The Blackberry Torch 9800 is advanced in a number of mobile technology fields

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					The Blackberry Torch 9800 is an inspired piece of engineering; the phone is a
QWERTY-touch screen combination which is debuting the new Blackberry 6 OS. The
device is a smooth runner, and fast too. RIM have probably produced there best effort
so far; the Torch is equipped with a range web and cellular network connections and
boasts GPS and a digital camera also. For a Blackberry, the Torch is a very attractive
handset; the 3.2 inch HVGA screen has a pixel resolution of 480 x 360 and it is
capable of producing an impressive contrast ratio. You can interact with the interface
via the multi-touch input method implemented by the capacitive screen technology,
however for old skool users; an optical track pad has been thrown in. The QWERTY
keyboard is quite compact which may trouble diehard Blackberry users, but this is so
it can neatly slide in and out from behind the screen. The Blackberry 6 OS has many
similar features to HTC’s coveted Sense UI; it integrates all of yours and your friend’s
social network activity straight into the phones home screen and contacts list. The
new software is easier to use than the previous model and Blackberry fans will still be
familiar with the layout. RIM has packed in tons of connectivity; the Torch uses Wi Fi
and 3G to connect to the web where a full browser allows you to surf, download and
stream at your command. The browser controls are easy to use while saving
bookmarks and creating direct shortcuts from the home screen is a simple process.
You are provided with all the tools needed to synch the torch with all of your social
networks like Facebook and Twitter so you will never be more than a tap away from
the latest events. Setting up multiple e-mail accounts is possible and RIM has also
thrown the now, obligatory access to the Blackberry Messenger which has an ever
growing population of users. For the first since the beginning of man RIM have
provided Torch users with a decent camera system; it is capable of capturing crisp,
colour rich imagery in both video and photo formats. All of your work can be shared
online with the phones uploading facilities and Bluetooth allows the phone to transfer
files to compatible hardware devices like other phones. With support for a full range
of audio and video formats, the multimedia player is one of the most advanced on the
market. You also have support for FM radio and the phones expandable memory
allows users to build up a collection of there favourite songs, which they take with
them anywhere as the phone has been hooked up with a 3.5mm AV connection for
headphones. The Blackberry Torch 9800 is a capable tool for various media’s; web
surfing, messaging, entertainment and photography. Accessing the Blackberry App
World lets lucky owners of the phone download additional apps and customize there
own Torch 9800 experience. The likes of Nokia and Samsung will be keeping a close
eye on the progress of this phone as it may effect the performance of there latest
smartphones; the Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy S.
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