00 to Zeva Cohn, 147
St. James Drive, Sonoma, CA 95476. Join the Sisterhood and become a part of a special group of
women that make a difference.

 Also planned is a “Learn to make Fleece Blankets” night on Tuesday, March 3 rd from 7:00 – 10:00
p.m. in Burlingame Hall. Susan Cohen’s neighbor is part of the Blanket Brigade, which is making
fleece blankets to donate to charities or to make for personal use. These blankets are so easy to
make and look beautiful and cozy. You can make them for your children, grandchildren or for your-
self. They are really simple to make, so come learn and if you’d like to start a blanket that evening,
you’ll need 2 pieces of l l/2 yards each of fleece for a child size blanket, or 2 pieces of 2 yards each
for an adult size lap blanket. You can buy the fleece at Hancock’s in Napa (which is now having a
huge sale on fleece), or any fabric store. Also, you’ll need a sharp pair of scissors and if you have a
yard stick, bring it along. No sewing involved.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please call Susan Cohen @ 939-6637.

 If you would like to attend this fun evening of an “easy” project and great company, please
Eileen Greenberg

 Susan Cohen and I joined a group of women from The First Congregational Church in Burlingame
Hall to help make “brown bag” lunches for the homeless and needy. We thought it would be a good
idea for the Sisterhood of Shir Shalom to help participate in this wonderful program. We need five
volunteers once a month from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. on the 3rd Friday of the month. We hope you will
join us in doing this wonderful “mitzvah” for our beautiful community of Sonoma.

 Please RSVP to me and let me know which days you would like to sign up.
Eileen Greenberg

                            Correction to new css directory
                       Michael and Erika Zuntz correct email is:

           Shir shalom school news                                Welcome
                  Susan Jebrock                           new and returning members
                                                        -turn the page for a few highlights-

                                                              Erik & Lorraine Aho
Our first class session in February featured                   daughter Naomi
learning about and celebrating the New Year
                                                                   Julie Atwood
of the Trees: Tu B'Shevat. The students
read about the origins of the holiday, studied                     Jan Bianchi
sections of Torah that speak of caring for the            Baron Bernstein & Kristi Davis
environment, and planted parsley seeds to                  sons, Gabe and Jonah
grow their own herbs for Pesach. Our Tu                 Brent & Jennifer Bernstein-Lewis
B'Shevat seder was held following our                         daughter Rebecca
monthly family Shabbat service. Rabbi Jack
                                                                   Richard Bien
prepared a special Haggadah for the seder
that explained the ritual of the 7 species of                     Lynn Blankfort
fruits, nuts and grains and the custom of                   Bogart Bella & Dillon Walsh
drinking four symbolic cups of wine                              Brendan Cohen
(grape juice, in our case!) and included origi-
                                                       Joseph Cutler Ellen Schwartz-Cutler
nal (written by Rabbi Jack!) and traditional
                                                         children Sophia and Simon
songs. It was a meaningful, festive, and deli-
cious event! In our second session on Feb-                Donald & Shirley Diamond
ruary 27th we will have a guest art teacher,                      Julie Diamond
our own Peggy Feuer, who will work with                          daughter Sasha
students on their family tree projects.                        Judy & Barry Evans
                                                           Beth and Michael Evkhanian
At our family Shabbat service and pot luck                       son Gabriel
this month we will celebrate Purim. Watch
                                                                  Sharon Garell
for your invitation, and if you would like to
participate in planning, set up, or clean up          Saul Gropman & Anne Moller-Racke
please contact Susan at                       daughter Hannah
asap!                                                               Anne Katz
                                                           Sheldon & Maddy Leader
We are also looking forward to a school field
                                                        Jim Ledwith & Cathy Gellepis
trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in
San Francisco on March 29. The school                             Dania Massey
parents and children will have a docent led                        son Noah
tour of the exhibit, "New Works/Old Story: 80                     Reva Metzger
Artists at the Passover Table", and will par-            Ladd & Lisa Lawrence-Miyasaki
ticipate in an art-making workshop.                       children Sophie and Ben
                                                                 Howard Morris
For more information about the school
                                                           Holly Reppert & Lillian Sachs
please contact Susan Jebrock at or 938-5425.                                       Rickie Roark
                                                                  Evelyn Sapper
Thank you for reading!                                          Larry & Jackie Slayen
                                                                   Carl Speizer
                                                       Sabina Stoltz & Aaron Thornton
                                                          sons Jonah and Joshua

