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Simply Healing


									     Simply Healing

     Healing Conference


      Mike Endicott

           Helen Dowdell

nd     th
2    – 7     November 2009
                            Rev Mike Endicott
Mike Endicott is a blind Anglican minister, based at the Well Centre in Cwmbran,
South Wales. He is the leader of the Order of Jacob's Well, a recognized Order of
Christian healing and wholeness, operating under the patronage of the Archbishop of
Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams. The Order was established to seek out, to train and
encourage those called into ministries of Christian healing. Mike spends his life in
prayer and the encouragement of others through ministry and teaching around the UK
and in a number of countries around the world.

He takes a fresh look at healing as an important aspect of the life of the kingdom of
God. Jesus’ ministry shows that kingdom healing is

       freely available from God, whose will is to heal
       meant for everyone, not just a few special ones
       not all about delving into the sufferer's background in search of 'blockages'
       not dependent on 'techniques' and methods

We need, says Mike, to rediscover the heart of kingdom living: the telling of the good
news; an atmosphere of faith; practical obedience to God's word; praise and worship;
the Lordship of Jesus, in whom the love and the will of the Father are revealed, and
the activity of the Holy Spirit. In the life of the kingdom, healing is found.

‘Mike Endicott is a wonderfully gifted expositor of what Christian healing means.
A brilliantly lively communicator of the gospel, he never speaks without bringing
something exciting and fresh to our understanding. I happily acknowledge my own
debt to him as a teacher, colleague and friend, and I’m delighted that his
ministry is reaching more and more people.” Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of

                                   Helen Dowdell

Helen Dowdell is the Administrator of the Well Centre and the Order of Jacob’s
Well. After a career as a physicist in British Industry and time at home to bring up
her children, she now manages the Order of Jacob’s Well. Helen devotes her spiritual
life to the study of kingdom dynamics and the promotion of New Testament kingdom
principles in the church today. She is married with two children and lives in south
Monday 2nd Nov - Wednesday 4th Nov

7pm – 9pm                                 Teaching & Faith Building

On these 3 evenings, Mike and Helen will teach and equip us to pray for others. This seminar is ideal
for any who wish to begin, grow, or understand a ministry of healing. These evenings will also include a
time of ministry for any who may need prayer.
Registration is essential for attendance at this seminar. There is no charge for the seminar, however
you will be able to make a contribution towards the costs of the event if you so wish.

Tuesday 3rd Nov

10am - 12 Noon                            Word and Worship

This time of worship, teaching and prayer for healing, is aimed especially at those who are unable to
attend the evening meetings. We also hope that our day-time fellowship groups will choose to attend
this event. All are welcome!

Wednesday 4th Nov

10am – 1pm                                Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope

Limited space is available for this time of devotion in the midst of some of the suffering and
loneliness which surrounds us. Please register with the office.

Thursday 5th Nov

10am                                      Women’s Tea with Helen Dowdell

Helen has a significant healing ministry, and will use the morning to both address and pray for some
of the unique issues facing women. Registration is essential. There will be no charge, but a
contribution towards the costs will be gladly received.

10am                                      Clergy Conversation with Mike Endicott

Mike’s teaching may raise some pastoral and theological questions for those in church leadership. This
session is intended to provide a forum to address some of those questions. Space is limited for this
event, so registration is essential. There is no charge. (This is open to all church leaders – lay or

7pm                                       Sacramental Healing Service

This will be a sacramental service, with a more meditative and reflective tone. The time of worship
will include prayers for healing.

                                                                                  (Continued overleaf)
Friday 6th Nov

6pm                                       Bring and Share Community Meal

7pm                                       Jubilee Healing Celebration

You are invited to join us for a ‘bring and share’ community meal, followed by an evening of joyful
worship, proclamation and prayers for healing. This is an excellent evening to bring visitors, or any
who may be curious about the things of God.
You are welcome to skip the ‘bring and share community meal’, and simply attend the Jubilee event.

Saturday 7th Nov

9.30am - 1pm                                     Jubilee Healing Celebration
Saturday is a continuation of Friday night, particularly to create an opportunity to pray for those in
need of healing.

Please register for the following events:

    ‘Simply Healing: Teaching and Faith Building’ Seminar

    Women’s Tea with Helen Dowdell

    Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope

    Clergy Conversation with Mike Endicott

by calling or emailing us before 23 October 2009

No registration is required for the Thursday Evening, Friday Evening or
Saturday Morning events

There is no charge for any of the Simply Healing Conference events, but you
will be able to make a contribution towards the costs if you so wish.

Contact Us:

Phone: 041 – 3631690

Fax:     041 – 363 6001

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