The Benefits of Linux VPS Hosting

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					Anyone who owns a complex website, with thousands of unique visitors and
consistently high traffic, will likely tell you that they would prefer that site to be on a
dedicated server.
  A dedicated server is a single physical server which is set aside entirely for the
hosting of your website. With dedicated servers by EUKHost, we offer clients either
the chance to manage the server themselves remotely, or allow us to manage the
server for them.
  However, although a dedicated server could be considered the "Holy Grail" for
large-scale, websites, they are also one of the most expensive services, and sometimes
it's helpful to have a compromise between affordability and the ideal.
  Such a compromise exists with Linux VPS Hosting, an affordable solution for
website hosting from EUKHost. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. 'Virtual' refers
here to the increasingly popular process of virtualisation, in which a complete,
standalone machine is created entirely in software, on a physical host computer.
  There are advantages in going down the Linux VPS route, especially if you have
chosen web hosting by EUKHosts.
  The most striking advantage is the cost saving over choosing a physical dedicated
server. Virtual Private Servers are considerably more affordable than dedicated servers,
yet you will still see many of the benefits of having a physical dedicated server. Your
VPS will be completely independent of any other machines on the hosting computer,
and as robust and secure as any physical server.
  The Linux operating system, which is open-source, and effectively free, will also
help keep costs down.
  Finally, you can be guaranteed that a high level of technical and server admin
support from our expert data centre teams, who will treat your VPS with the identical
level respect afforded to physical dedicated servers.
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