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                              ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                    HELD AT
                      ON WEDNESDAY, 14 OCTOBER 2009 AT 19h00

                              ANNUAL REPORT YEAR 2008/09

                     Presented by Alberto Pontiggia – CPF Chairperson

1. Introduction

    Welcome to all community members and representatives of community based organizations of
    the Sandringham Policing District. Welcome also to all official representatives of the SAPS,
    JMPD, Councillors and we appreciate everybody’s attendance so that this AGM of the
    Sandringham Community Policing Forum is carried out in an orderly and constitutional manner.
    Your presence tonight is important as it ratifies efforts done by the present CPF committee to
    promote and encourage good relationships, partnerships and communications between the
    community and the SA Police Service. My report will highlight issues and activities that have been
    undertaken in conjunction with the SAPS during the year from Nov 2008 to Oct 2009.

2. The CPF executive committee

    The current executive committee has had a difficult but otherwise relatively successful year and
    has operated in a positive and regular manner
    Following the AGM held last year on 12 November 2008, a new executive committee was
    elected and is represented below.
    The following portfolios were put place, some only later in the year -

    Chairperson                                  Alberto Pontiggia
    Vice Chairperson                             Alfred Kubyane
    Secretary                                    Liz Willis
    Treasurer                                    Lionel Pogir
    Executive Member                             Val O’Connell
    Victim Empowerment                           Liz Willis
    Community Safety Plan                        Alfred Kubyane
    Sector 1 CPF Sub-Forum Chairperson           Janet Londal
    Sector 2 &3 CPF Sub-Forum Chairperson        Lionel Stein
    Sector 4 CPF Sub-Forum Chairperson           Joseph Tshabalala
    Sector 5 CPF Sub-Forum Chairperson           Nersan Govender
    Sector 6 CPF Sub-Forum Chairperson           Nic Nel

3. Initiatives & Activities

    Cluster CPF. The Cluster policing system was launched in the previous year by the Dept of
    Safety & Security. The idea behind this was to achieve greater synergy between the Midrand,
    Sandton, Sandringham, Bramley and Alexandra Stations by pooling and centralising their crime
    prevention skills and resources. CPF Cluster meetings were planned but only one meeting really
    got off the ground under the leadership of Commissioner Engelbrecht.

    CPF Sub-Forums. Under the guidance of S/Supt Kgoroba, the CPF sub-forum initiative was
    extended into all 6 sectors. The Sandringham station appointed a Sector manager for each sector
    and then corresponding CPF Sub-Forums chairpersons were required to be established. This was
    not an easy task and required consistent effort by various committee members to get to each of
    these communities and setup meetings and then create a committee. I can happily say that all 6
    sectors are functioning, some better than others. Each sector is characterized by unique and
    different demographics and hence different approaches to combating crime have been adopted
    (or in the process of)
    •   CPF Sub Forum Sector 6 – Linbro Park. SAPS Sector Manager Insp.
        Mathloha/Chairperson Nic Nel. This area is very actively managed using systems such as
        Block Watch, email notices, Residents Association, Domestic Watch (Penny Steyn),
        Security Patrol, etc. The crime situation there is being contained very well with excellent
        performance all round.
    •   CPF Sub Forum Sector 5 – Lombardy and Rembrandt Park. SAPS Sector Manager Insp
        Maditse/Chairperson Nersan Govender. Despite a very active committee and dedicated
        teamwork, this area is struggling to contain crime below acceptable levels. A lot of
        interaction is happening between this community and the Station and amongst other
        things a River Park Community Day was held recently to inform and motivate residents to
        become participative in joining the CPF. A Foot Patroller programme was announced
        there and is being planned in conjunction with City Boston Campus and other
        stakeholders. In this way, young unemployed people can be engaged in some fruitful way
        and the potential applies that some will be chosen for learnerships and study
        programmes. The Cluster has been approached to help in this area as the Sandringham
        Station cannot cope on its own. This is a very worrying issue. The committee are using
        tactics such as email notices, sms alerts, a whistle blowing alert system and engaging
        with local security companies.
    •   CPF Sub Forum Sector 4 – Bramley View. SAPS Sector Manager Constable
        Mahanisi/Chairperson Joseph Tshabalala. This sector is relatively new and as yet needs
        to get off the ground. Alfred Kubyane and Nic Nel have both committed to giving them a
    •   CPF Sub Forum Sector 2 & 3 – Glenhazel. SAPS Sector Manager of Sector 3 Constable
        Mahanisi and Sector Manager of Sector 2 Sgt Shabalala, whilst the Chairperson of both
        Sectors is Lionel Stein. This area has predominantly adopted the GAP security model and
        seems to have had relatively good success. Unfortunately this model is onerous on the
        individual resident. A good meeting was also held with the Sandringham Bowling Club to
        try resolve various issues– difficult tenants, water billing problems, security, various
        opportunities to enhance the facilities, etc. There will be more ongoing in future
    •   CPF Sub Forum Sector 1 – Sandringham suburb. SAPS Sector Manager Sgt
        Shabalala/Chairperson Janet Londal. This area has an active committee and embarked
        on developing a database by using a door to door system in the suburb. In this way they
        engaged directly with residents and became motivated in their cause. They are still busy
        doing studies to determine which should be their best approach to develop a crime
        combating plan. A potential route could be to engage one of the security companies to
        take over the role of active patrolling.

Note. We have started engaging with Sector 7, the Linbro Business Park, to try getting their
representation in the CPF. This is very large business community and it would be fair that some
form of interaction should be realised.

Crime figures. The CPF executive has made it very clear that the moratium on the accessibility
of crime facts and figures is extremely counterproductive to good governance
                          – What we cannot measure, we cannot manage –
The committee will insist that crime figures (not percentages) must be made available to the CPF
members who need to work in conjunction with SAPS management in order to coordinate action
plans for the benefit of the community.

