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					The Number 1 Wow Guide

The largest MMORPG ever! World of Warcraft is the best there has ever been, and
will continue to be for atleast the next couple of years. So what do you do in world of
warcraft? Good question. World of warcraft will have you going on and advanter from
level 1 to 80 and while you are questing and leveling, you will take on 1000's of
missions and quests and 100's of moster from spiders and raptors to dragons and
wraiths. Depending on your understanding of both the game and the idea of RPG you
might take a couple of days in played time to hit 80 or It Might take you months of
game time to hit 80. The one thing that really suprises the players, is once they hit 80
they normally think they have reached a pinial of the game and will not have much
left to do, but World of Warcraft only really begins at 80 many players believe. The
game has many additional task that require you to complete like pvping against other
players, trading at the auction house and helping out lower levels if your feeling

Some of the most important guidelines to remember when you playing world of
warcraft. Before you can play the game you must create an account on world of, this is because world of warcraft isn't an offline game, meaning that
you can't play offline, only online. First, read end user license agreement carefully and
then place account name and password in the log in screen. When first logging into
your character you will be given an introduction video of how your race plays it part
in world of warcraft and how it might affect your journey. World of Warcraft has a
thing called world pvp which opposite players can battle against each other and fight
and kill another, but can't talk, trade or form an allience. Important note to make is
that when your playing with your friends that you pick not only the same faction but
also the saem server, and race if you want to start togeather.

World of warcraft when you first begin can be a little bit fuastrating and it's important
to remember that you shouldn't give up because you die a few times. If you rezereced
from the angel of life in the graveyeard you will suffer a penitial of 1-10 mins
depending on your level. When you die your spirit will return to the nearest graveyard
and you will have to run to your body from there. As a ghost, you must go back to the
neighborhood of your body to get new life.

Hunters provide allot of damge or dps through ranged attacks They purchase bullets
or quivers from vendors or from other players to damage per second (DPS). They
remain away from the enemy to make a close and robust attack. They normally use a
flury of attacks to take down there enemies. When playing the Alliance, you have a
choice of playing either Human, Night elves, Dwarves or Draenei. Night Elves is
among the well-known class to play whereas Shadowmeld is very suitable for both
PVP and PVE positions. Horde also have four different classes which you can play,
they are Tauren, Blood Elves, Orcs and Trolls And again like the Alliance the Horde
also get special attibrutes and abilities
From level 1-10, the player lacks ability to tame a pet therefore this age is termed as
'Dark Age'. If you want to kill the enemy place the Hunter's Mark, in this way mob
will not aggravate. And once you have engaged the enemy, shot serpent string and
Arcane shot. Once you hit level 10 you will be able to get a pet , but rememeber not
all pets are the same. The best starting pets are cats and bears. Cats provide better
damage and you will be able to kill faster, while bear offer a more defensive role and
have more health. Bears can make strong tanks while cats can dash the runaway

Hunters contain various types of talent trees - Marksmanship, Beast Mastery, and
Survival. Beast mastery is all about improving your pets and they can turn out to be a
large majourity of your damage, Markmanship Improves your damaging range spells
and Survival is a mix of both and gives you utility with your traps and different shots.
Hunters can have leather attire that is helpful to protect until level 40 afterward
hunters wear Mail. Pets and weapons are the only true friends of Hunters and this is
true as weapons are responsible for high damages. Your abilities may collapse at
higher levels as there is a high chance that enemy resist your spell and abilities.

Hi I've gotten a copy of each world of warcraft guide avaible on the web and test and
reviewed all of them on my personal web site, simply because i believe that everyone
including all wow players must know the truth about these guides and there promises.

The Best World of Warcraft Guides
World of Warcraft Guides

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