Hydraulic Roller Cams _ Lifters

					                                                             Installation Instructions:

                                                             Hydraulic Roller
                                                             Cams & Lifters
                                                             For Non-Factory Roller Lifter Equipped Engines

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NOTE: Ford 289-302 (Non-H.O.) Engines Require                       Camshaft end-play is best checked with the engine
Removal Of The Cylinder Heads For Installation Of                   out of the vehicle and mounted on an engine stand.
These Hydraulic Roller Lifters.                                     The welch plug that seals the back end of the cam
                                                                    bore must be removed to access the rear of the cam.
READ THIS BEFORE INSTALLATION. The guide bar (high                  Mount a dial indicator at this location to measure
side of tappet) must face the opposite side of the block            camshaft end-play. Carefully pry the cam forward
unless otherwise noted! Where applicable, arrow on guide            and backward by using a large screwdriver inserted
bar must be visible and point up.                                   into a lifter bore where a lobe on the cam would be
                                                                    at full lift. Do not chip or scratch the cam lobe or lifter
 NOTE: Hydraulic Roller Lifters require shorter length              bore.
   pushrods than standard flat-face lifters. Special
   length pushrods are available from Crane, and are                If the engine is in the vehicle, there is no suitable
   supplied in most Crane complete kits.                            mount for a dial indicator to detect cam end-play. It
                                                                    will then be necessary to make an educated guess
 1. Clean the camshaft with mineral spirits or equivalent           as to the amount of end-play. A slight forward-back-
    solvent and coat lightly with engine oil. As with all           ward movement, by feel, is all that is necessary.
    roller camshafts, do not apply moly assembly lube to
    the cam lobes or roller tappets. We recommend a                 It may be necessary to dent out the center of the tim-
    thin film of our Pt. No. 99008-1 Engine Assembly                ing cover slightly in the area that would contact the
    Lube be applied to the lobes of the cam and bearing             spacer, to gain correct end-play. This can be done
    journals. A small amount of Pt. No. 99002-1 Moly                using a socket or equivalent diameter punch that is
    Assembly Lube should be applied to the distributor              the same outside diameter as the small end of the
    gear, cam gear, and ends of the fuel pump pushrod.              spacer. Some aftermarket covers have been flat-
                                                                    tened in the spacer contact area and are not suit-
 2. Roller cams in Chevy engines require the use of a               able for use.
    cam button spacer to control camshaft end-play.
    The large end of the spacer fits in the large hole in           If excessive clearance is indicated, you may use a
    the center of the camshaft sprocket and against the             thinner timing cover gasket or a spacer behind the
    front of the cam. It is held in place by the cam bolt           cam button spacer, to reduce the clearance.
    locking plate. The other end contacts the inside of
    the timing cover. In most cases, no machining is             3. Install the Crane hydraulic roller lifters using a high
    required. However, if you are using a late-model                quality engine oil. For best results, briefly submerge
    stock type aluminum cam sprocket, you may need to               each pair of lifters in a container of fresh, clean oil
    machine the gear to fit the large end of the spacer.            just prior to installing them in the lifter bores. Make
                                                                    sure that the locking bars (high side of the lifters)
       Check camshaft end-play and maintain between                 face the center of the engine block valley.
       .005” and .008”. This must be checked with the tim-
       ing cover and gasket in place, just as it would be        NOTE: For all Chrysler-Dodge-Plymouth “LA” 273-
       after final assembly, without the roller lifters            318-340-360 engines (using stock 59° lifter bore
       installed.                                                  angles), install the Crane hydraulic roller lifters with
                                                                   the locking bars facing the adjacent cylinder, away
       Engines that were originally equipped with thrust           from the center of the engine block valley.
       plates, (such as most Ford and Dodge-Plymouth
       models) should use the factory recommended end-           4. It is advisable to check cam timing according to your
       play specifications.                                         cam specification card, especially the opening and
                                                                    closing specifications at .050” cam lift. This is

