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Business description

The investment opportunity corresponds to a grape-grower and wine-maker complex,
located in San Martin, main grape-grower area of Mendoza, in Argentina.

It started its activities in 1985, beginning with the elaboration, breaking up and
commercialization of wines, continuing later with the incorporation of a modern plant to
break up a variety must (unfermented grape juice) and finally acquiring European
technology to elaborate red and white wines.

The complex is comprised of four producing lands, implanted with variety of refined
grape, totalizing 250 irrigated hectares. The equipment acquired in 1999 y 2001 allows to
export to the most demanding market.

The production could be sell for consume on fresh in national and international markets
as well as it can be incorporated to industrial section for elaboration of wines, musts, and
grape juice.

Actually, the production plant has an idle capacity which permits getting additionally
earnings form outsourcing activities, rent of capacity, etc.

Working / Infrastructure

The company was establish in 1985, an the main characteristics are as follows:
 Production of grape: actually 70.000 quintals that can overcome 85.000 quintals.
 Storing Winery Capacity: 12 millions of litres.
 Production Winery Capacity: 350.000 grape quintals.

The Complex has not financial debts.

Fixed Assets

1. Grape grower Production Section: four productive lands, implanted with variety of
   refined grape, totalizing 250 irrigated hectares.

2. Industrial Section: The industrial complex comprises a plant of 60.000 square meters,
   located in San Martín, Mendoza, 10 km. away from San Martin city and 40 km from
   Mendoza city, which includes a winery, the concentrating and rectifying of grape
   juice plants.

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Investment opportunity

1. Production plant with last technology.

2. Opportunity for foreign companies which want to go into the market with a volume

3. Opportunity for local companies and foreign companies witch want to increase its
   production capacity.

4. Opportunity for companies which want go into the market producing high volume
   products making use of their premium products channels.

5. Privileged location in one of the most productive region of Mendoza – Argentina.

6. Innovation and adaptability capacity to continue changing requirements of the most
   competitive markets.

7. Argentina is 6th in the international ranking of consumer per capita, implicating a
   national market with high consume.

8. Argentina is 3rd in international ranking of must export, implicating a high entering in
   international markets and important potential for the company.

9. Grape production scarcity in Europe and USA.

10. Wine stocks do not exist in the world.

Reasons for sell                                Terms and Conditions

The main shareholder is going out of Selling 100% of assets.
grape-grower and wine-maker business for
personals moving.                        Estimated investment: US$ 8,7 millions.

For more information, please contact us.

Gustavo Banno
Phone: +54 261 4259922
Cell Phone: +54 261 154176892

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