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					                                                                       Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 16 / Thursday, January 24, 2008 / Notices                                            4181

                                          DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE                                  received in response to the NOI and                    known as the National Medal of
                                                                                                  other stakeholder views and to facilitate              Technology) annually to our Nation’s
                                          National Telecommunications and                         further public discussion on the                       leading innovators. If you know of a
                                          Information Administration                              progress ICANN has made in fulfilling                  candidate who has made an
                                                                                                  its responsibilities contained in the JPA.             outstanding, lasting contribution to the
                                          The Continued Transition of the                         The agenda for the public meeting will                 economy through the promotion of
                                          Technical Coordination and                              be posted on NTIA’s website at least one               technology or technological manpower,
                                          Management of the Internet Domain                       week prior to the meeting. This meeting                you may obtain a nomination form from:
                                          Name and Addressing System:                             will be webcast. The agenda and              
                                          Midterm Review of the Joint Project                     webcast information will be available on                  Eligibilty and Criteria: Information on
                                          Agreement                                               NTIA’s website at http://                              eligibility and nomination criteria is
                                          AGENCY:  National Telecommunications                                       provided on the Nominations
                                          and Information Administration, U.S.                    domainname/jpamidtermreview.html.                      Guidelines Form at http://
                                          Department of Commerce                                     The meeting will be open to members       
                                          ACTION: Notice of Public Meeting
                                                                                                  of the public on a first-come, first-served            DATES: The deadline for submission of
                                                                                                  basis. The meeting will be physically                  an application is May 30, 2008.
                                          SUMMARY: The National                                   accessible to people with disabilities.                ADDRESSES: The NMTI Nomination form
                                          Telecommunications and Information                      Individuals requiring special services,                for year 2008 may be obtained by
                                          Administration (NTIA), U.S.Department                   such as sign language interpretation or                visiting the Web site at http://
                                          of Commerce (Department), will hold a                   other ancillary aids, should                  Nomination
                                          public meeting on February 28, 2008, to                 communicate their needs to Ashley                      applications should be submitted to
                                          discuss the mid-term review of the Joint                Heineman at least two (2) days prior to                Jennifer Lo, Program Manager, National
                                          Project Agreement (JPA) between the                     the meeting.                                           Medal of Technology and Innovation
                                          Department and the Internet                                Due to security requirements and to                 Program, by electronic mail to:
                                          Corporation for Assigned Names and                      facilitate entry to the Department of         or by mail to: Jennifer
                                          Numbers (ICANN).                                        Commerce building, anyone wishing to                   Lo, United States Patent and Trademark
                                          DATES: The meeting will be held on                      attend must contact Ashley Heineman at                 Office, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, VA
                                          February 28, 2008, from 9:00 a.m. to                    (202) 482–0298 or                                      22323–1450.
                                          12:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.             at least five (5)               FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                          Registration will start at 8:30 a.m.                    days prior to the meeting in order to                  Jennifer Lo, Program Manager, National
                                          ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held in                  provide the necessary clearance                        Medal of Technology and Innovation
                                          the Auditorium at the U.S. Department                   information. Attendees should arrive at                Program, United States Patent and
                                          of Commerce, 1401 Constitution                          least one-half hour prior to the start of              Trademark Office, P.O. Box 1450,
                                          Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. (Please                  the meeting and must present a valid                   Alexandria, VA 22313–1450, telephone
                                          enter at the main entrance on 14th                      passport or other photo identification                 (571) 272–7640, or electronic mail:
                                          Street). The handicapped accessible                     up their arrival. Members of the public      
                                          entrance is located at the 14th Street                  will have an opportunity to ask
                                                                                                                                                         SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Enacted
                                          Aquarium Entrance.                                      questions at the meeting.
                                                                                                                                                         by Congress in 1980, the Medal of
                                          FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For                      Dated: January 18, 2008.                             Technology was first awarded in 1985.
                                          further information regarding the                       Kathy D. Smith,                                        On August 9, 2007, the President signed
                                          meeting, contact Ashley Heineman,                       Chief Counsel, National Telecommunications             the America COMPETES (Creating
                                          Telecommunications Policy Specialist,                   and Information Administration.                        Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote
                                          at (202) 482–0298 or                                    [FR Doc. E8–1180 Filed 1–23–08; 8:45 am]               Excellence in Technology, Education,
                                                                 BILLING CODE 3510–60–S                                 and Science) Act of 2007. The Act
                                          SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: NTIA and                                                                            amended Section 16 of the Stevenson-
                                          ICANN entered into the JPA on                                                                                  Wydler Technology Innovation Act of
                                          September 29, 2006. (The text of the                    DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE                                 1980, changing the name of the Medal
                                          agreement is available on NTIA’s                                                                               to the ‘‘National Medal of Technology
                                                                                                  United States Patent and Trademark
                                          website at                                                                            and Innovation.’’ The Medal is the
                                          ntiahome/domainname/agreements/jpa/                                                                            highest honor awarded by the President
                                          ICANNJPAl09292006.doc.) The JPA                         [Docket No. PTO–C–2008–0001]                           of the United States to America’s
                                          provides for the Department to conduct                                                                         leading innovators in the field of
                                          a midterm review of progress achieved                   National Medal of Technology and                       technology, and is given annually to
                                          on each ICANN activity and                              Innovation Call for 2008 Nominations                   individuals, teams, or companies who
                                          responsibility contained in the JPA and                 AGENCY: United States Patent and                       have made outstanding contributions to
                                          envisions consultation with interested                  Trademark Office.                                      the promotion of technology or
                                          stakeholders. To that end, on November                  ACTION: Notice and request for                         technological manpower for the
                                          2, 2007, NTIA published a Notice of                     nominations.                                           improvement of the economic,
                                          Inquiry (NOI) seeking comments on                                                                              environmental or social well-being of
                                          ICANN’s progress towards achieving the                  SUMMARY: The Department of Commerce                    the United States.
                                          responsibilities identified in the JPA. 72              (United States Patent and Trademark                       The primary purpose of the National
                                          Fed. Reg. 62220 (Nov. 2, 2007). (The text               Office) is accepting nominations for its               Medal of Technology and Innovation is
                                          of the NOI is available on NTIA’s                       National Medal of Technology and                       to recognize American innovators
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

                                          website at                     Innovation (NMTI) program.                             whose vision, creativity, and brilliance
                                          ntiahome/domainname/                                      Since establishment by Congress in                   in moving ideas to market has had a
                                          jpamidtermreview.html.)                                 1980, the President of the United States               profound and lasting impact on our
                                             On February 28, 2008, NTIA will hold                 has awarded the National Medal of                      economy and way of life. The Medal
                                          a public meeting to discuss comments                    Technology and Innovation (formerly                    highlights the national importance of

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