                                               Take a look (Tee a cook)

                                              Lynn Blankfort                       Gwen and Larry Watson have
                                                                                   enjoyed living and working in the
                                                                                   Sonoma Valley for twenty-two
                                                                                   years. We have raised two
                                                                                   daughters here, Mikaela, age 21
                                                                                   and Aria, age 17. We felt fortunate
                                                                                   to enroll our daughters in the Shir
                                                                                   Shalom religious school when the
                                                                                   program first began. Mikaela
                                                                                   became a Bat Mitzvah in June,
                                                                                   2001 and Aria in May, 2005.Mikaela
                                                                                   is currently enjoying her junior year
                                                                                   at UC Davis, where she is pursuing
                                                                                   a double art major- Studio Art
                                              I was born and raised in San         and Technocultural Studies. Aria is
     Erik, Lorraine and Naomi Aho             Francisco attending Alamo,           finishing her senior year at Sonoma
Erik was raised in Oregon and graduated       Presidio and Lowell public           Valley High School, where she runs
from Oregon State University and              schools. I attended the University   on the cross country and track
Northwestern School of Law.                   of Colorado and graduated from       teams, and follows in her sister's
Lorraine was born in the Bay Area, but        USC. I lived in Los Angeles for      footsteps with an impressive
grew up in Oregon, and graduated from         four years, Rochester New York       academic record. She is planning to
Oregon State University. Her great-           for 3 years and returned to the      major in Design when she begins
grandfather, Wolf Belopolsky, was a rabbi     Bay Area in 1973 and have lived      college next year.
and president of the synagogue in Brooklyn    in Mill Valley ever since.           Larry works as a graphic designer
after emigrating from Kiev, Ukraine.          I am crazy about baseball - my       and photographer at the Santa
Erik and Lorraine moved to Marin County in    dad use to take me to all the        Rosa Press Democrat. He also
1991 and were married on Mt. Tamalpais        Giants games and rarely miss a       enjoys home winemaking. Larry did
in July 1992. They moved to Sonoma            day at the park.                     a terrific job designing our poster
in 2001 and Naomi Madeleine Barrett           I have two married children          and logo for our Jewish Music
Aho was born April 1, 2004. Together, Erik    and two granddaughters. My           Festival. Gwen is currently in her
and Lorraine started Aho & Associates         husband, Steven Martin, has a 26     twenty-sixth year of teaching, which
Forensic Accountants in 2006 and became       years old daughter, Mather, who      she passionately loves. Third grade
Certified Fraud Examiners in 2007.            lives in Los Angeles.                is her favorite, and that's what she
Erik hiked Mt. Whitney in 2008 and is         We bought our home in Sonoma         teaches at Prestwood Elementary.
looking for his 2009 hiking challenge. He     in 2001 and each year spend          Gwen is also our Liaison to JCA.
occasionally plays trumpet with the Sonoma    more and more time here.                           As a family, the Watsons
Hometown Band and drives his 1976                                                                love visiting museums,
Cadillac Eldorado convertible in the Sonoma                                                      hiking and camping,
parades.                                                                                         their cats and garden,
Lorraine enjoys singing with the                                                                 and spending time with a
Sonoma Valley Chorale and volunteering as                                                        large extended
Treasurer for the Sonoma Valley Mothers                                                          family.
Club.                                                                                            They appreciate a
Naomi is a preschooler at Old Adobe                                                              renewed involvement in
Preschool and attends the Shir Shalom                                                            the Shir Shalom
Shabbat School.                                                                                  community, after a few
                                                                                                 years away.

