The Advantages of VASER Liposelection

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					Liposuction is a technique which has been popular since the nineteen eighties.
Liposuction purges fat via very small skin incisions, with blunt-tipped cannulas. The
creation of the tumescent procedure in 1987 noticeably improved the safety associated
with the procedure. Among the benefits that help to explain the success and rise in
popularity of lipo are its simplicity, the standard of the outcomes and fairly infrequent
complications. There can be, in spite of this, disadvantages in traditional fat removal
methods like liposuction. One example is that the skin can only retract so much,
following fat removal, which means loose skin can frequently result. A second
potential issue is that traditional liposuction can on occasion intensify the look of
cellulite. Alongside Laser Lipolysis (Smart Lipo) and Zerona, VASER Lipo is among
the most recent advanced liposuction techniques. An FDA approved treatment
VASER's swift recovery time is only really matched by that of Smart Lipo. VASER is
a term that means Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance and is the
procedure of removing fat and improving upon the look of the body with ultrasound
waves. It's known as LipoSelection because it uses ultrasonic waves to selectively
split up fat cells leaving arteries, nerves and muscle tissues remarkably intact. VASER
LipoSelection first started back in March of 2001 and since then there has been over
100,000 operations carried out. Instead of laser energy, ultrasound energy is employed
to selectively dissolve the fat cells which allows for milder suction techniques,
significantly more accurate sculpting techniques and less downtime. Unlike the
standard kind of ultrasonic liposuction, however, VASER lipo is performed on a
smaller scale. VASER Lipo technology is so accurate that sensitive regions once
considered off limits to conventional liposuction , like the face and knees, can be
easily reshaped using VASER Lipo technology. However, VASER Lipo is also ideal
for larger fatty areas. VASER Liposelection is a procedure which is less traumatic for
the patient, with a lesser amount of bruising and less damage to the surrounding cells.
As regards the absorption of fat, this process will be as successful as classic
liposuctions. VASER Lipo seems extremely complex, and even though the technology
behind it is, the actual treatment is fairly simple. Initially, your VASER surgeon will
inject the fatty layer with a fluid (termed tumescent fluid). A small probe sends
ultrasound energy to focus on and emulsify the fatty tissues. Last of all, through light
suction and massage, fat is removed via the cannula. VASER LipoSelection just uses a
little puncture in your skin to permit the ultrasound waves to do their work. This
results in much less bruising and no scarring and because it is not as invasive as
liposuction, recovery time is noticeably quicker. VASER Lipo is conducted within a
sterile and clean environment. Some probable alternatives are in a doctor's office, an
outpatient surgery centre or perhaps a medical center. This type of liposuction is
usually conducted using local anesthesia, which also means not as much down-time to
the patient. Patients are usually in a position to go back to work at six days and to
simple exercises at 7 days. It must be fully understood that VASER Lipo is absolutely
not a weight loss treatment and is best suited for working with specific areas that
won't respond to alterations in exercise and dieting. With regards to the safeness of the
treatment, VASER Lipo has been carried out many times all over the world, with
excellent safety results. Furthermore, a recent randomized, single blind study
presented at the Annual American Society of Plastic surgeons Annual Meeting noted
that VASER Lipo showed a 53% improvement in skin retraction when compared with
regular liposuction techniques. Nevertheless, however great the safety record, patients
should be aware that, as with all surgical procedures, there are actually risks involved.
To make sure you reduce these risks, it is vital that you only seek VASER Lipo having
a licensed and respected physician. As a rule, it is wise to select the best quality center
that you could afford. One of the ways many patients manage to get their funds to
stretch that tiny bit further is simply by heading abroad for surgery. If you take care to
do research, you'll be able to get most cosmetic surgery treatments performed by
extremely highly skilled surgeons at a fraction of the cost you'd probably count on
paying at home. Patients often also take advantage of the chance to holiday and tour
inexpensively in the foreign country while they're visiting for healthcare. Nonetheless,
the main thing will be your health, so the general excellence of the clinic and aesthetic
surgeon should be primarily in mind if you're seriously thinking about VASER
LipoSelection overseas.