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There is no doubt that wear in the minerals processing, iron & steel,

petrochemical and power generation industries erodes profits. With its

considerable, and ongoing, research and development effort and a high tech

production facility, Multotec Wear Linings has worked successfully together

with customers to develop, manufacture and install numerous wear control


“Successful installations of our specialised linings in power generation,

diamond, iron ore, phosphate, andalusite and most processing plants is proof

of the ability of superior alumina ceramic linings to increase profitability for

customers through reduced downtime and increased longevity of equipment,”

Faan Viljoen, technical manager at Multotec Wear Linings, says.

Viljoen points out that high alumina ceramic is near the top of the MOH’s

hardness scale at a rating of 9 while diamond, which is the hardest known

mineral, has a MOH’s hardness of 10. The material is stable and therefore not

subject to corrosion and erosion like most metals. Next to its hardness and

chemical inertness, one of its best known properties is the ability to operate

at elevated temperatures.

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“Of course, alumina is not the only ceramic material which is proving itself in

wear intensive applications, although it is most definitely one of the best in

terms of cost effectiveness. Application of wear resistant materials has to take

into account a number of factors, primarily relating to overall cost

effectiveness, and the equation always has to take the cost of ownership into


“It is interesting to note how ceramics, a technology as old as civilization

which uses materials as old as the earth, has become a highly technological

force to be reckoned with in the fight against profit eroding wear,” he says.

“Cast basalt is a wear resistant product, produced from high grade natural

rock. In appropriate shapes and forms, it provides high abrasion resistance,

resistance to erosion and has high compression strengths. Cast basalt has a

hardness of about eight on the MOH’s scale slightly less than sintered

alumina, but the wear resistance is significantly lower.”

Wear resistant alumina ceramics are manufactured in ranges from 92% to

99% containing the mentioned percentages of pure AL203 with the balance

being mainly Si02 and Fe0. Flexibility of the installed production processes

enables Multotec Wear Linings to select and manufacture the grade of

alumina most suitable for the specified end use. For example, 96% or 99%

alumina could be selected if the product is specified for an application where

severe chemical attack is present.

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“There is therefore no doubt that modern industrial ceramics can offer

enormous advantages. They have exceptional qualities of hardness, abrasion

resistance, resistance to virtually all acids and alkalis, resistance to high

temperatures and complete freedom from corrosion, and they can be

incorporated into matrixes with advanced modern polymers,” Viljoen says.

“Available technology from Multotec Wear Linings can, and has proved to,

save literally millions in wear costs. The company has the expertise and

manufacturing capability to bring the advantages of ceramics home to a

broad range of industrial endeavours,” he concludes.

CAPTION FOR SAVING MONEY 01: Ceramic pulley lagging on a drive pulley.

CAPTION FOR SAVING MONEY 02: Basalt lined ash disposal pipes.

CAPTION FOR SAVING MONEY 03: Ceramic pump impellers.


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