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					The Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920

                       Explore the American Memory Collections
                                For Curriculum Content

Participants are grouped into pairs. Each pair provided with the title and description of
several collections from American Memory. They art also provided with a packet
containing resources from -each of the collections, including sound clips and video clips
on flash drives.

Participants are to match the primary resources to an American Memory, collection based
on its title and description. Each primary resource analyzed with who, what, where, when
and how questions. The pair shares their reasoning behind the organization of the
resources. Discuss other primary resources expect to find within the collection.

Collections & Curriculum Content

Think about the information/resource needs of your school for projects, courses, and
content by grade levels

Concentrate on areas where cur-rent resources are limited and provide limited
perspectives -where the materials contained in the collections would add value- to student
research and investigation.

Reflection time and sharing
Search through the collections and identify collections relevant to research areas.

Determine- appropriate search strategies. Search the collection by subject and key word.
Use neighboring photographs by reviewing the thumbnail images of the photographs.

Investigative Questions

"What is the value of using primary, sources to provide information about the past"'

"What happens when students are asked to search and select their own primary sources
for interpretation?"

Describe how embedding primary sources into inquiry-based lessons give students a
unique understanding of curriculum content and encourage critical thinking"