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					Android tablets(or pads) will definitely be another hit with Android News horizon,
and reports on the proposed version of the device came thick and fast.Manufacturers
are racing for their own piece of the lucrative market for Android will soon Tablet in
the field conducted by technicalwizardry(and perhaps price). Recently reported on
ViewSonic View Pad 7 , which is one of several rivals in space.
So, what device lust? Which Android Tabletgives us warm card credit at the ready and
a feeling that leaves us cold? Its time to Android is Life round up the best Android
tablets that do not exist in nature, but hopefully soon.
Toshiba Tablet Folio 100

First, Toshiba offers a tablet 100th folio Toshiba is a name that you typically associate
with laptops, but may not be mobile, but has not stopped them packing of large,
10-inch glossy punch of the planned film. Folio 100 is reported on the dock to allow a
comfortable office on the show, and can be used as a second display.
Inside the hidden Folio 100 healthy 16GB of internal storage for the overzealous
application installation, 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi 802.11n. The screen is 10.2-inch
1024 × 600, and the proportion of 10:06(4:03 vs. the IPAD 1024 × 768). What really
grabs our attention is to dual-chip Nvidia Tegra 250, which opens the way for better,
more immersive gaming and video Android.
device has a 1.3MP webcam and the front for video calls, full-size and mini-USB and
a full-size SD card slot.The Rumor mill that can Folio 100 shipas soon as October
2010. Prices are not yet known.
We Like : A lot .. graphics capabilities, Android 2.2, desk stand, the internal memory
We do not like : Not so amazing battery life.
(Image credit: Notebookitalia)
Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you generated the buzz is anything to go by the main competitor to the pre-Folio
100 is Samsung Galaxy Tab dinkier It offers a 7-inch Samsung is a tablet to take on
Android, and has been called the land more susceptible to the toexaggerationthat as
killer IPAD . We believe that Toshiba is more deserving of that title was doubtful, but
it is still the Galaxy card device that makes us interested.
Sports Card Galaxy 7-inch 1024 × 600, which creates a dilema
aninterestingportability vs. readability compared to the 10-inch tablet. Under the hood
sits the ARM Cortex A8 1.2 GHz and SGX540 PowerVR graphics.
Memory wise you have a generous 16GB of internal storage.Like Toshiba Folio 100,
Galaxy is a card in front of the camera for video calls(although only QVGA), full size
and mini USB ports and full-size SD slot cards. There is also a seemingly senseless
1.3MP camera on the back, if at lowqualityphotos with large plate-glass sounds like
fun to have you.Samsung Pre-launch vid for you pleasure, if you want a sneak peek.
We Like Samsung Reliability and Design, Android 2.2, the internal memory
We Do not Lik e: the jury in a 7-inch screen with high density.
ViewSonic ViewPad 7
gave it low on the device from ViewSonic in the previous post . What we have is very
good-looking Android 7-inch tablet with Android 2.2. Those 3MP camera back and a
VGA camera in front of the font-site. For the data needs and combine GSM/3G
integrated modem and can be used as a regular phone Android. It comes with
Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS.
whereas we hope ViewSonic ended worthy rival to the Galaxy card, in fact, reported
weak 600MHz ARM processor and 800 × 480 unit let down. It can sit in the middle of
a low end of the spectrum Tablet Android, but it does not make us want to get a
pre-order the device as Samsung and Toshiba.
We Like : Well-designed in the style
We do not like : Yesterdays tech screen and a processor for the device 7-inch .
Dell 7 and 10-inch Streak

5-inch Dell Streak is interesting whether this strange device, sits somewhere between
a very large phone or a tablet of companies. Moreinterestingto us here on Android
Life is promised the next 7 and 10-inch models, which stand on the side of the fence
Tablet Android.
Technical details are a bit thin on the ground at the moment, but given the healthy
Streak spec from a 5-inch, we can expect a 1024 × 600 screen and 1GHz + processor,
10-inch model.
Seven-inch model has a late 2010 and the 10-inch model in early 2011. If you get the
Dell 10-inch on the market or at the same time as the Toshiba Folio 100, which was to
be the winner. Dells size means that they are perfectly ready to hammer down prices
and boxes appear to do what onshelvesin PC shop outside the city-from here to
Australia. Streak can be a great rival. Its just a shame the name sucks.
We Like : the size of Dell provide the prices are low
We do not like : Too early to tell, the name
(Image Credit: Engaget)
HanspreeUnnamed10-inch tablet Android

Latest publications of several unpublished motely Hanspree devices as yet unnamed
Android Tablet. Film is a 10.1-inch affair of 1024 × 600 display, the NVIDIA Tegra 2
1GHz processor and 16GB of built-in storage. All well so far and a worthy contender
for the equipment, Toshiba and Samsung. A nice touch is that it looks like the device
will be able to script a full HD 1080p video through a built-in slot Mini-HDMI.
3500 mAh battery that should be good for up to 8 hours of use. Expected price is
about $507 or399 and postage can be as fast as Novemeber(we hope).
expect more on this in the coming days.
We Like : Spec ticks all the boxes
We do not like : Too early to say
Asus Eee EP101TC Pad

inspiring name EP101TC from Asus is not really a Tablet Android, Windows
Embedded is a film that had a change of heart, decided to change sides and now ship
with Android. Interestingly, when this country is in stores in early 2011 its believed
that it will come from the Android 3.0
data is a bit sketchy at this point, and most refer to Windows Embedded its former life.
10-inch screen and NVIDIA Tegra processor 2 issue, whether the plants with rumors
about the possibility of 3G. Screen seems to be anecdotal, I would imagine, 1024 ×
One note.
We Like Asus quality
We do not like : Too early to say

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