Wallamba District
      Agricultural & Horticultural Ass Inc

     99th ANNUAL SHOW
      Nabiac Showground
   Saturday 26th March 2011


Adults                                               $7
Aged Pensioners & Children                           $4
Family Pass (2 adults 3 children)                   $20
All Exhibitors and Competitors pay gate entry fee

Enquiries   Mrs Bev Harris
            02 6554 1646
or to:      The Secretary Post Office Nabiac 2312
Email:      wallamba.show@yahoo.com.au
Website:    http://nabiac.com/show
                        Wallamba District
               Agricultural & Horticultural Ass Inc
                   Wishes to thank all our
               and the Wallamba Community
                 for your continuing support
          We hope you enjoy our 99th Annual Show

The Nabiac Farmers Market is held on the
LAST SATURDAY of each month from 8 am to 12 noon
                at the Nabiac Showgrounds

Local fresh produce, value-added gourmet goodies and
Local craft. Bring family and friends and come along for
A chat, a bite to eat and good oldfashioned shopping.
            For details please ring Julie 6550 2130
                     or Helen 6554 1906


    President:              Dave Reeve
    Secretary:              Bev Harris
    Treasurer:              Lyn Reid
    Vice President:         Cherie Paterson
    Chief Hall Steward:     Merle Barber

                          Rules and Conditions
                            Please read carefully

•     All exhibitors must pay entry fee on day of delivery of exhibit.
•     All care will be taken of exhibits but the Committee takes no
      responsibility for any damage or theft to same.
•     Exhibits to be delivered to Showground between 7.30 am and
      11.00 am Friday, 25th March, 2011.
•     On arrival all exhibitors must register exhibits with Entry Steward
      located at the table in the centre of the Hall.
•     Produce exhibitors must deliver and register exhibits with Stewards
      in the Produce Pavilion
•     Doors close for Judging at 11.00 am Friday . No further entry
      will be accepted.
•     Hall will re-open on Saturday, 26th March, 2011 at 8.30 am
•     A Championship Ribbon will be awarded for the MOST
•     Prize money can be collected from the Secretary’s Office
       after 11.00 a.m. on Show Day.
•     Exhibits available for collection from the Hall after 5.30 pm
      SATURDAY or 9.30 am to 11.00 am Sunday.

      Any prize money not collected Saturday or Sunday will be
      accepted as a donation to the Show Committee funds.


      Please advise Hall Stewards if your entry is for sale and indicate
      your price. The Association will retain 10% as commission.
                       Section 1 ART
Prizes: 1st $50, 2nd $20                                 Fees: $3 per entry

•    All Work MUST be for sale. The Association will retain 20% of
     moneys received from any painting sold.
•    Paintings must be original . Paintings must be the unaided work of
•    entrant and executed within the last two years.
•    Paintings must be ready for hanging.
•    ADULTS are limited to three (3) paintings not previously shown at the
     Nabiac Show.
•    YOUNG ARTISTS are limited to two (2) paintings.
•    Size of the painting must be not more than 320 cm around the
     outside edge of the frame, i.e. 70 cm x 90 cm.
•    Any work deemed unsuitable will not be displayed and the Committee
     reserves the right to display only sufficient entries for space available.
     ART WORK CANNOT be collected before 5.30 pm on Show Day

      Entry forms (with entry fees) can be posted to Vicki Bullard at
    18 Mayers Drive Tuncurry, 2428 to be received by 21st March 2011.
      All other entry forms to be completed on delivery of Art Work to
    the Showground Hall on Friday, 25th March 2010 before 10.00 a.m.

     CLASS A Works on Hardboard or Canvas
     CLASS B Works on Paper (any medium)
     CLASS C Drawing (non water based,
        e.g. Charcoal, Pen, Ink, Pastel, etc.)

                 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD $25.00
              Kindly donated by Great Lakes Art Society Inc.

             The Great Lakes Art Society welcomes
           new members to its classes and workshops
                              Call in and browse at the Gallery
                                    34 Lakes Street Forster

                              Enquiries to (02) 6557 2880
          Section 2 PHOTOGRAPHY
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                               Fees: 50c per entry

•     Photographs must be mounted on a cardboard frame no more than
      20mm. (1”) wider than the photograph.
•     Photographs must be no larger than 25cm x 20 cm (10”x8”).
•     All entries must be marked, on back, with Section and Class.
•     Entries can be left with Chief Hall Steward before day of the Show.

will have the following classes -
1.    Insects
2.    Animals and Birds
3.    Australian Landscape
4.    Seascape
5.    Action
6.    Portraiture of Child/Children or Adult/s
7.    Trick or Novelty Shot
8.    Plants or Flowers
9.    Open
10.   Open

11.   Open

             Perpetual Trophy for Champion Photograph
                kindly donated by NABIAC PHARMACY

