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					                 DATES FOR FORWARD PLANNING
Summer Term 201 1
First Saturday of Term                                                           30 April
Careers Seminar (Years 11 & 12) at Royal Academy of Music                           7 May
Blüthners Chamber Concert, 7pm                                            11 May (Wed)
Marjorie Humby Memorial Competition Preliminary Round, 9am                        14 May
Baroque & Recorder Ensemble concert, 5.15pm                               14 May (cont)
RCMJD Chamber Choir @ Temple Church, 6.30pm                                       17 May
Marjorie Humby Memorial Competition Final, 9am                                    21 May
Piano Concert, 5.15pm                                                     21 May (cont)
Half Term (JD Closed)                                                             28 May
Composers’ Concert, 5.15pm
Choral Concert, 6pm
                                                                                    8 May
                                                                                  11 June
                                                                                                       RCMJD CALENDAR
ABRSM Theory Exam, 9am/Informal concerts, 5.15pm                                  18 June
Hugh Bean Memorial Violin Competition, 10am
Concert Platform, 5.30pm
                                                                                  25 June
                                                                          25 June (cont)
                                                                                                       SPRING TERM 2011
Final Teaching Saturday/Teresa Carreño Memorial Piano Competition, 10am              2 July
Orchestra Platform, 5.30pm                                                   2 July (cont)
Final Saturday/End of Year Concert & Prizegiving, 2.30pm                             9 July
Symphony Orchestra Concert, St John’s, Smith Square, 7.30pm                 10 July (Sun)
Autumn Term 2011
Introductory Day (new students only)                                      17 September
First Saturday of Term                                                    24 September
Discovery Day                                                               22 October
Half Term (JD closed)                                                       29 October
Final Teaching Saturday/Symphony Orchestra Concert, 7pm                    3 December
Final Saturday/End of Term Concert, 2.30pm                                10 December
Spring Term 201 2
First Saturday of Term                                                         7 January
Discovery Day                                                                11 February
Half Term (JD Closed)                                                        18 February
Final Teaching Saturday / Symphony Orchestra Concert, 7pm                      17 March
Final Saturday / End of Term Concert, 2.30pm                                   24 March
Summer Term 2012
First Saturday of Term                                                           21 April              Royal College of Music Junior Department,
Discovery Day                                                                     26 May                Prince Consort Road, LONDON SW7 2BS
Half Term (JD Closed)                                                              2 June     T: 020 7591 4334 E: W:
Final Teaching Saturday / Sinfonia Concert, 7pm                                   30 June
Final Saturday / End of Term Concert, 2.30pm                                        7 July                          Office Hours
Symphony Orchestra Concert, St John’s, Smith Square, 7.30pm                  8 July (Sun)
                                                                                                            11am – 3pm Tuesday – Friday
                                      dates                        2010
NB This is a list of most significant dates in the JD calendar for 20 10-11, and                           8am – 5pm term time Saturdays
                     2011 12.
   term dates for 201 1-12. Students/parents should please be alert to
    changes/additions to the Concerts Schedule as notified via the JD
       noticeboards and direct communications from the JD office.
                                                                                SPRING TERM 2011
15 January           First Teaching Day                                                                  12 March          Chamber Music Platform
                     Closing Date for Angela Bull Memorial Competition entries                           (cont)
                                                                                                         (cont)            5.15pm – Recital Hall
                     (NB Mandatory for ALL Year 13 and gap year students)                                                  Performing groups tbc (by invitation)
                                                                                                                           NO TICKETS REQUIRED
29 January           Gordon Turner Memorial Competition Preliminary Round
                     9.00am – Parry Room 1                                                               1 9 March         Angela Bull Memorial Competition Final Round
                     NO TICKETS REQUIRED                                                                                   9.00am – Parry Room 1
                                                                                                                           NO TICKETS REQUIRED
5 February           Gordon Turner Memorial Competition Final Round
                     9.00am – Parry Room 1                                                                                 Concert Platform
                     NO TICKETS REQUIRED                                                                                   5.30pm – Concert Hall
                                                                                                                           Symphonic Wind Orchestra, Clarinet Choir, String Orchestra, Brass Ensemble,
                     Gordon                       Competition
                     Gor don Turner Memorial Harp Competition                                                              Mixed Choir, Training Choir & Treble Choir
                     2.00pm – Parry Room 1                                                                                 TICKETS £5* FROM WWW.RCM.AC.UK/BOXOFFICE / 020 7591 4314
                     NO TICKETS REQUIRED
                                                                                                         2 3 March         RCMJD composers @ Blüthner’s
                     Parents’ Meeting with Directorate Members                                           (Wednesday)       7.00pm – Blüthner Piano Centre, 1 Davis Street, Berkeley Square, W1
                     11.00am – venue tbc                                                                                   FURTHER INFORMATION/TICKETS FROM INFO@BLUTHNERS.CO.UK
1 7 February         RCMJD Teresa Carreño Memorial Piano Competition 2009/10 winners
(Thursday)           @ Bolivar Hall (Patrick Milne & David Olbrich)                                      26 March          Final Teaching Day
                     In association with the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela                                                                                    entries
                                                                                                                           Closing date for Marjorie Humby Memorial Competition entr ies
                     7.30pm -- 54 Grafton Way, London W1T                                                                  RCMJD/The Young Place Sound Moves Performance 2
                     ENTRANCE FREE BUT BOOKING NECESSARY: 020 7388 5788                                                    (Dance Composition Project)
19 & 26 February     Half Term (JD closed)                                                                                 4.00pm – Concert Hall
                                                                                                                           NO TICKETS REQUIRED
5 March              RCMJD/The Young Place Sound Moves @ The Place
                     (Dance Composition Project)                                                                           RCMJD                             Orchestras
                                                                                                                           RCMJD Symphony and Chamber Orchestra s
                     7.30pm – The Place Space, The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London WC1H                                      7.00pm – Concert Hall
                     TICKETS (FREE) VIA JOHN MITCHELL: 020 7591 4345 / JD@RCM.AC.UK                                        Richard Dickins & Chris Hirons conductors
                                                                                                                           Jordan Black clarinet
                     ‘Hungarian Miniatures’ Festival (JD Piano Concert)                                                    Verdi: The Force of Destiny Overture
                     5.30pm – Concert Hall                                                                                 Copland: Clarinet Concerto
                     NO TICKETS REQUIRED                                                                                   Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber
                                                                                                                           TICKETS £5* FROM WWW.RCM.AC.UK/BOXOFFICE / 020 7591 4314
6 March              RCM Piano event ‘Hungarian Miniatures’
(Sunday)             11.00am – 6.30pm – Concert Hall                                                     2 April           Mak e-up Day
                     NO TICKETS REQUIRED                                                                                   End of Term Concert
                                                                                                                           2.30pm – Concert Hall
12 March             Angela Bull Memorial Competition Preliminary Round                                                    Sinfonia, Chamber Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Brass Dectet, Girls Choir,
                     9.00am – Parry Room 1                                                                                 Chamber Choir & Saxophone Ensemble
                     NO TICKETS REQUIRED                                                                                   TICKETS £5* FROM WWW.RCM.AC.UK/BOXOFFICE / 020 7591 4314

                                      *Parents are entitled to two free tickets per student which must be booked by phone or in person and cannot be booked online.
                  Details correct at time of going to press. The Director of the Junior Department reserves the right to make any n ecessary changes to programmes and dates.
             Students/parents should check the JD noticeboards each week and be alert to communications from the JD office to ensure they have the most up to date information.
                                         Visitors are welcome to ring 020 7591 4345 to check details of JD performances/competitions before travelling.

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