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					       DMPR 119/2008-2009 Dated: -   19-Nov-2008


          Document No. _DMPR 119/2008-09

 Hiring the services of ERP operational support Group

         OFFICE OF HR & Admin Director
  LESCO Headquarters, 22-A Queens Road, LAHORE

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                 DMPR 119/2008-2009 Dated: -         19-Nov-2008


  1.1.   Firms having capability to arrange and manage experienced
         team/group for operational support of LESCO’s ERP and Networking
         project are invited to submit sealed bids for the following scope of work.

     1.1.1. Operational support for Oracle modules for Financials, Material
            Management, HRMS.
     1.1.2. Operational support for Customer Information and Billing System
            developed in Java with Oracle Database at the back end.
     1.1.3. Operational support for LESCO’s Network comprising of over 300
            offices with LAN, WAN, DR Site and Data Center. LESCO’s
            Network Management System will be used for problem detection,
            maintain assets inventory and network management.
     1.1.4. The support group will be seated in LESCO and will work directly
            under the supervision of LESCO IT management.
     1.1.5. The detail of required skill set and responsibilities is attached as
     1.1.6. The firm will be responsible for replacement of personals not
            capable to deliver support services at agreed upon support levels.
     1.1.7. Initially the contract will be for one year and may be extended
            further with the consent of both parties.

  1.2.   Firms shall quote their proposal in lum-sum payable by LESCO on
         monthly basis.

  1.3.   The bidder shall submit 2 copies of the bid clearly marking
         "ORIGINAL" and "COPY" on the sealed bid envelopes. In the event of
         any discrepancy between the copies of the proposals/bids, the original
         shall govern. The original and copy of the bid shall be prepared in
         indelible ink and shall be signed by the Authorized representative. The
         person signing the proposal shall initial all the pages.

  1.4.   The proposal/bid shall contain no interlineations or overwriting except
         as necessary to correct errors made by the bidders themselves. The
         person signing the proposal shall initial any such correction.

  1.5.   Bidds envelope shall clearly be marked "Hiring the services of ERP
         support Group"

  1.6.   The bids will be received on Dec 04, 2008 at 10.00 hours and will be
         opened on the same date at 1100 hours in the presence of bidders or
         their authorized representatives in the office of Manager (MIS) LESCO
         Computer Centre, 34-Nicholson Road Lahore. Any bid received after
         the bid submission deadline will be rejected and may be returned
         unopened to the bidder.

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                 DMPR 119/2008-2009 Dated: -         19-Nov-2008

  1.7.   The bidder shall furnish Bid Security equivalent to 2 % for registered
         firms and 4% for non-registered firms in the form of CDR/Bank Draft/
         WAPDA Bearer Bond in favor of Chief Executive Officer LESCO along
         with the bid. Bid security shall remain valid for a period of 90 days. Any
         bid not accompanied by an acceptable bid security shall be rejected as
         being non-responsive.

  1.8.   The competent authority reserves the right to accept or reject any offer
         or a part thereof under PPRA rules 2004. The bid received incomplete
         or not in accordance with the conditions/specifications will not be
         entertained. Bid offered is likely to be ignored if;
               The tender is unsigned.
               It is received after the time and date fixed for its receipt.
               Offer is ambiguous or conditional.
               The offer is from a firm blacklisted by LESCO/WAPDA or any
                other Government Organization, has remained in litigation with
                any Government Organization or is defaulter in any previous
                order and/or contract.
               The offer is unsolicited.
               The bid is not accompanied by full Bid Security.

  1.9.   The bids prepared by the bidder should comprise of the following
          Covering Letter on company letter head.
          Company profile.
          Financial Proposal giving one year cost in Pak Rupees.
          Certificate that firm will provide skilled manpower for all the
            functions as mentioned in Annexure-A
          Bid Security in the form of Bank Draft/CDR/WAPDA Bearer Bond
            in favor of Chief Executive LESCO, Lahore.


  2.1.   The quoted rate will be firm and final during the currency of the contract
         and will not be escalated.
  2.2.   The quoted rate must be clearly defined and should be in Pak Rupees
         otherwise it will not be entertained.
  2.3.   The prices include the present duties and taxes. In case however the
         present duties and taxes are increased or new taxes/duties are
         imposed by the Government on services, during the currency of the
         contract, the same will be paid extra on production of documentary
         evidence. In case of decrease in duties/taxes by Government the
         prices will be decreased accordingly.

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                   DMPR 119/2008-2009 Dated: -         19-Nov-2008

   2.4.   LESCO is not bound to accept the lowest offer not fulfilling the requisite
          criteria. The reasons for rejecting the lowest or any offer shall not be
          communicated to any one.

   2.5.   The rates/prices offered will remain valid for 90 days from the date of
          opening of bid. Bid valid for a shorter time shall be declared non-

   2.6. The successful bidder will sign a contract with LESCO separately.
   2.7. The successful bidder shall furnish the performance security equivalent
        to 5% for registered and 10% for non-registered firms of the bid price,
        in the form of Bank Draft/CDR/WAPDA Bearer Bond only in favor of
        Chief Executive Officer LESCO before signing of contract.
        Performance security in a form other than Bank Draft/CDR/WAPDA
        bearer bond will not be entertained in any case. The performance bond
        shall be valid for the contract period. Failure of the successful bidder to
        comply with the requirement of this clause shall constitute sufficient
        grounds for the annulment of the award and forfeiture of the bid
        security, in that event LESCO may award to the next suitable/evaluated
        bidder or call for new bids.

   2.8.   The bidder is responsible for the legalities of the services offered.


   3.1.   The firm will be responsible to provide support personals with in one
          month after the signing of contract.


   4.1.   The participating firm must have office at Lahore.
   4.2.   The bidder must also provide list of clients to whom the bidder has
          provided similar type services.


   5.1.   Payment will be made on monthly basis upon production of following

                Invoice in triplicate having NTN.
                Performance Certificate from Manager MIS LESCO.
                Non-Payment Certificate

6. The contract shall be governed by the Laws of Pakistan as amended from
   time to time.

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