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          Small Grant Award Scheme for a
             Clinical Research Project

Guidance Notes for Applicants and Supervisors

The Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility (CRF) has, as part of its ongoing
strategy development of infrastructure and widening of the breadth of services offered
to investigators. Essential to this is the fostering of new initiatives and developments,
and to bring new research into the CRF.

Based on the success of the first call for bids, the purpose of this scheme is to fund
small or pilot projects in the CRF that do not duplicate existing or completed projects.
New research areas will be welcomed and at least one submission will be ring fenced
for nurses and allied health professionals setting out in research.

Investigators from our partner organisations will be invited to submit suitable
proposals to a sub-committee of the Wellcome Trust Scientific Advisory Board. 1

While funding can be for research clinicians and academics, we are particularly
interested in receiving applications from nurses and allied healthcare professionals
irrespective of experience. It is furthermore recommended that personnel involved are
GCP trained. This can be provided by the facility if necessary.

All of the research project must be undertaken in the Wellcome
Trust CRF.
Where appropriate (e.g. student application), the application must be supported by a
supervisor with appropriate academic experience, who is employed by one of our five

  Partner Organisations of the WTCRF are: The University of Manchester; Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s
University Hospitals NHS Trust; Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust; South Manchester University Hospitals NHS
Trust and Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust. The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a panel consisting of Clinical
Researchers from the above partner organisations together with a Biostatistician and non-voting members of the WTCRF
Directorship and Management Team. The SAB assesses and grades all studies and trials submitted to the WTCRF for application
partners. If the application is supported by two supervisors this should be clearly

The applicant themselves must be employed by, or hold an honorary contract with,
one of our five partners.

Application process and selection criteria
Stage One
Prospective applicants and supervisors are invited to submit an application of no more
than four sides of A4 by Friday 29th February 2008. This should include:
    • The background to the project
    • A summary of the project
    • The design of the project
    • The objectives of the project
    • The role of the applicant in the project
    • An explanation as to why the use of the CRF is required
    • An explanation of how this grant will benefit the applicant and their research
    • Justification of the costs

An application form will be provided for this.

Applications will be assessed by a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Board
against the following criteria:

   •   The applicant and their potential for research and future career development
   •   The supervisor (s)’s experience (where relevant)
   •   The project for originality, relevance, importance and scientific excellence
   •   The appropriateness of the use of the CRF

Stage Two
Successful applications will then be submitted to the full Scientific Advisory Board
and applicants will be asked to meet with the WTCRF management team to plan the
course of the project. A more detailed research protocol will be required for this
process and guidance will be given with regard to REC and R&D approvals, Research
Governance etc. Please note that the process for pilot works is more streamlined.

The SAB may in addition ask for:
   • Letter of support from the supervisor
   • Letter of support from the host institution or department head

Terms of the award
Funding will be a one-off payment for the time stipulated by the investigator of no
more than three years and can contribute toward: covering the salary of the applicant,
a contribution to registration fees, nursing fees, facilities/equipment, a small
allowance to cover research expenses, and the opportunity to disseminate the results
of the work conducted in the CRF.
The total amount available will be a maximum of £50k for a maximum of five
projects, with a maximum of £12k for any project. The award will be made to the
local principal investigator/supervisor based on the decision of the aforementioned
committee and the amount will be non-negotiable. The successful projects should
commence in the WTCRF by August 2008.

Successful applications will be featured in the WTCRF’s annual report.

Any publications or outputs from successful applications should credit the role of
the WTCRF in their project.

Decisions on successful candidates will be made by: Monday 14th April 2008

Please forward your application to:
Paul Brown
Finance and Operational Manager
The Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility
Manchester Royal Infirmary
Grafton Street
M13 9WL

Tel:    0161 9067505

If you would like to discuss your study idea with member of the WTCRF team, please contact
the Research Study Manager or Administrator in the first Instance:

Tel:    0161 9067517

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