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					      Waltham Forest News Advertising Policy
                            (Revised July 2009)


The Corporate Communications team at the Waltham Forest Council accepts
internal and external advertising on a commercial basis for Waltham Forest
News from customers directly and through their recognised agents.

The aim of this service is to generate revenues, which will provide a high
quality, cost effective medium to reach the majority of the borough’s residents.
Therefore enabling the council to communicate directly with its residents
achieving it’s communications aims.

wfm will be the Council’s primary medium for local advertising, including all
statutory and public notices, recruitment advertising, and other material that
would otherwise have been placed in a local newspaper. Waltham Forest
News will have a larger circulation than the local newspapers.

Waltham Forest News has a policy of ethical selling. Its sales people will be
honest, decent, ethical, truthful and professional in all transactions with
customers. The paper’s ethical policy extends to the categories of business to
which it sells advertising space.

Income generated from sales of advertising space in Waltham Forest News
covers the costs of designing, printing, distributing and staffing the
newspaper. It is a stated objective that advertising should fully fund the costs
of Waltham Forest News.

Continual Improvements to Waltham Forest News

Waltham Forest News operates commercially and is always seeking ways to
reduce costs and increase advertising revenue (particularly external revenue)
over and above the costs of additional pages required. This gives the paper
both increases in editorial pages, and income to either invest in editorial or
offset against existing costs.

Where and when revenues do not grow or meet targets the size and scope of
the paper is reduced so as to not expose the paper (council) to unnecessary
costs, and to maintain cost efficiencies. Unit costs for pagination and print run
increases are monitored and advertising rates, targets and ‘tipping points’ to
enable such increases, or further cost reductions are regularly monitored,
reviewed, and implemented.

Advertising Rates
Advertising Rates are set by the Design Web and Marketing Manager in
consultation with the Head of Corporate Communications and the Advertising
Officer and with regard to current market conditions locally and nationally. The
advertising rates are adjusted when and where applicable so as to maximise
income for the council without reducing revenue streams through becoming
priced out of the local market place. These are then published with the ‘Rate
Card’, which is made freely available to all advertisers and their agents, and
applied transparently.

Discounts and Agency Commission

The Design Web and Marketing Manager in consultation with the Head of
Corporate Communications and the Advertising Officer sets any customer
discount rates and ‘agency commission’. Both of these are then published
with the ‘Rate Card’, which is made freely available to all advertisers and their
agents, and applied transparently.

Terms & Conditions of Acceptance of Advertising
Waltham Forest News has Terms and Conditions of Acceptance of
Advertising, cleared by the Council’s Legal Service. A copy of this is available
to advertisers. These Terms and Conditions of Acceptance of Advertising are
regularly reviewed in light of operational and legislative changes.

Space will be found for advertisements that comply with the booking and copy
deadlines and subject to the sole discretion of Corporate Communications
who reserve the right to refuse advertisements or allocate them to other
editions of the paper, as appropriate, in liaison with the customer.

All advertising must comply with the British Code of Advertising, Sales
Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP) – full details can be downloaded at
The guidelines include the provision that marketing communications…
     must be legal, decent, honest and truthful
     must not bring advertising into disrepute
     must conform to the Code
     must respect the principles of fair competition

In addition, the Council will not produce, endorse, or knowingly be associated
with any form of communication that positively promotes:
     alcohol
     violence
     tobacco, rolling papers and filters
     the sex industry
     gambling or betting
      material which may have a negative impact on groups in the
       community because of their race, disability, gender, age, sexual
       orientation, or faith
      any product or service that may inhibit the Council’s ability to achieve
       its policy objectives
      any material which may, in whole or in part, appear to be designed to
       affect public support for a political party, as set out in the Local
       Government Act 1986

The values expressed in any advertisement must not directly conflict with the
Council’s vision and values, and acceptance of any advertisement does not
imply endorsement by the Council.

Registered charities may seek an exemption form VAT by completing the
relevant VAT exemption form as supplied by the Inland Revenue.

Advertising Confirmation and Cancellation

All advertisements and inserts booked into Waltham Forest News must have
an auditable ‘written’ confirmation. This can be done by; customer purchase
order, letter, fax, memorandum or e-mail, or on a confirmation form supplied
by Waltham Forest News.

Advertising agencies may supply verbal confirmation, as this method is
industry standard using a named agency person, sometime followed by a
verbal or written purchase order number, which all legitimate ‘bonded’
agencies will honour.

Cancellations of advertising bookings are only accepted in writing giving,
verbal cancellations are not accepted. Long term contracts are subject to a
notice period, which is notified to the sales customer during negotiations and
is clearly displayed on Waltham Forest News’s booking forms.

Advertising Booking & Copy Deadlines
Advertising booking and copy deadlines are set by the Design Web and
Marketing Manager, in consultation with the editor and production manager of
the paper, and are published for sales customers and their agents.

Advertising Rate Card

An advertising rate card is published, and regularly updated containing the full
advertising rates, discounts, mechanical data and other necessary information
required by both advertisers and their agents. The advertising rate card is
made freely available to both advertisers and their agents, in both paper and
electronic format.
Advertising Revenues Pagination Schedules

The Design Web and Marketing Manager and/or the Media & External
Relations Manager and the Advertising Officer decide the pagination of the
paper each week, in consultation with the Editor, based upon the advertising
revenue booked into the paper against the costs for print & reprographics and

Appendix 1:

Terms and Conditions of Acceptance of Advertising