Ghost Dance Timeline by welcomegong2


									                                         Timeline for the Ghost Dance Religion and Associated Events

Year         date/season            Paiute                                                            Sioux

c1860                      Wovoka born; Fort Churchill established;
                           Smohalla begins preaching
1865-1880s                                                                         Indian Wars
1868                                                                               Ft. Laramie Treaty, Great Sioux reservation
1869                       Wodziwob’s vision, 1st Ghost Dance
1870                       1st Ghost Dance spreads west
1872                       Wodziwob repudiates his vision
1880                       Wovoka travels, hears of Smohalla religion
1882                                                                               Nick Black Elk’s vision
1886                                                                               Black Elk travels with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
1888                       Wovoka returns, earthquakes in Paiute territory
1889         Jan 1         Wovoka’s vision during solar eclipse, 2nd Ghost Dance
             Spring        2nd Ghost Dance spreads east
             Fall                                                                  Black Elk returns, resumes healing practice
1890         Spring                                                                Kicking Bear intro. Ghost Dance, ghost shirts
             May 29                                                                letter warning of “Sioux rebellion”
             Nov 20                                                                U.S. Army occupies Sioux territory
             Dec 15                                                                Sitting Bull arrested, killed
             Dec 28                                                                Big Foot (leader) & Yellow Bird (medicine man)camp at Wounded Knee
             Dec 29                                                                Black Coyote resists, Wounded Knee massacre
1891         Jan 15                                                                Kicking Bear last to surrender, released to Buffalo Bill
c1891                                                                              Ghost Dance intro to Dakota Sioux in Canada
1892         Jan 1         James Mooney visits Wovoka
c1895                                                                              Ghost Dance combined with Dakota Medicine Feast
1896                       Mooney published Ghost-Dance Religion
1902                                                                               Fred Robinson learns Ghost Dance from Kicking Bear, est. New Tidings
1904                                                                               Black Elk converts to Catholicism, becomes catechist

1932                       Wovoka dies                                             Black Elk Speaks published by John Neihardt

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