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					- Ever wondered how those small colorful tablets and capsules that you use whenever
you fall sick, came to be? Well, they came to be because of a , or a , mounted
somewhere in a pharmaceutical company. A or a capsule machine essentially presses
the tablet or capsule powders into pill form. A tablet machine, also known as a tablet
press, is an automated mechanical device that allows the manufacture of tablets of all
sizes and shapes, using a variety of materials and powders. These powders often have
different chemical and physical properties. The tablet machine can press the powder
into a hard form so that it does not disintegrate upon packaging and handling. To form
a tablet, the tablet machine has to perform two punches and then the pill is cast into a
die which gives it its final shape. Some granulated materials may take more than two
mere pressing actions to form a pill. A is based on a similar action, however, here the
pressing action does not require a lot of force because the granulated powder does not
need to be in a hardened pill form. In a capsule machine, the powder is simply added
to a plastic casing, which is then tightened and sealed shut. The capsule machine is an
excellent device, used in large manufacturing units, to produce large quantities and
batches of capsules. However, there are manufacturers who supply smaller table top
capsule machines and tablet machines as well for apothecary and other such
professionals who make their medicines themselves. These table top machines are
very simple to use and do not require a lot of maintenance. They are not as expensive
as the assembly line machines as well, which makes them extremely accessible. Some
tablet or capsule machines also have packaging areas for the packaging of these
manufactured medicines. However most people prefer having packaging as a separate
process of the assembly line