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     Koori Centre
Indigenous HSC Enrichment Camp Application and associated forms
are available on the Koori Centre Web site at www.koori.usyd.edu.au.
If you are unable to access a computer to get the application and
associated forms please fill in this section and return it to the Koori
Centre so we can forward you an application and place your name on
our data base to receive regular updates.

What year will you be sitting your HSC?

Would you like to attend the HSC camp?               YES / NO



First Names

Date of Birth













The Indigenous HSC Enrichment Camp is run annually during
the first week of the July school holidays for Year 12 students
completing their HSC. (Students doing HSC preliminary courses
will not be accepted.)
The Koori Centre is committed to assisting and supporting
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Year 12 students who wish
to obtain a UAI for university entrance; and to inspiring and
encouraging Indigenous students to accomplish a high level of
achievement and ultimately the possibility of a university degree
and more employment opportunities.
Students attending the Camp will be provided with:
q Intensive tuition in a selection of subjects, and key areas of
   the syllabus
q Reviews of past exam papers
q The skills to understand the language used in questions in
   order to respond appropriately
q Academic skills which will include memory technique, note-
   taking, essay writing, referencing, skim reading, goal setting,
   time management
q Links with other Indigenous students so they can share
   knowledge and experience
q Tours of the Koori Centre to familiarise students with facilities
   and to meet staff
q Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Course information
q Cadigal Program information (the University’s Indigenous
   access program) as well as details of student support services
   such as counselling, academic skills, tutorial programs,
   accommodation and scholarships
q Tours around the University of Sydney to familiarise students
   with University grounds and facilities, student support, social
   activities, accommodation, Faculties, staff and course information.
The University of Sydney has 40 places for rural students to
attend, with accommodation, all meals and travel costs provided
free of charge. Metropolitan students are welcome to attend
classes on a daily basis with meals provided. There is no limit
for students attending from metropolitan Sydney.

I recommend Aboriginal students all across Australia attend the Camp.
                                                  The lectures
                                                  have been very
                                                  and are a great
                                                  help in my
                                                  HSC learning.

Students are invited to select HSC subjects in order of priority
for intensive study at the Camp. We offer all subjects except
Languages, provided we are able to locate teaching staff to
run that subject. Students are also invited to select three
Faculties to visit in order of priority.
Supervision of students will be carried out by Koori Centre
staff and Indigenous students studying at the University of
Sydney. Accommodation is pre-arranged in one of the University
Colleges on campus where possible. All classes are conducted
in or near the Old Teachers College where the Koori Centre is
located. Most of the activities are at the University with the
exception of special activities and excursions off campus.

At your request, the Koori Centre can arrange a visit to your
school for an Information Session with Years 9-12 and to speak
to your Indigenous students.
This can be arranged through any staff member. Schools may
wish to invite other local schools and community members to
participate in the Information Session.

The Koori Centre can arrange a time for your school to visit the
Centre to look at the facilities and meet the staff. Primary schools
are also encouraged to visit the Koori Centre. All groups are
given information on the Centre’s role and how it supports
Indigenous students at the University of Sydney. This can be
arranged by any member of your school staff.
The information Sessions for the above two programs provide:
q Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Course information
q Cadigal Program information (the University's Indigenous
  access program),
q Koori Centre and University of Sydney facilities such as
  tutorial support, computer and photocopying access,
  counselling, social activities, accommodation, details of
  Faculty information, staff and course information.
Schools may contact Patricia Davison on (02) 9351 7003
(Toll Free: 1800 622 742) or liaison@koori.usyd.edu.au
The Koori Centre is an Aboriginal unit at the University of
Sydney, Camperdown Campus. The Aboriginal unit was first
established in 1965 as an Aboriginal Adult Education and
Support unit, setting up a training program for Aboriginal
Teachers Aides, which officially began in 1975. The Aboriginal
Adult Education unit was officially renamed in 1994 to The
Koori Centre. The Centre now has a staff of 20, 13 of whom
are Indigenous. The Centre has its own facilities which
Indigenous students are encouraged to use and runs a number
of Indigenous activities annually throughout the University such
as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Week, Reconciliation
Week and Sorry Day.
The University of Sydney has a number of Indigenous students
studying full time, enrolled in various degrees across the board
and a large number of students attending the University of
Sydney enrolled in its Block Mode Programs.

I’ve walked away feeling much more organised, secure and with a
direction for my HSC.

Postal Address:     Koori Centre
                    Old Teachers College (A22)
                    REPLY PAID 61217
                    The University of Sydney NSW 2006
Telephone:          (02) 9351 2046
Toll Free:          1800 622 742
Fax:                (02) 9351 6923
Email:              koori@koori.usyd.edu.au
Web:                www.koori.usyd.edu.au
The Cadigal Program is an access and support program for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who want to study
for their first degree at The University of Sydney.
The Cadigal Program is open to either:
q People under 21 years of age who have completed the NSW
   Higher School Certificate or an equivalent examination
   (HSC applicants);
q People over 21 years of age (Mature Age applicants).
Both HSC applicants and Mature Age applicants need to submit
a Cadigal Program application to the Koori Centre before the end
of November each year. They must also submit a Universities
Admissions Centre (UAC) application by the end of September
which shows their preferred course/s at The University of Sydney.
HSC applicants will be considered for entry on the basis of their
Universities Admission Index (UAI) score. Through the Cadigal
Program the UAI required by individual Faculties may be lower
than the score needed for direct entry.
All Mature Age applicants are interviewed by staff of the Koori
Centre to assess their suitability for study at the University and
for the particular course(s) they wish to enter. The interview
panel considers each application on the basis of three main areas:
q Educational background;
q Life and employment experiences;
q Evidence of motivation and goals, and interest in the
   course/s selected.
Students admitted under the Cadigal Program may be offered
enrolment with a full-time course load or reduced load plus
Academic Skills support. Students with a reduced load may still
be eligible for full-time Abstudy.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who wish to
study a university course, can contact Jeff Dunn who is the
Indigenous Cadigal coordinator at the University of Sydney
Koori Centre. Jeff will explain what you need to do. To contact
Jeff Dunn ring 02 9351 7001, Freecall 1800 622 742 or
email: jeff@koori.usyd.edu.au.

The University of Sydney offers Tertiary Preparation, Diploma and
Degree courses in Block Mode for Indigenous students in Education
and Health. Block Mode means that students can remain in their
communities, travelling to the University for one week six times a
year. For more information see the Koori Centre website or ring
Noeleen Smith on (02) 9351 7008; (Toll Free: 1800 622 742)
or email at board@koori.usyd.edu.au.