; The Causes of Stretch Marks in Pregnancy and How to Avoid Them
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The Causes of Stretch Marks in Pregnancy and How to Avoid Them


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									Being pregnant is a joyful but physically-trying period. You are excited to have your
baby, so you are willing to suffer all the discomforts that go with it. One of the things
that you have to endure is the stretch mark during pregnancy. This can multiply and
become numerous, causing an unsightly mark on your skin. The following can cause
these ugly marks:
  Distension of skin
  When your skin stretches and then shrinks, stretch marks appear because the skin
was not elastic enough to endure the stretch and shrinkage. If the skin is elastic
enough, the distension will not cause any marks.
  Lack of skin elasticity due to improper nutrition
  Since the food you ingest supplies both you and the baby, you may not be eating
enough to provide essential vitamins and nutrients. Your skin now suffers from the
lack of needed substances like fatty acids, zinc, selenium, and vitamins A, C and E.
All of these are requirements for healthy skin.
  Rapid weight increase
  When your weight increases rapidly, the tendency is for your skin to be distended
and this will form more stretch marks. When the skin returns to its original size, the
stretch marks in pregnancy are more pronounced.
  Lack of normal hydration
  Your dry skin may have resulted from lack of hydration or water. This makes the
skin dry and hard to distend. This is why drinking lots of water during pregnancy is
essential to good healthy skin. You may want to use creams to maintain the moisture
and smoothness of your skin. Drinking lots of water can help moisturize the skin and
prevent these marks.
  These are the reasons why women acquire stretch marks in pregnancy. If you want to
avoid these ugly blemishes in your skin, then remember the pointers mentioned
  www.removestretchmark.net has more articles on treatment of stretch marks.

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