The Art of Picking a Right IPO by djsgjg0045


									There are many investors who get greedy, particularly more so if they have made a
killing of good profit on new IPOs or on any new stock during a boom period. For
these people a return of 10% to 15% is no longer sufficient. They expect much more
on their investments. As an investor, be careful that you do not fall into such a trap.

 What kind of Returns to Expect

 Keep some target in mind so that timely exit and entry is made. Do not hold on for a
long time to make a very huge profit. You can also go through the fundamentals of the
company to decide about investment horizon. In this trade it is equally important for
you to make smaller but consistent profits. Further, by hanging on too long you run
the risk of exposing yourself to any price downturns in the market which can actually
bring down the value of your holdings quite substantially. Remember, 15% return is
considered to be a real good in any market condition.

 Picking an IPO

  When you are looking to pick the right IPO, it is necessary that you go through the
IPO Details very carefully. How you pick an IPO is largely dependent upon your
trading style and also the market you choose. As an investor it is very important that
you spend some time in researching and analyzing the market to find a suitable IPO.
The whole purpose is to find the best IPO opportunities as quickly as possible so that
you can act upon them before they start trading in the market place.

 A few Ideas

 Here are a few ideas that may help you pick up a suitable IPO. Firstly, pick up the
segment that you want to trade in. Next, look up at the price of the IPO and note it
down and find out what is the market capitalization. Likewise, check up who are the
major shareholders. Find out if there are any big financial companies that have
invested in the same IPO. Remember, big financial institutions will not invest in dicey
stocks. If they have invested in the same IPO as yours then you can be sure that you
are on the right track because even the big financial institutions have invested to make
a profit just like you.

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