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Oracle sues Google_ saying_ Android affect Java Copyrights

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					Oracle Corp. said Thursday it will sue Google saying that the Android OS
infringement of intellectual property Oracles Java Platform.
Google is no stranger to lawsuits. The latest lawsuit is a lawsuit Viacoms billion
dollars from Google and YouTube, alleging YouTube violated copyright infringing
content and deliberately allowed to remain on their side. A federal judge sided and
ruled in favor of YouTube. Viacom has filed an appeal.

Oracle claims that Google also knowingly violated the patent Java and copyright
protection. Oracle and Google were not immediately available for comment.
According to MSNBC , Oracle intends to an injunction against further construction of
the Google Android and distribution, and higher damages for breach of deliberate and
java Oracle acquired with $5600000000 acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Inc. back
in April 2009.

Via: Oracle sues Google, saying, Android affect Java Copyrights
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