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Expat_Life by welcomegong2


									                     Links to Information about Living and Working Abroad

These links were found and described by Ms. Samantha Wood, who gave permission for them to
be published here. She expressed the hope that they would be useful to other Winthrop students. Lists different countries includes nothing about culture but the
site is more about finding a job or apartment overseas, a good resource if trying to gage cost of
living and housing market. Be careful when looking at housing prices of housing that requires
key money in some locations (Korea, Asia or where housing is at a premium) it tends to be two
years of rent up front in most cases. Is by far my favorite site you can find out about international
schools, moving to the locations, and they have forums to discuss topics, as well as you can sign
on and meet people before you move, also they have travel warnings for the area. Is a good site for larger countries. Includes
economic and political outlooks, visas and permits, banking, housing, transportation, education,
safety, health care, and ex pat social life. Expatriate advice and information for those living in East Asia. Offers information on living costs, international travel, and
residency requirements for those seeking to live, retire, study, work, or volunteer abroad. Also
features message board, classifieds, articles, and links. Geared to Americans living abroad such as health insurance, overseas
life, phones and calling overseas, moving and shipping overseas, buying property, teaching
abroad, money and taxes, and jobs oversea. This is a good article from the site about avoiding
job scams Has great forums and guides as well as cost of living in large
countries. Site for people wanting to teach abroad.

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