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Ten Benefits of a Free_ No Obligation Shipping_ small parcel Audit


									Surefire cost cutting stategies for your company to reduce Freight and Parcel Cost.
  Free No Obligation Audit. An immense benefit your company will receive is the
experience and knowledge of Industry experts analyzing your shipping dept for
ZERO cost. The company is so confident in finding savings and improving
efficiencies your company will want to implement; they perform the audit process
with no obligations. The company provides knowledge and information from over
400 years of combined senior level experience and staff comprised largely of former
Vice Presidents and Senior Sales and Pricing Managers from FedEx, UPS, DHL, the
USPS and other major freight carriers. The unique background includes, on average,
over 20 years of former senior level experience from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and/or USPS.
It is this unparalleled experience that makes us the industry leader in transportation
cost reduction. The process has yielded verifiable results and world-class agreements
for the who 鈥檚 who of companies. Know for 100% certain you are getting the
absolute lowest rates for your shipping cost.
  Parcel and Freight Audits: There are numerous carrier billing mistakes, service
delivery failures, and erroneous accessorial charges that occur on each shipping
invoice. An audit of your electronic carrier invoices will produce reports that can be
sent electronically to your carrier for review and resolution of open claims. Shipments
can be audited by carrier invoice number, by service, or for accessorial charges, to
validate what you are paying your carriers. Whether you require a full-scale audit of
your UPS, FedEx, and DHL invoices, or a general reconciliation to ensure your
accounts are charged correctly, the staff performing the audit has combined years of
experience in senior level management of UPS, FEDEX, DHL and USPS of over 400
years. This experienced and knowledgeable staff will be an ideal partner.
  Carrier Contract Negotiations As one of the nation's leading logistics consulting
firms, AFMS has helped over 1500 companies of all sizes negotiate "Best-In-Class"
carrier service agreements. Increase the profitability and the financial value of your
company by decreasing your costs in the small parcel segment of your supply chain.
We also identify the shipping characteristics and practices that affect carrier pricing
performance and customer satisfaction. The AFMS team includes former Vice
Presidents, Managers and Pricing Directors from UPS, FedEx and DHL, all of whom
spent many years negotiating and crafting agreements on behalf of the carriers.
Because we know more about your carrier's service options, technology solutions,
pricing policies, and business practices than any other source, we can help negotiate
better contracts and improve service levels.
  Reduce Freight & Parcel Costs: ? Each carrier invoice processed is audited both
electronically and by a professional freight auditor. Very typical to find savings of
total small parcel and freight spend by identifying all refund eligible opportunities.
  Reduced Shipping Administrative Expenses: ? No longer would you need labor
intensive hours reviewing each invoice. The robust auditing software implemented
will allow our personal auditors to focus on specific areas of need while our software
built from industry knowledge and expertise. Finds the very smallest of errors and
improper billings. Thus eliminating man-hours for your company to place those
employees in more productive roles.
  Online Reporting Tools The AFMS RADAR solution provides web-based access to
all of your shipping data, carrier invoices, and reports. Our standard reports include
summaries of your shipping by service level, location, and cost center, as well
breakdowns of your surcharges and address correction reports. You can also download
some or all of your carrier invoice data right to your desktop. In addition to our
standard reports, AFMS offers report customization that is limited only by the data we
receive. Whether you want to analyze your shipping modes, or view your third-party
shipments alone, RADAR offers virtually unlimited reporting at your fingertips.
  Increased level of service with current carriers: All companies face competition.
They expect a certain amount of cost comparison. A critical part of what AMFS
provides as a service is to ensure accurately billing for services rendered. Our parcel
and freight payment audit services ensure that every charge on your bill is accurate
down to the penny. Your carrier relationship in many cases improves as the audit
process begins. As a result of our services, many of our parcel-auditing customers
actually receive a higher level of service from their carrier. Supply Chain Consulting
Receive the benefits of Industry specific technology, experience, and a dedicated staff
committed to making your supply chain more efficient than ever before. By analyzing
your options for warehousing, air freight, truck, rail, ground, small package, customs
clearance, cargo insurance or ocean shipping, and providing cost comparisons, we
focus on reducing and controlling the total door-to-door cost, both domestically and
  AFMS can also assist with special supply chain projects, such as: Site location
studies Damage reduction analysis Technology optimization International logistics
consulting European distribution Seasonal and promotional surges Mode optimization
studies Special event management
  Customs Compliance Avoiding penalties and shipment delays are an essential part of
good supply chain management. Obtaining the right information, assigning the right
classification, maintaining required records, and pricing correctly are just a few of the
key pieces of information that must be reviewed for compliance. AFMS experts will
perform a complete evaluation of your import and export compliance.
  Strategic Pricing The first step in understanding pricing is to understand the carriers'
cost structures. At AFMS, our pricing analysts have worked extensively with cost
models and pricing systems with the major carriers. We utilize our wide breadth of
knowledge as well as our distinct insight into the pricing side of the industry to ensure
that our clients maximize their contracts. Carrier pricing can be a very complicated
process. Fortunately, AFMS is well versed in the carriers' methods and has developed
an approach that focuses on package characteristics and the twenty essential pricing
points. In order to achieve the highest discount levels it is imperative to demonstrate
to the carrier why you deserve such a rate. Whether you are negotiating for the first
time or your company has a sophisticated logistics team negotiating contracts, AFMS
has the know-how and insight into the complex and innovative pricing programs that
will yield benefits to every company.
  After 18 years in business and helping over 1500 companies, AFMS 鈥?unique
ability to help companies reduce shipping cost by using extensive modeling and
industry knowledge. AFMS provides a risk free analysis and data profile on your
companies shipping department with no cost or obligation. AMFS consultants are all
former vice presidents of sales, pricing or district and regional managers from FedEx,
UPS, DHL, USPS, LTL, trucking and freight forwarders. Never before has this much
knowledge and management experience been assembled to help
 Further information and a short video on AFMS services and how your company
may receive a free no obligation audit, visit my web site or e mail Randy Bacon

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