                      News and views                                           Conclusion of
              From The Observant Jew                                           Rabbi’s letter

                                                              month Friday Night Service so that our
                                       — Ann Clark Attinson   preparations are meaningful and are sup-
Just before the Christmas holiday, my former
mother-in-law was killed in an auto accident in               A religious practice is something you prac-
Shasta County. I'm still close friends with my ex-            tice. I hope Judaism means enough to you
husband and he asked me for assistance with the               to practice it. If we go out on a limb to-
legal details. Unfortunately, his mom didn't leave a          gether, I’m sure we will harvest delicious
Will, nor did he have any idea what to do about the           spiritual fruit.
various creditors who were contacting him. I re-
                                                              With many blessings,
ferred him to an estate-planning friend in Santa
Rosa who has helped immensely.                                Rabbi Jack

                                                                              Conclusion of
There’s no time like the present to plan for the fu-
                                                                           President’s Message
ture. You can’t really be too young to consider
these issues, especially if have children and prop-           Our industrial heartland cities have been
erty. But even if you’re a Boomer and beyond, and/            bleeding millions of jobs for years. They
or your estate planning was done long ago, as we              are desperate for economic infusion and
begin the secular New Year it's a good time for an            infrastructure restoration. What can we as
annual review of those documents. Are they up-to-             individuals NOT in those blighted areas do
date? Do you have properties to add to your                   to help? I am still pondering that one.
trust? It's also important to have a frank discussion         There are many organizations (some
with your adult children. My ex has been doubly               based here in Sonoma Valley) that have
burdened in trying to deal with his grief and trying to       been reaching out to poverty stricken areas
piece together his late mother's financial affairs.           in Mexico, El Salvador and elsewhere to
                                                              build homes, schools, water purification
My attorney friend has sent me a gift certificate to          and health care programs. These are most
                                                              commendable efforts, but perhaps it is past
share with others, good for a free half-hour estate
                                                              due time that we as a nation need to “suck
planning consultation. If you’re interested, email me         it up” and reach out to parts of our own
at       Or, if you’d pre-        country and bring them to social, economic
fer to find your own counsel, talk to friends and/or          and physical health.
business associates for names of estate planning
                                                              We need to have efforts on the scale of the
professionals. For general information on these top-          World War II armaments effort and the
ics (not intended to take the place of an attorney            atomic bomb project to push us into the
consultation), you can do some research at: http://           high energy, high productivity that comes                from the mind-set of “failure is not an op-
422C-9087838F86A2BC2B/309/                                    tion”.
                                                              We all ought to be looking for opportunities
I know this isn't a pleasant topic but, as you know, it       to help and to be pressing on our elected
is an important one. And, yes, it's a Jewish                  officials to put aside the politics-as-usual
one: “Don't put a stumbling block before the blind”           attitudes and show that they care more
is a Commandment. All it takes to prevent that is a           about the people they serve and more
little planning.                                              about the needs of the whole society than
                                                              their sources of campaign contributions.
                                                              Hoping to be helpful…and hopeful.

        Kids, parents and adults
You are invited to “ The Purim Party”
When: March 13th
Where: Burlingame Hall
Who: Rabbi Jack and SIMKA Klezmer Band

                                                 Schedule of events:
                                                 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. All Shabbat School Students
                                                 will have face painting, Hamantaschen
                                                 making and baking, games, and prizes.
                                                 6 00 p.m. Community Shabbat
                                                 6:30 p.m. Purim Celebration, Purimspiel and
                                                 dinner -*Hot dogs, salads, desserts!

"This year's PURIMSPIEL will be 'Esther and the King of Siam, or A Little Song, A
Little Dance, A Little Seltzer Takes Out Red Wine Stains,' an original
musical farce by Ann Clark Attinson. With advance apologies to Rodgers & Hammerstein, Cole Porter, and the
attending audience, Ann invites the entire Congregation to attend this Spiel to End All Spiels, which features the
Shir Shalom Players in their debut performance, a cast of twos, and a grand finale sing-along which is
guaranteed to be unforgettable! ("Not necessarily good, just unforgettable." --Director's note) You won't want to
miss this gala event!"