              Congratulations to our 2009 Champion
                        Warren Parish

                Our thanks and appreciation to
             for judging our Photography Section

available for         all types of

 For hiring information please contact
              Rachel Dunn

       available for any event

       For hiring information
           please contact

                  Kris Koch

                 (02) 6591 7222

The following recipe is compulsory for all entrants
250g sultanas                            250g chopped raisins
250g currants                            125g chopped mixed peel
90g chopped blanched almonds             90g chopped red glace cherries
250g plain flour                         60g self raising flour
1/3 cup sherry or brandy                 1/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger               1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
250g butter                              250g soft brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon lemon essence
 or finely grated lemon rind              1/2 teaspoon almond essence
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence              4   large eggs

Mix together all the fruits and nuts. Sprinkle with sherry or brandy. Cover.
Leave for at least 1 hour, preferably overnight.
Sift together the flours and spices.
Cream together butter and sugar with the essences.
Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Alternatively
add the fruit and flour mixtures. Mix thoroughly. Mixture should be stiff
enough to support a wooden spoon.
Place mixture into a prepared tin no larger than 20 cm.
Bake in slow oven for approximately 3 1/2 - 4 hours.
Allow cake to cool in tin.

Note: To ensure uniformity and depending upon size, it is suggested that
raisins be snipped into 2 or 3 pieces, cherries into 4-6 pieces and almonds
Into 3-4 pieces crosswise.

Winners at Country Shows will each receive a cash prize of $10 and will
be required to bake a second ‘Rich Fruit Cake’ in order to compete in a
semi-final to be conducted by each Regional ASC group in NSW.
The fourteen winners at Regional level will each receive a cash prize of
$15 and are required to bake a third ‘Rich Fruit Cake’ for the Final
Judging at the Royal Easter Show. Winner will receive a $50 cash prize.

Competitors may only represent one Show Society in a Group Final and
only one Group in the State Final.

                  Section 3 COOKING
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                              Fees: 50c per entry

•     All entries must be on a firm base
•     Mock cream is acceptable

1.    SPECIAL WALLAMBA CWA Prize 1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2
      Boiled Fruit Cake
2.    SPECIALWALLAMBA A & H Ass. Ladies Committee Prize
       1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2
      Best Iced and Decorated Cake
3.    SPECIAL WALLAMBA A & H Ass. Ladies Committee Prize
      1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2
      Boiled Fruit Pudding
      Steamed Fruit Pudding
4.    Half Pound Fruit Cake ASC Sydney Royal Competition
5     Sultana Cake
6.    Plain Butter Cake
7.    Date Loaf
8.    Chocolate Cake, made & iced by a male - not microwave
9.    Mud Cake, Iced
10.   Chocolate Cake, iced
11.   Carrot Cake, iced
12.   Banana Cake, iced
13.   Sponge sandwich, jam and/or mock cream filled - not iced
14.   Novelty Cake
15.   Cooked Slice, any variety
16.   Unbaked Slice, any variety
17.   Microwave Cake, any type
18.   Any cake not on schedule
19.   Scones, Plain, plate of 6
20.   Scones, Pumpkin, plate of 6
21.   Scones, Fruit, plate of 6
22.   Rock cakes, plate of 6
23.   Jam Drops, plate of 6
24.   Brownies, plate of 6
25.   Muffins, Plain, plate of 6
26.   Muffins, Fruit, plate of 6
27.   Anzac Biscuits, plate of 6
28.   Monte Carlo Biscuits, plate of 6
                   COOKING contd.
29. Apple, family size
30. Peach, family size
31. Lemon Meringue, family size
32. Caramel, family size
33. Berry, any variety
34. Family Size, any variety,
         made by a male

35. Homemade White Loaf
36 Homemade Sourdough Loaf
37. Homemade Specialty Loaf

38. Coconut Ice
39. White Christmas
40. Rocky Road
41. Turkish Delight
42. Boiled Lollies
43. Any variety not on schedule

               GREAT PIE BAKEOFF
    Kindly sponsored by Greenhouse Cottage Nabiac
          Bake an extra Apple or Lemon Meringue Pie
             Each category (Senior)
             1st $10 2nd $5 3rd $3
             Each category (Junior)
             1st only $10

                OVERALL CHAMPION $20 extra

                Section 4
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                            Fees: 50c per entry

•      Entries in excess of 2 years of age will be excluded
•      Entries are to be clearly marked with type and year made.
•      Entries must contain no less than 250 grams.
•      Lids on all entries must be removable - no cloth covers or ties


1.     Peach
2.     Melon, lemon & ginger
3.     Strawberry
4.     Raspberry
5.     Apricot
6.     Plum yellow
7.     Plum red
8.     Tomato, any variety
9.     Orange Marmalade
10.    Lemon Marmalade
11.    Three Citrus Marmalade
12.    Grapefruit Marmalade
13.    Mulberry
14.    Lemon Butter
15.    Passionfruit Butter
16.    Fig
17.    Any variety not on schedule


18.    Fruit, mixed
19.    Vegetables, mixed
20.    Apricots
21.    Nectarines
22.    Peaches
23.    Pears
24.    Pineapple
25.    Plums
26.    Rhubarb
                    Section 4 contd.

