The Amish Continue To Make Quality Furniture by djsgjg0045


									The Amish continue to live rural, old fashioned lifestyles even in today's modern
world and continue to prefer to work with their hands and largely live off the land. In
our highly mechanized modern lives, the principles that the Amish still live by and the
way in which they continue to create Amish handcrafted furniture, may seem to be
something of an anomaly.
  However these makers of quality furniture are able to maintain their frugal, simple
and sustainable, non wasteful lifestyles largely because of their rural life and their
traditional trades that depend upon little other than what the land itself offers them.
  Though Amish furniture has now come to be available easily and widely throughout
the United States, it is still made the same old fashioned way. What has changed is the
way that people are able to have access to and buy this furniture. A number of
business people and distributors have become a sort of bridge, a via media, between
the Amish who continue to avoid outside contact, and those of us who wish to buy
high quality furniture.
  This serves the purpose of letting the Amish continue to live in their simple lives in
their private rural communities that are insulated from main stream life without
interruption or disturbance. They continue to earn their living by farming, furniture
making and other such trades that may be plied from home, preserving their way of
  And it also serves to make available to us, Amish made furniture, without us having
to physically visit those communities to buy their products. The Amish furniture is
made in a sustainable way, since it is made the old fashioned way, using few or no
machines, electricity and other items that leave a carbon footprint.
  It is still old fashioned dovetail joinery that holds pride of place for the talented
Amish furniture makers; and hand tools are still the preference. Locally harvested
wood being used for handcrafting the furniture means that imported raw materials are
not used and other social costs are not added to the equation. In addition, non toxic
finishes are also used that are environment friendly because they are often made of
natural oils.
  Sometimes, well kept or perfectly preserved antiques may be indistinguishable from
new pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture, since they may both look quite alike and
since Amish furniture bears none of the hallmarks of modern furniture.
  Due to the modern set up where the master craftsmen deal with only one or a few
people who distribute and market their furniture, it is also possible to customize
Amish furniture today. Buyers can communicate their requirements and preferences
as to color, design and dimensions of a particular piece of furniture, and these are then
conveyed to the furniture makers, who then proceed to fashion wood into what is
required. It is also possible, in some cases, to visit the workshop of an Amish
craftsman, to see furniture being made - as it should be - the old fashioned way!

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