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The Best Mac Repair Tools by djsgjg0045


									If you own a Mac computer, you need to know what tools you can use when you need
to repair it. Here are some of the best tools for repairing, troubleshooting, and
diagnosing a Mac computer.
  TechTool Protogo This is suite of repair software for a Mac computer that is made up
of some of the most useful tools that Micromat makes. These tools include Tech Tool
Pro Classic, TechTool 4, and DiskStudio. This software suite will create a bootable
repair kit for this or for any other tool on a portable drive or a flash disk. The suite
permits you to boot the Mac computer from this drive while you bypass the Mac
computer’s operating system. You can also run full set of diagnostics tests on the Mac
computer to diagnose problems. The suite will also permit you to remove data
securely, defragment, optimize, and repair data corruption.
  Carbon Copy Cloner This is very effective an efficient backup software for a Mac
computer. It will permit you to schedule backups at regular intervals. The best thing
about this software is that you can clone a hard disk and allow it to boot. This utility is
most useful when you’re recovering from a system crash, replacing hard drives, or
setting up several Mac computers.
  Onyx This is great personalization, maintenance, and optimization for a Mac OS X.
It allows you to configure numerous Mac OS X features, run maintenance jobs, delete
cashes, and run hard drive diagnostics. This software will help you to maintain your
Mac’s health.
  DiskWarrior 4 This is a very powerful and technological advanced repair program
that repairs damage to the data on a Mac computer. DiskWarrior rapidly and
efficiently builds replacement data based on the original data, rather than rebuilding
the damaged data. Once the new data is built, it will compare the original data with
the new data to make sure it contains no errors. DiskWarrior will also increase
performance by optimizing the disk directory.
  Memtest OS X This is some great software to test memory on the Mac OS X. It will
efficiently test irregular system problems when you’re having difficulty determining if
it is a memory problem. This is a command line program that can be run in Single
User Mode when your Mac computer won’t boot and in Single User mode.
  Data Rescue II This is data recovery software, which works great when you need to
recover data from hard drives that have been corrupted. It will scan the drive an
examine all of the contents it contains including files that have been deleted and
allows you to choose the data that you want to recover.
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