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   www.cranecams.com Tech Line: (386) 258-6174 Fax: (386) 258-6167
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       accomplished by using a dial indicator and a degree                  follow the same procedure described before to
       wheel. Complete detailed instructions for this proce-                adjust this rocker arm.
       dure can be obtained by contacting Crane Cams
       direct at: 386/258-6174, FAX: 386/258-6167, or on                    Both valves on this cylinder are now adjusted, and
       the internet: www.cranecams.com.                                     you can move on to the next cylinder and follow the
                                                                            same procedure again.
       Crane offers timing sets with multi-index keyways
       and offset bushing kits to make any necessary cam                8. Many roller cams are made from 8620 steel and
       timing changes. Always remember to re-torque                        require the use of a special steel or aluminum-
       cam bolts. On Chevy applications, bend the appro-                   bronze distributor gear to prevent premature wear of
       priate tabs on the Cam Bolt Locking Plate, one per                  the cam’s distributor drive gear. See the Crane
       tab, per bolt, to prevent cam bolts from loosening.                 Master Catalog or web site for your exact applica-
                                                                           tion. When an aluminum-bronze gear is used in
 5. For the best reliability and performance, we highly                    Chevy V-8 or 90° V-6 engines, we highly recommend
    recommend the use of our High Intensity or Gold                        modifying the distributor as outlined below, for
    Race aluminum rocker arms. If you use stock-type,                      improved lubrication and life.
    stamped steel rockers we highly recommend you
    use our extra-long slot rockers, where applicable.                      The bottom portion of the distributor housing has two
                                                                            machined rings or collars just above the distributor
 6. Install the pushrods and rockers one cylinder at a                      gear, separated by an oil relief area. To modify the
    time. Fill the pushrods with oil using a squirt can as                  distributor housing, file or machine a .030” slot in the
    you go. Do not install the rocker arm adjusting nuts                    machined collar area of the housing, between the oil
    until you begin the adjustment procedure as outlined                    relief and the distributor gear. This allows additional
    below. We recommend that you perform this work                          oil flow from the oil relief to the distributor gear, for
    with the intake manifold off, to make sure that the                     better cooling and lubrication.
    pushrod is properly seated. Adjust the rocker arms
    as you go.                                                          NOTE: Many Chevy V-8, some Plymouth-Dodge “LA”
                                                                          and Magnum V-8’s, and some V-6 cams are available
 7. Adjust the rocker arms one cylinder at a time.                        with an optional iron distributor gear. These allow
                                                                          use of a stock distributor drive gear. Cams with the
       Hand rotate the engine in its normal direction of                  iron distributor gear may also use the distributor
       rotation and watch the exhaust valve on that partic-               housing modification explained above, but is not
       ular cylinder. When the exhaust valve begins to                    required.
       open, (rocker arm moves half-way down) stop and
       adjust that cylinder’s INTAKE rocker arm.                        9. If a mechanical fuel pump is used on Chevy engines,
                                                                           use Crane Fuel Pump Pushrod, Pt. No. 11985-1 for
       Back off the intake rocker arm adjuster and remove                  V-8. Install the Crane fuel pump pushrod with the
       any tension from the pushrod. Wait a minute or two                  bronze end contacting the cam.
       for that hydraulic lifter to return to a neutral position.
       The spring inside the lifter will move the pushrod               Should you encounter any problems or have questions
       seat up against the retaining lock if you give it time           regarding the installation or use of our products, contact our
       to do so. (If you are installing brand new lifters they          Tech Service Department, Monday through Friday, 8:00
       will be in the neutral position when they come in the            AM to 8:00 PM (EST), at: 386/258-6174, FAX: 386/258-
       box.)                                                            6167. Specific installation instructions, tech tips and trou-
                                                                        bleshooting information can also be found on our web site:
       Spin the intake pushrod with your fingers while                  www.cranecams.com.
       tightening down the rocker arm adjusting nut. When
       you feel a slight resistance to the turning of the
       pushrod, you are at “Zero Lash”. Turn the adjusting
       nut down one half to one full turn from that point.
       Lock the adjusting nut into position. The intake is
       now adjusted properly.

       Continue to hand rotate the engine, watching that
       same intake. It will go to full open and then begin to
       close. When it is almost closed, (rocker goes half-
       way up), stop and adjust the exhaust rocker arm on
       that cylinder. Loosen the exhaust rocker arm and

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