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					     Ms. Soers                                                     Name: ______________________________
     HRE 3OI                      Native Spirituality: Personal Totem Assignment

     Task: Using your knowledge of Native Spirituality, specifically animism, complete a process of
     self-reflection and create a personal totem pole.
         1. Brainstorming. Reflect on your place in the great “web of life” Brainstorm the following
             questions to create a list of descriptive words about yourself.
                   What are my gifts to the world?
                   What are my strongest personality characteristics?
                   What contribution do I want to make to the world?

          2. Personal Elements. Use the list of totem interpretations to find the elements of the
             natural world, animals and/or symbols that match the words used to describe yourself.

          3. Create the Totem. Design a “Personal Totem” by combining your personal elements in a
             creative way. The totem may be:
                    - An art piece (drawing)                    - A craft
                    - A collage                                 - A model
                    - A tattoo design
             Your totem should have at least one element/direction, two animals and two other
             symbols, (stone/tree/root/animal etc.) You may choose more than the minimum
             elements, but do not combine more than 6-8 in your design.

          4. Personal Reflection. Write three paragraphs that explain your personal totem.
             *Remember, a paragraph consists of at least five sentences.
             Paragraph 1: Introduce your personal totem and explain the combination of elements.
             Paragraph 2: Explain how these elements reflect you based on your fits, personality
             characteristics, and the contribution that you wish to make
             Paragraph 3: Explain why totems are so important to the Native culture. If someone
             found your totem fifty years from now, what would they learn about you?
                                                             I/R     Level 1    Level 2       Level 3       Level 4
- Demonstrates an understanding of the Cosmocentric                  Limited   Moderately   Considerable    To a high
worldview of Native Spirituality; nature of animism and                                                      degree
purpose of totems
- Demonstrates the ability to connect the element of                 Limited     Some       Considerable    To a high
interpretations and personal character reflection (Part 4)                                                   degree
- Effectiveness of the design- use of colour, symbols,               Limited   Moderate     Considerable    To a high
creativeness and neatness in totem                                                                           degree
- Language is clear and understandable- proper sentence
structure, word choice, spelling, punctuation, grammar               Limited   Moderate     Considerable    To a high
-Applies the Native spiritual concepts to personal                   Limited   Moderately   Considerable    To a high
experience in an effective character reflection (Part 4)                                                     degree
- Applies the concept of the totem to their own life                 Limited   Moderately   Considerable   Thoroughly

     Due Date: _______________________________________________
Due Date: _______________________________________________