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									                 THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER
                                       S.T. COLERIDGE
1. This is a ballad, a kind of poem or song. The topic of the ballad is an extract from
   the events of history or an invented situation with real or invented characters. The
   rhymes (and the internal rhymes) are very used in the ballad; the musicality is given
   by rhymes, figure of speech and repetition. There are the same numbers of lines in
   each stanzas. In the ballad the magic exists in the real world too. There are a lot of
   internal rhymes.
2. This ballad is published in the Lyrical Ballads in 1798 together with the poems by
   William Wordsworth (a poet and writer of Romanticism). The ballad of Coleridge is
   divided into seven parts and each part is introduced by a short summary; the topic
   of the summary is the same of the ballad’s part that is introduced by the text.
3. The Lyrical Ballads is one of the first document of the English Romanticism.
4. The author uses archaic forms and traditional English.
5. The action begins in the middle of the story.
6. There are many personification: the Ship, for example, is a female and her name is
   written with capital letter. When the narrator refers to the Ship, he used personals
7. In the ballad:
       a. The characters are the Ancient Mariner an the Gallants.
       b. The narrator is an other person outside of the situation.
       c. The Mariner goes to the South Pole with his Ship. During the journey he meets
            an albatross and he kills him. The situation becomes bad, and a Storm
            comes. When the Ancient Marines comes back to his country, the situation in
            the see is all the same. There is water every where, around the ship.

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