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									Cold frame greenhouses are the simplest and most common types of greenhouses.
These simple structures can range from large to small, and are heated solely by the
sun 鈥檚 rays. Temperature control is obtained by opening vented tops, or placing
shade cloths to protect the plants inside from the sun 鈥檚 heat. This additional heat
can extend the growing season, help you get a head start on spring, harden off
seedlings, or protect delicate plants.
  Choosing Cold Frame Greenhouses
  You must first determine your growing needs before choosing a cold frame
greenhouse, as they can be found in many different sizes. You can even construct your
own small one from old windows, special plastic sheeting, and a wood or PVC frame
if you wish!
  Desire to take a stab at that? You can see a blueprint for a PVC framed greenhouse
right here: Since this is PVC, you will find it
will remain durable for many years to come!
  Another consideration when selecting a cold frame greenhouse is sturdiness. If you
live in an area that experiences high winds or rains, you will need a sturdy cold frame
greenhouse that will stand up to the elements while protecting your plants inside.
These cold frame greenhouses will have rust resistant fittings and hinges, a reinforced
frame, and stronger, durable plastic or glass coverings.
  Cold Frame Greenhouses Are Available In Kits, Too!
  If you'd prefer to save yourself some money, you may invest in a cold frame
greenhouse kit. You'd have the option of making it as strong as you wish; trading out
hardware you 鈥檇 prefer to be stronger or reinforcing the areas you think you need
to due to the weather conditions where you live.
  For the more ambitious gardener, you can construct Cold frame greenhouses in a
variety of sizes and then place them directly over your outdoor garden plants when the
weather turns colder in the fall, effectively extending the growing season of your
existing outdoor garden.
  If you were to choose to do that, you might be surprised to see it can be even better
than container gardening 鈥?as your plants benefit from the sun and the fact they
have unlimited rooting potential. Some plants may even grow all winter long in this
  A cold frame greenhouse can really enhance your gardening efforts and productivity
鈥?it is truly something worthwhile to investigate!
  About the Author: Michelle Torres has nearly 20 years experience using and
designing greenhouses and is an avid gardener. You can find additional useful
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