                      * FOOD: Mens Club will sell a hot dog, chips and a drink for $5:00                  !
                                 We need volunteers for salads and desserts !
                                    Please RSVP:to: Lee Morgan-Brown
                            (707) 939-1104
                     Let us know if you are coming so we can make sure we have
                       enough food AND if you can bringing a salad or dessert.

                                          Here and there (a hin und a hair)
                     Your Career Compass                                           ASK JCI & R
               Tuesday, March 31, 2009                                   Yours for the Asking:
     5:45pm; check-in, networking, cocktails & light fare                Did you know…. the following publi-
                  6:30-9:00pm; program                                   cations and educational guides are
                                                                         complimentary, and if you want one
  Are you looking for career direction? Define your goals and            for a friend, just ask for two, with our
 aspirations in this inspiring and interactive session led by ex-        compliments!
  pert coaches. Hear 'before and after' stories of women who                Resource, A Guide to Jewish Life
underwent life-changing career makeovers. Begin the process              in the Bay Area 2009
 of your own transformation through thought-provoking career                JCIR bookmark/calendar 2009
 exploration exercises that will help you define your goals and          (5769/5770)
                   market yourself confidently.                             Jewish calendar for 5769
        Coaches: Barbara Gottesman, Rebecca Zucker                       (2008/2009)
Jewish Vocational Service and Jewish Community Federation                    A Guide to Compensation and
                                                                         Restitution for Holocaust Survivors
                   email at                           Israel Information:
                       $30, space limited                                   An Insider’s Guide to Israel
                                                                            Touring map of Israel
                                                                            Where to Turn and A Guide to Ul-
                                                                         pan study (aliyah information)
      Annual Sonoma County Yom Hashoah Commemoration                     Family education:
             “Telling the Story: Creating Continuity”                        Bridges/Issues and Information for
                                                                         Interfaith Families
                                                                             Alef Bet, the Letters, Language &
                        Sunday, April 19, from 2–4 p.m.                  Literature of the Jewish People
                                                                            Common Threads: the Fabrics of
                        Friedman Center, Santa Rosa                      Jewish Life
                                                                            Rosh Hodesh
                                                                            Havdalah: How to
                                                                            Kids and the Law: An A-to-Z Guide
      The centerpiece will be a candle-lighting ceremony by Holo-        for Parents
      caust survivors escorted by local teens and college stu-              When you become 18: A survival
      dents. Featured speakers will be three generations of the          guide for teenagers
      Turner/Bornstein family, recounting the story of the journey
      from Europe through Shanghai to Santa Rosa, and the                Émigré information:
      transmission of Holocaust memory within their fam-                   Creating Success: Russian-
      ily. Gesher Calmenson, founder of Remember Us: The                 English Guide to Financial Security
      Holocaust Bnai Mitzvah Project, will share ways that Holo-         Senior information:
      caust memory is being transmitted to a new generation in              Seniors and the Law: A Guide for
      synagogues around the country.                                     Maturing Californians
        There will be musical selections by guest musicians from            New Lifestyles, Area Guide to Sen-
      the Jewish Youth Orchestra of San Francisco throughout             ior Residences and Care Options
      the program, and liturgical music by cantorial soloists Fredi         Senior Alternatives: Informed De-
      Bloom and Leira Satlof.                                            cisions
      The event is co-sponsored by Sonoma County synagogues,
      the Jewish Community Center of Sonoma County, the So-              Visitors Information: Where Magazine
      noma State University Alliance for the Study of the Holo-          For more information about connect-
      caust, and Remember Us: The Holocaust Bnai Mitzvah                 ing to Jewish life, call JCIR at 415-
      Project. Yellow candles will be available after the program.       777-4545 or toll-free within the Bay
                                                                         Area 877-777-JCIR (5247) or email
      For more information call Gesher Calmenson (707)528-     

