The Basic and Non-Basic Features of Walk In Bathtubs by djsgjg0045


									Elderly people as well as the disabled get a sense of security when they are able to use
walk in bathtubs. These tubs are designed with many special features that ensure the
safety and security of the user. The basic features of a bath tub that one must look for
are as follows.
  · The design should be such that the user walks into the tub and does not have to
climb over its side. · The doors of the walk in bathtub are configured in such a way
that they lock and seal to prevent any leakage of water on to the bathroom floor. There
is a choice of doors which open either to the left or right as also doors that open
outwards or inwards. ·      The safety seat in a walk in tub is such that it is built in and
provides a seamless design. It is convenient especially for a person who cannot stand
and bathe. · The non skid or a non slip bathtub floor and safety handles or railings on
the side of the tub will not only enable the user to enter and leave the tub easily, but
also reduce the risk of injury due to a fall · The walk in bath tub has soothing
interiors and the controls are placed in such a way that the user has easy access to
them. Such a tub is made of fiber glass and acrylic which makes it easy to clean. ·
     Quick fill and quick drainage are other basic features of the tub.
  Besides the above mentioned basic features, some walk in tubs also have some non
basic features like:
  · Optional Showers: These showers can either be fixed to the faucet as a hand held
shower or can be free standing showers. · Jacuzzi Jets: Walk in bathtubs with
Jacuzzi jets which are installed inside make bathing a more enjoyable and therapeutic
experience. · Spa: For those who enjoy spas, and aromatherapy massaging jets and spa
like treatments can be fitted into the tub. · Hydrotherapy: Some walk in tubs also
boast of features like hydrotherapy jets, and whirlpool bath options.

  Walk in bathtubs are synonymous to luxury. It will really improve the quality of your
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