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Touch Spa


									                                                                                                                               Touch S pa
Galvanic Facial                                                FakeBake Spray Tan
Environ - Beautiful Skin For A Lifetime                        15 Mins - £25.00
One Treatment (60 Mins) £ 50.00
Course of 6                  £260.00
                                                               Manicure & Pedicure
Galvanic Facial helps to increase the efficiency of any skin
treatment. It is beneficial for lifting and toning the skin.   Basic Manicure                           £18.00               HAIR | BODY | BEAUTY
                                                               (Soaking of hands, cleaning
Luxury Facial                        60 Mins - £40.00          of cuticle & choice of polish)
A deep cleansing exfoliation. A steaming process which         French Manicure                          £20.00
unclogs the pores and removes whiteheads, blackheads           Luxury Manicure                          £28.00
and dead skin. Shoulder, Neck, Head & Arm Massage              (w/Paraffin wax & massage)
included.                                                      Polish                                   £10.00
                                                               French Polish                            £12.00
Refresh Facial                       30 Mins - £25.00
A quick fix, cleansing, exfoliate, mask and moisturiser.       Basic Pedicure                           £22.00
                                                               (Soaking of feet, cleaning
Waxing                                                         of cuticle, choice of polish)
Creates a clean and elegant look for your legs, bikini line,   French Pedicure                          £25.00
under arms, upper lip, chin, back and chest.                   Spa Pedicure                             £25.00
                                                               (Includes removal of dead skin
Half Leg Wax                              £18.00               & massage)
Full Leg Wax                              £28.00               Luxury Pedicure                          £40.00
Lip or Chin                              £ 5.00                (w/Paraffin wax & massage)
Lip & Chin                               £10.00
Under Arm                                 £10.00               Gel Nails
Arms (Half)                               £15.00               (Using Bio Sculpture products)
Arms (Full)                              £18.00                Hands
Half Leg/Bikini Wax                      £30.00                French                                   £40.00
Full Leg/Bikini Wax                      £35.00                Overlay                                  £35.00
Bikini Wax                          From £15.00                Refill                                   £25.00
Whole Back                                £22.00               Removal of Gel w/ Pedicure               £30.00
Chest Wax                                 £20.00               Removal only                             £15.00
Full Face & Eyebrow                      £28.00                Feet
Brazilian (Landing Strip)                £25.00                French                                   £43.00
Hollywood (All Off)                      £30.00                Overlay                                  £38.00
Eyes                                                           Refill                                   £27.00
                                                               Removal of Gel w/Pedicure                £30.00
Eyebrow Shape             15 Mins,          £ 7.00

                                                                                                                                      Touch Spa
Eyebrow Tint              15 Mins,          £ 8.00
Eyelash Tint              15 Mins,          £10.00                       If you are interested in purchasing Gift
                                                                        Vouchers, then please contact Reception.
Eyelash & Brow Tint 15 Mins,                £15.00
Fake Eyelashes                              £25.00
                                                                  Appointments can be arranged with a 50% deposit.          
 (Lasts for 1 –2 weeks)
Threading Eyebrow                           £10.00               We fully understand that you may need to cancel your                   020 7370 4192
                                                               appointment however if you fail to give us 24 hours notice
             Lips                           £ 7.00                                                                          3 Kenway Road, Earls Court, London SW5 0RP
                                                                   then we will charge 50% of the treatment price.
             Face                           £15.00
                                                                                                                                                          BODY EXFOLIATION
                            MASSAGE                                            Holistic Massage                                                           If your body is in need of a
                            An extremely effective               Aromatherapy Massage                                                                     little restoration and
                            method to promote health,                                                                                                     cleansing, then our exfoliation
                                                                 60 Mins - £35.00                    90 Mins - £65.00
                            prevent illness and                                                                                                           therapies are just what you
                            strengthen the body's                Soothing and relaxing, this type of massage uses the active                              need.
                            immune system.                       molecules of essential oils already blended with carrier oil,
                                                                 to penetrate the bloodstream and soothe the central
                                                                 nervous system.                                                 Lemon & Green Tea:
              Eastern Massage                                                                                                    45 Mins - £35.00 (w/Back Massage 60 Mins - £45.00)

Maharlika Massage                                                Swedish Massage
                                                                                                                                 Hydro Mineral Salt Scrub:
60 Mins - £45.00                      80 Mins - £70.00           60 Mins - £35.00                    90 Mins - £65.00            30 Mins - £30.00 (w/Back Massage 60 Mins - £45.00)
Maharlika massage embraces a holistic understanding of the       The skins natural functions will be stimulated improving        FACIALS & BEAUTY
relationship between the body, mind and spirit to achieve an     the condition of the skin, the warmth created will help
ultimate balance. It involves a combination of oriental styles                                                                   We offer a wide variety of
                                                                 to relax the body physically and mentally.
that include Thai, Shiatsu, Javanese and Filipino that are all                                                                   Facials which improves your
designed to help achieve deep levels of relaxation and total                                                                     skin and removes unwanted
                                                                 Deep Tissue Massage
well being.                                                                                                                      black and white heads as well
                                                                 60 Mins - £40.00                    80 Mins - £70.00            as dead skin.
                                                                 Deep Tissue is a massage technique that focuses on the
Thai Oil Massage                   60 Mins - £40.00
                                                                 deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the
Thai Massage is taken from ancient tradition that has been       chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow            Microdermabrasion
handed down through generations.                                 strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas of
                                                                                                                                 One Treatment (60 Mins) - £45.00
This transformational combination of yoga meditation and         the body.
Deep tissue acupressure stimulates energy and instils a sense                                                                    Course of 6 - £245, pre paid
of calm.                                                         Reflexology                                                     Course of 10 - £400, pre paid
                                                                 60 Mins £40.00                        30 Mins - £30.00          The Microdermabrasion treatment improves:
Indian Head Massage                30 Mins - £25.00              Reflexology is the application of finger and thumb              - Skin Tone
                                                                 pressure to specific reflex points on the soles of the feet.    - Texture & Elasticity
Hitting those tight spots, this treatment massages the scalp
                                                                                                                                 - Reverse sun damage
and neck which stimulates the area and melts away the ten-
                                                                                                                                 - Smooth acne scaring
sion from the head, neck, shoulder, arms and hands.              De - Stress Back Massage            45 Mins - £30.00            - Reduces pigmentation
                                                                 Using aromatherapy oils for muscle soothing, the massage        - Reduces enlarged pores
                                                                 includes face, head, shoulders, arms, hands and back.           - Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Hot Stone Massage                                                This massage is designed to eliminate all stress from           - Removes excess oil
70 Mins - £45.00                   30 Mins - £35.00              everyday working life.                                          - Removes blackheads and whiteheads
                                                                                                                                 - The look of scaring and stretch marks
A combination of massage with the grounding element of
heated stones. The deep heat of the stones help to relieve
                                                                 Romantic Couple Massage
tension and nervous fatigue. Hot stone massage goes              60 Mins - £50 Each                     90 Mins - £70.00         Dermabrasion (w/Peel)                    £90.00
 beyond the physical experience of typical massage and                                                                           The result of Dermabrasion with Chemical Peel is instant
                                                                 Enjoy the relaxing warmth of our tranquil, rose infused
enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, and well-being.                                                                          radiant complexion, younger looking skin and a long lasting
                                                                 treatment room, alongside your partner.
                                                                 (Inclusive of Shower, Hot Face Towels and Herbal Tea)           decline in thin lines, dull skin, pigmentation and acne.

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