                                                          march 2009
  To Be Observed in
Nettie Adams
Mother of Ed Adams                    S            M                T             W           TH              F               S
Matthew D. Artson
Father of David T. Artson
 Beatrice Barrow
                                          1               2
                                                          2               3           4            5               6              7
                                                7:00pm        7-10pm                                                      10:00am
Sister of Ruth Adams
Estelle Blattner                                Forum                                                                     Lay Led
                                                Speaker       Sisterhood        Hebrew                                     Torah
Mother of Simon Blattner
                                                FCC           Event              6-7:30                                    Study
Frances Cooperstein
Grandmother of Karen Garber                                                      1st yr
                                                See           See page 5       6:30-8pm
Jack Diamond                                     7:00pm
                                                opposite                         2nd yr
Father of Don Diamond                           FCC Forum
Amir Drori                                        Speaker
Father of Gili Drori                                see
Lawrence Feinberg                                 opposite
Father of Linda Alwitt
Sophie Goldman                            8               9             10          11          12              13             14
Remembered by Linda Goldman                                       PURIM         Hebrew                  4:30 PM – 6 PM     9:00am
Joseph Greenberg                                                                 6-7:30                           IM !
                                                                                                        Shabbat School
                                                                                                        PrimaryR IMTY
                                                                                                               UUShab-    Torah Study
Father of Gary Greenberg                                                                                     P   R R
                                                                                                        HA G –P5:45 PM
                                                                                 1st yr
Leo Habas                                                                      6:30-8pm                 HA
                                                                                                        4:45              10:00am
                                                                                                        Family Shabbat
Father of Paul Habas                                                             2nd yr                       Details
                                                                                                        Service/Potluck   Shabbat
Doris Harris                                    EREV PURIM                                              6:00 – 6:30 PM
                                                                                                            page 8         Service
Sister of Ruth Adams                                                                                    Dinner6:30-8PM

Earle Jester
Father of Peggy Lipson               15               16                17          18          19              20             21
Robert Jester                                                                   Hebrew                           4444     10:00am
Brother of Peggy Lipson                                                          6-7:30                                   Lay Led
Barbara Krzywicki                                                                1st yr                                    Torah
Mother of Carol Krauthamer                                                     6:30-8pm                                    Study
Hans Lehmann                                                                     2nd yr
Brother of Lotte Klugman
Albert Newman
Father of Richard Newman
Jeanette Newman                      22               23                24          25          26              27             28
Mother of Richard Newman                                        7-10pm          Hebrew                  4:30 PM – 6 PM     10-noon
                                                                                                        Shabbat School
Al Pollack                                                     Board Mtg.        6-7:30                                     Lay Led
                                                                                 1st yr                 730– 8:45 PM      Torah Study
Remembered by Jerold Rosenberg
David Robbins                                                                  6:30-8pm                    Shabbat
                                                                                 2nd yr                   Service &
Husband of Muriel Robbins                                                                                   Oneg
Max Robbins
Father-in-law of Muriel Robbins
                                                                               Louis Schram                 Sam Shapiro Father of
Morton Sachs
Father of Barbara Sachs-Senn &
                                     29               30                31     Remembered by Richard             Mitchell Shapiro
                                   3:00pm                     5:45-9pm         Schram
Pamela Sachs                                                  Career Work-
                                  Holocaust                                    Sylvia Senn                        Hesse Steiman
Harry Sacks                                                   shop
                                     Grove                    Jewish Voca-
                                                                               Mother of Dick Senn           Grandmother of Muriel
Uncle of Barbara Sachs-Senn &
                                   Dedication                 tional Service                                             Robbins
Pamela Sachs
                                       SSU                    Call             Esther Michel Shainsky
Samuel Schnur                                                 650.349.1523
                                       Lake                                    Grandmother of Muriel
Father of Esther Berlot