MAD (Making a Difference). The committee engaged Penny Steyn in two initiatives that could
make a difference to crime reduction in the Sandringham Policing Precinct.
   • Domestic Crime Watch. Sector 6 was the first to launch this initiative and over 80
       domestics have attended to date. Essentially this involves a monthly training course
       which is offered to domestic servants and which can make them very effective community
       ‘eyes and ears’ and be of value to crime prevention. Employers need to realise such
       potential and collaborate to enable their domestics to attend. Such trained domestics can
       also aspire to become police reservists!
   • SAPS Management Training programme. A series of very effective and successful two
       day training programmes were presented to the Sandringham Station Staff by Penny
       Steyn. This motivational course helped staff to improve their delivery skills with regard to
       people effectiveness. Funding was provided by Sectors 6, 5 and 2. We must thank Nic
       Nel of Sector 6 for having organized the catering and he was also responsible for the
       majority of the funding that was required to hold the courses.

       Youth Desk. A recent energetic team of youth from the River Park Community has been
       formed. They have a long list of ambitious plans and we wish them much success. They have
       asked for assistance from the community in terms of skill building and mentoring.

4. Sandringham Police Station Developments

   The Sandringham Station was officially upgraded to a Senior Superintendant level and S/Supt
   Kgoroba took the post of Station Commander. We congratulate her in her new position and to
   date we have had an excellent relationship with her and her team. It is good to see the several
   new Superintendants that have now arrived to take up the management portfolios that are
   required at the station. Welcome to you our community and we hope you will be successful.

   Despite the great effort being done by the Station Commander and her staff, the Station still
   remains underskilled and the accommodation is appalling. The lack of adequate infrastructure can
   lead to challenging working conditions and resultant loss in efficiency and capability to service the
   community properly and professionally. Commissioner Engelbrecht, the Cluster Commander, has
   personally become involved in this cause and has called for the drafting of a new upgraded
   station on the same site. We hope this initial burst of energy will be sustainable to carry out the
   project to its final conclusion.
   A major logistical challenge is the lack of vehicles and the poor condition of the current fleet.

5. Reservists.

   It is with regret that we have seen a decline in the numbers of police reservists in Sandringham.
   The reasons are multifold and plans are needed to restore the numbers again. Police reservists
   perform absolutely valuable service and a stronger advertising campaign should be put in place to
   attract and recruit members.

6. Communication

   We believe that one of the major functions of the CPF is to be a strong communicator within the
   community. Currently the Sandringham CPF lacks funds and personnel to run and manage an
   effective communications office together with the Station. All media tools should be engaged in
   this effort, ie. email, websites, newsprint, pamphlets and local newspapers.

7. Fund Raising.

   This still requires much focus and despite the fact that we have a rich and vibrant community, we
   do not seem to make headway in accessing funds for the variety of needs that we have and that
   would assist our Station.

8. Security Companies.

   Representation at CPF meetings of the various Security Companies operating in the area is
   always extremely poor. This even applies at the regular monthly SAPS meeting. This is
   unfortunate as much synergy can be accumulated if SAPS, the Security Companies and the CPF
   work close together. The CPF would like to start promoting the names of those Security
   Companies that are in fact getting involved. Ultimately, the current model of ‘passive intervention’
   utilised by the majority of Security Companies in the area should be updated with a more dynamic
   and visionary business model which includes ‘active patrolling’. Community initiatives like CAP
   are commendable and prove the point that visibility plays an 80% role in deterring crime.

9. JMPD.

   Unfortunately JMPD have not attended many meetings at all. They also perform a difficult task
   under the circumstances and members of the community should understand that the best way to
   get JMPD to be effective is to meet and engage with them regularly. The CPF platform is also an
   excellent position for JMPD to maintain their credibility and links to the community.

10. Community involvement and CPF structures

   I wish to summarise on the importance of CPF structures and make a plea as to why the
   community has an obligation to get involved.

   To reiterate, the main purpose and functions of the CPF is to,
       1. To maintain a partnership between the SAPS and the community
       2. To promote communication and co-operation between SAPS and the community
       3. To help improve Service Delivery and improve transparency between us
       4. Promote joint problem identification and problem solving

   We all realise that crime is our current scourge in South Africa and that we will only win this battle
   if everybody including the public, the businesses and the institutions join hands and find synergy
   with the SAPS and government in the management of crime prevention. The SAPS alone
   CANNOT solve our crime problems. Crime is at source a social problem and hence we are all
   collectively responsible.

11. Election of additional CPF committee members

   I believe the CPF initiative, as whole, is an amazing way to engage the community and one of its
   gems is the way it can be tailored to suit the variety and diversity of communities we have in our
   land. There are numerous examples of very successful CPF’s and some not so successful and
   really it is up to the community to take up the offer and engage.
   We need hands-on members to join our ranks and become involved. The challenge of a CPF
   member is really the time you can afford to be involved. It takes time to come to meetings, to
   follow up, to coordinate, to network and communicate with other interested parties, to get involved
   in working with the station management on plans of action, to be motivational and persuasive with
   difficult members of the community and in their attitudes towards crime prevention and the police.
   You do not need any skills except for common sense and a desire to do some good and be of
   some change in our land.

12. Conclusion

   In conclusion, I thank my committee colleagues with whom I have worked hard, I thank Senior
   Supt. Kgoroba and her management team who attend all our meetings and I salute all those
   generous community volunteers, reservists and police staff that are involved here in Sandringham
   and that work so hard behind the scenes. I encourage them to continue to execute their duties in
   a professional manner. I look forward to people offering their services on this committee because
   without dedicated workers nothing will happen.