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					                                                                    Under 14 National Challenge

                                                                       Saturday 7th June 2008
                 England Netball Association                          Norwich Sports Park, UEA

                                Court 1                                            Court 2                                              Court 3
Rd 1    09:00           Turnford v New Cambell                                *Oldham v Poole                              Wakefield Phoenix v Weston Park
Rd 2    09:30           Parkside v Buck Swans                      Nottingham City Swifts v Essex Open                      Westoning Flames v Hucclecote
Rd 3    10:00      *Darwen v Hartlepool Oaksway                          Leeds Carnegie v Rylands                           Grangetown v Deeping Phoenix
Rd 4    10:30           Turnford v Buck Swans                              *Oldham v Essex Open                             Wakefield Phoenix v Hucclecote
Rd 5    11:00           Parkside v New Cambell                         Nottingham City Swifts v Poole                      Westoning Flames v Weston Park
Rd 6    11:30             *Turnford v Darwen                             *Oldham v Leeds Carnegie                          Wakefield Phoenix v Grangetown
Rd 7    12:00     Buck Swans v Hartlepool Oaksway                          Essex Open v Rylands                             Hucclecote v Deeping Phoenix
Rd 8    12:30             *Parkside v Darwen                      Nottingham City Swifts v Leeds Carnegie                  Westoning Flames v Grangetown
Rd 9    13:00     Hartlepool Oaksway v New Cambell                            Rylands v Poole                              Deeping Phoenix v Weston Park
Rd 10   13:30             Turnford v Parkside                        *Oldham v Nottingham City Swifts                    Wakefield Phoenix v Westoning Flames
Rd 11   14:00           *Buck Swans v Darwen                            Essex Open v Leeds Carnegie                            Hucclecote v Grangetown
Rd 12   14:30       Parkside v Hartlepool Oaksway                    Nottingham City Swifts v Rylands                    Westoning Flames v Deeping Phoenix
Rd 13   15:00           *Darwen v New Cambell                             Leeds Carnegie v Poole                              Grangetown v Weston Park
Rd 14   15:30       Turnford v Hartlepool Oaksway                            *Oldham v Rylands                           Wakefield Phoenix v Deeping Phoenix
Rd 15   16:00        Buck Swans v New Cambell                                Essex Open v Poole                                Hucclecote v Weston Park

                                   Group 1                                             Group 2                                              Group 3
                              Bucks Swans                                          Essex Open                                         Deeping Pheonix
                                 *Darwen                                         Leeds Carngie                                          Hucclecote
                           Hartlepool Oaksway                                Nottingham City Swifts                                     Grangetown
                              New Cambell                                           *Oldham                                           Wakefield Pheonix
                                 Parkside                                             Poole                                             Weston Park
                                 Turnford                                            Rylands                                          Westoning Flames

                                                    please note: Darwen and Oldham will not be participating in the competition.
                Therefore for all scheduled matches involving these two teams, their opposition will receive a bye and will be awarded the points.

                              The 3 Group Winners following completion of Round 15 matches are the National Challenge Winners

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