  To Be Observed in

Shoshana Beck
Grandmother of Gili Drori
Ghislaine Berrebi remembered by
Rudy Lacoe & Peggy Hammett
Jere Brian
Husband of Sally Brian
Benjamin Cohn
Father of Franklin Cohn
Dolly Droast
Lois Durham remembered by
Joyce Revis
Harold Ehrlich
Father of Robin Bret
Stuart Farber
Brother of David Farber
Sylvia Friedman                                    “Social Responsibility In The Age Of
Mother of Judi Shapiro
Saul Greenstein                                          The Citizen-Consumer”
Husband of Patsy Greenstein
Jerome Grotsky                                 a presentation by Dr. Ellis Jones, author of
Brother-in-law of David T. Artson                  The Better World Shopping Guide:
Howard Hanson                                       Every Dollar Makes a Difference
Father of Lori Goldman
Audrey Horowitz
Mother of Sanford Horowitz                                   7pm, Monday, March 2
Bill Jackson remembered by                                       Burlingame Hall
Peggy & Michael Lipson                                    First Congregational Church,
Charles Jester                                             252 W. Spain St., Sonoma
Brother of Peggy Lipson
Charles Kotin                                                Suggested donation $5
Grandfather of Gwen Watson            Social Movements, Social Problems, Environmental Sociology,
Sanford Marcus                                          Peace & Conflict Studies
Father of Carol Marcus                Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Consumerism,
Pauline Marks
                                                   Global Citizenship, Sustainability
Mother of Leona Jacobs
Frieda Diamond Poler
Mother of Marvin Diamond                            FCC Forum Committee Sponsored
William Sagall                               For more information, contact: Kathy at 935-6690
Father of Nina Gorbach                                     Baksheesh will have
Helen Shainsky                                 The Better World Shopping Guide (2nd Edition)
Mother of Muriel Robbins                              and the Better World Handbook
Joseph Skerpan                                      available for purchase and signing.
Father of Liane Makiva
Alvin Snyder
Father of Marc Snyder               Abraham Stolman                   Larry Tucker
Phyllis Stauber                     Father of Ed Stolman              Father of Casey Tucker
Mother of Naomi Stauber             Marjorie Surtshin                 Max Zuntz
                                    Mother of Stephen Surtshin        Father of Michael Zuntz

Please participate in our study of who we are, where we come from, where we have lived, what
languages and cultural heritage do we share. No personal information will be identifiable with
specific individuals. Inclusion of your name on the response is optional, and will serve only to
permit follow-up questions for clarity.
                                                        Name _____________________________

Origins: Where were you, your parents and grandparents born?
You:             Parents:              Grandparents:

What languages are or were principally spoken at home?
You:              Parents:               Grandparents:

Migrations/Displacements: Were any members of your extended family forced to relocate by
war, persecution? Please describe:

Losses of family members to war, genocide or other conflict: Please describe:

Do you have family members living in other countries? Where?

Affiliation/Identity: How would you characterize your family’s Jewish affiliation or identity?
Please check all that apply:

___ Reform ___Conservative ___Orthodox ___Renewal
___Reconstructionist ___ Secular ___ Cultural ___Ashkenazic ___ Sephardic ___ Other

Occupations/Professions: What occupations or professions did members of your family engage

                    Please mail this page to: Congregation Shir Shalom
                                 Att’n: Our History Project
                                    252 West Spain Street
                                      Sonoma, CA 95476
                               Insert extra pages as needed.
     If you prefer, this survey will soon be available for download from our website.

