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Taxicab vs. Limo Service


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									There are times when a person or group doesn’t want to drive their own car. This can
be for a variety of reasons including that they are out of town and don’t know the area,
they flew into town and don’t have a rental vehicle or they are having a special event.
Shuttle services, taxicab rides and limousines are all options for out-of-town or out of
the ordinary transportation. Here are some things to consider regarding each mode of
  - Shuttle service: A shuttle service comes in a variety of possibilities. Airports have
shuttles that take passengers from parking lots to airline drop off points. Some of the
larger upscale hotels offer this service to their guests as a part of their welcoming plan.
Small towns without major airports often operate vans that take passengers to and
from the larger urban airports in the vicinity. These vehicles may charge a set fee per
person, if it is a for-profit business, or can be free if it is connected with an airport or
  - Taxicabs: Taxicabs can be hailed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They
are wonderful for emergencies and relatively short distances. This type of vehicle can
be a pricey option for longer distances, however. Fees are charged for every mile
driven and there are times when the driver takes the longest route possible with their
unsuspecting customer paying the expensive tab. There are often additional fees
tacked on, such as minimums, fuel surcharges, etc. On the positive side, taxi drivers
are often adept at dealing with traffic snarls and knowing the layout of the city.
  - Limo Service: There are various reasons to hire a limo service. It can be a full
stretch limousine to travel to a senior prom in, or one to transport a newly married
bride and groom to their honeymoon suites across town. It could also be an
impressive vehicle such as a stretch Hummer to take around a traveling group of
businessmen and women. Sometimes these limos are used for very practical manners,
such as airport transport. Various sized cars or vans are available to take a family of
travelers to the airport along with their luggage. Preparing for a big vacation can be
exciting yet stressful. With a skilled chauffeur at the wheel, the relaxation can begin
as soon as you pull out of the driveway. Toting bags, parking car and dashing to the
gate on your own? No thank you, hiring a calm ride can get your trip off to the right
start. Another popular reason for hiring a limo service these days is to have a traveling
party-on-wheels as the driver carts a band of merry makers to the local dance clubs
and bars. Everyone can imbibe in their favorite beverages without getting behind a
wheel later in the evening. The city streets will be safer if your celebration
participants are driven home by a sober chauffeur.
  Shuttles, taxicabs, or a limo service can all meet a person’s or group’s transportation
  Choosing a limo servicecan save one time and energy without the stress of getting to
destinations. For more information, visit http://www.reynoldslimousine.com

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