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The Beautiful Beaches of Grenada


									Grenada Island is also called the Spice Island is located of the north coast of
Venezuela in South America. It is a three island nation together with Carriacou and
Petite Martinique
  Grenada is laid back and relaxed and you can 鈥渉 ide 鈥?from the mundane noise
of every day 鈥檚 life. The beaches, the spicy food and above all the amiable people
will make you either stay longer or come back again and again.
  The Beaches
  There are many Grenada Beaches to please the best beaches connoisseurs. The
beaches are surrounded of white powdered sand and crystal clear waters that will take
your breath away.
  There are close to fifty beautiful beaches in Grenada. The beaches are public
property, meaning that the public must have access to the beach even if a private
property occupies the land next to it. Before building a new beachfront hotel or resort,
proof has to be shown on how the developer will provide such access.
  A few of the most important beaches
  鈥?Grand Anse Beach
  This one is the favorite of many visitors. It offers 2 miles of white sand sheltered by
a bay. Many of the famous hotels are located next to it. In my personal opinion it is
one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean Beaches. It is located on the west of the
island, meaning that being on the leeward side; the waters are calm and great for
Family Vacations for its swimming, snorkeling and many more water sports.
  There are many restaurants and sport centers as well as rental chairs and many other
amenities. This beach can be reaches by bus or water taxis.
  鈥?Morne Rouge Beach
  This beach is located south of Grand Anse Beach; it is more secluded and small. It is
ideal for those that want to find some solitude and less water sports and activities. It
has lots of shade and the waters are shallow. Here again, is a great beach to bring your
children and enjoy quality time as a family.
  The Gem Beach Resorts is on this beach and you can enjoy chair rental and
restaurant service while visiting Morne Rouge Beach
  鈥?Bathway Beach
  It is located on the northeastern part of the island. It is mostly visited by those living
on this side of the island. It is so sheltered that non-swimmers can enjoy the shallow
waters. Being on the Atlantic Coast the water may be quite rough at times.

 鈥?Pink Gin Beach
 This beach is located next and overlooking Port Salines International Airport. It is a
secluded beach of pink sands and pristine blue waters. It also has a great view of the
capital city of St George 鈥檚. The La Source Hotel is located here offering the
opportunity for all kind of Caribbean Sports.
 鈥?Paradise Beach
 This beach has hotels, bars and restaurants and is great for Snorkeling. You can spot
some starfish and more marine life in its waters.
 鈥?Sauteurs Beach
  This beach is located next to the town of Sauteurs on the northern coast of the island.
It is deserted most of the time. The beach is ideal for relaxation and for awe inspiring
views of the Grenadine Islands to the north.
  鈥?Magazine Beach
  This beach of white sands and clear blue waters is where the Rex Grenadian Hotel
and the Aquarium Restaurant are located. The area is great for kayaking and
snorkeling. But above all the food and drinks from the Aquarium Restaurant puts this
beach on a high scale.
  鈥?La Sagesse Beach
  Here the sands are silver and waters quite shallow and calm. This beach is popular
with families on the weekends. It hosts the Resort and Restaurant by the same name
La Saggesse
  鈥?Levera Beach
  This beach should be visited with a four wheel vehicle. Once you get there after a
rough drive, you 鈥檒 l find a beautiful beach with a great view of Sugarloaf Island.
  If you are looking for beautiful Caribbean Beaches surrounded by powdered white
sand and crystal clear waters, Grenada is your island.

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