                                                { 12 }
                              Summary of minutes of board of directors’ meeting:
December 23, 2008
In attendance: David Schoenbach, Sam Friend, Sy Lenz, Lori Goldman, Mara Kahn, Gili Drori,
Casey Tucker, Lori Bremner. Excused: Lorri Kaufman, Rabbi Jack Gabriel, Lee Morgan
Brown, Bonnie Lasky, Adley Hochstadt, Susan Jebrock, Lee Schein.
Call for Order: 7:20pm
 “For the good and the welfare”: PD article on 911 calls was passed out indicating cell phone
calls to 911 are routed more slowly. Better to call the direct number for a faster response.
Candle lighting was held at Sonoma Hills, Rabbi and Mara are doing a party at Merrill Gardens
at 4pm on Sunday.
Disc./Approval of Nov 2008 Board minutes: Moved, 2nd , accepted w/o objection.

Report on Chanukah Party: Numbers: 153 (60 last year) Food: Very good food! What
worked: 2nd year, continuation of school activities, fell on a Friday and not during school break,
music was great. Suggestion: small charge or donation request ($5pp or $20/family) (band
cost: $550)

Report on Sonoma Jewish Music Festival Final Financial Report: Report submitted, ex-
penses exceeded income by $2025. We do have about $1500 worth of usable supplies (wine,
t-shirts…) left over. Thank you letters were sent to donors and they have expressed interest in
support for the next event. Membership increases due to the Festival: It is estimated we have
4-5 new member families as a direct result of the festival. Thoughts for next time: other types
of music included (board expressed a desire to keep it a Jewish music festival, strong organ-
izational leadership is needed for the next event.) The committee is recommending a date in
Oct 2009 for the next event. A board member expressed concern over having the music festi-
val again in the month after HHD as it severely taxes our small volunteer pool and that it was
suggested the committee consider having the festival the following spring instead.

Committee reports:
Children’s Education: Susan’s written report given by Gili. (Classes going well. 2 Bnei Mitz-
vahs this year. Thank You’s to: Amy Alper Hummel, Gili Drori , Stephanie Ozer, David Schoen-
bach, and Rabbi Jack for helping to make a wonderful Chanukah event. 5 unaffiliated families
attended, we are in contact with them. Students will work on Family Tree project in Jan/Feb.
Susan has been meeting with Jewish Teen Alliance Director of the BJE.) Children’s Ed com-
mittee has created a new job description for the education director
Treasurer, Finance: The most recent monthly financial report as well as the prior month's was
distributed and discussed.
Membership: Committee needs to be relieved of the responsibility of HHD. Committee will
form an Ad Hoc committee from other committees to take over HHD tasks. New member
event will be moved to March. Soliciting ads for membership directory.

Other issues:
We are still looking for new board members.
Storage Needs: The Executive Committee has approved funds for the rental of an off-site stor-
age unit. Board suggested we ask if congregants have room for storage.
Sy will draft and send an appeal for end-of-year donations to offset expected deficit.
Adjourned: 9:06pm

                                                     { 13 }
                                                                                             NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                 Song of Peace in Sonoma Valley                                PERMIT NO.16
                                                                                               SONOMA, CA.
252 West Spain Street Sonoma, CA 95476 707-935-3636

                  Return Service Requested

           P UR
      H AG

      HELP SASHA WITH HER                                            MITZVAH PROJECT
                                  Hi, I am Sasha Honigman and I am having my Bat
                                  Mitzvah on June 13, 2009. I have been with Shir
                                  Shalom since the beginning and was the first girl
                                  baby naming at the temple. I am very excited about
                                  my Mitzvah project. I have chosen to make tie dye
                                  tee shirts for the kids at the Valley of the Moon Chil-
                                  dren’s Home. These children end up at the Home if
                                  they are neglected or abused in their families. I would
                                  like to bring some joy to them by giving them a tee
                                  shirt with an inspirational quote on it to wear while
                                  they are at the Home or to wear when they go home
                                  to their families. Each tee shirt is $7.50 and I will
                                  make as many as I can raise donations for in the next
                                  few months. If you would like to join me in this mitz-
                                  vah, please mail a check or send a few dollars to Sa-
                                  sha Honigman at 480 Calle Del Monte, Sonoma, CA
                                  95476. Thank you for helping me bring some happi-
                                  ness and hope to these children.

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