27.   Homemade Pickle, any variety
28.   Homemade Relish, any variety
29.   Homemade Chutney, any variety
30.   Homemade Mustard, any variety

31.   Asian Chutney
32.   Asian Sauce
33.   Sweet Chilli Sauce
34.   Plum Sauce
35.   Tomato Sauce
36.   Pickled Onions
37.   Pickled Vegetables, any variety
38.   Oil decorated with herbs
39.   Vinegar decorated with herbs
40.   Oil decorated
41.   Vinegar decorated
42.   Sundried Tomatoes


43.   Clear
44.   Creamed


45.   Homemade Light Brew
46.   Homemade Dark Brew
47.   Wine, any variety
48.   Ginger Beer
49.   Lemonade
50.   Any item not on Schedule
             Section 5                HANDICRAFT
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                                Fees: 50c per entry
•     All entries in this section must have been completed
       within the past 2 years and previously not prize winning at Nabiac.
•     Any article which has been washed, worn or used may not be
      eligible for judging.

1.    Baby’s or child’s frock 2 years or under
2.    Creative Garment, wearable, machine sewn and hand finished
3.    Creative Garment, wearable and machine sewn
4.    Coathanger, fabric covered
5.    Cushion, patchwork, machine made
6.    Cushion, patchwork, hand made
7.    Cushion, creative or novelty
8.    Article made from handmade felt
9.    Patchwork Quilt, machine made
10.   Patchwork Quilt, handmade
11.   Patchwork Quilt, combined machine and handmade
12.   Patchwork Quilt, applique
13.   Patchwork, any article
14.   Quilted article, machine made
15.   Quilted article, handmade
16.   Quilted article, combined machine and handmade
17.   Applique article, machine made
18.   Applique article, handmade
19.   Applique article, combined machine and handmade
20.   Painted Fabric article, large
21.   Painted Fabric article, small
22.   Wallhanging
23.   Bag, any medium
24.   Bookmark, any medium
25.   Apron, handmade, handfinished, any me-
26.   Apron, handfinished, any medium
27.   Any article using Heirloom techniques
28.   Any article in stretch sewing
29.   Any hand sewn article not on schedule
30.   Any machine made article not on schedule

             Section 6 EMBROIDERY
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                             Fees: 50c per entry
•     All entries in this section must have been completed within the
      past 2 years and previously not prize winning at Nabiac.
•     Any article which has been washed, worn or used may not be
      eligible for judging.

1.    Table Centre or Runner
2.    Supper or Tea Cloth
3.    Duchess Set
4.    Cross Stitch article
5.    Counted Cross Stitch article on linen
6.    Counted Cross Stitch article on AIDA
7.    Smocked article
8.    Coathanger, hand embroidered
9.    Coathanger, machine embroidered
10.   Cushion, Embroidered
11.   Any article in Creative Embroidery
12.   Any article in Candlewick
13.   Any article in Hardangar
14.   Any article in Drawn Thread
15.   Any article in Black Work
16.   Any article in Gold Work
17.   Any article in Free Machine Embroidery
18.   Any article in Computer Generated Machine Embroidery
19.   Any article in Ribbon Embroidery
20.   Any article with Wool Embroidery
21.   Any article in Bead Embroidery
22.   Wallhanging
23.   Tapestry, any article
24.   Tapestry, petit point
25.   Tapestry, long stitch
26.   Any article not on schedule

 thanks its valued sponsors and asks that you support them
Matt Morris - Nabiac Hotel Motel
Greg Martin - Nabiac Excavations
Ron Guthrie - Sunbury Lodge
Robb & Co                               Greenhouse Cottage
MidCoast Water                          International Animal Health
Country Energy                             Products
WDA&H Ass Ladies Committee              Krambach Hotel
CWA Nabiac                              Mik’s Pet Barn
Great Lakes Art Society                 Memory Lane Forster
Krambach Garden Club                    Nabiac Bakery
Nabiac Garden Club                      Nabiac Motors
Kinspirit Iris & Day Lily Farm          Nabiac Pharmacy
Helen Wood                              Nabiac Realty
Peter Chowne                            Nabiac Supermarket
Tony Schubert                           Nabiac Takeaway
Ron Roberts                             P&G Isaac Scrap Metal
Marshall Yarnold                        Nabiac Butchery
D & N Hosking                           The Old Bank Centre Nabiac
Muddles Farm Centre ,                   Total Caravan Repairs
    Wauchope                            Tuncurry Craft Shoppe
A & J Woolnough                         Wallamba Café
Belinda’s Beauty Salon
Barrun Bar Stud
Buckinghams Real Estate
Canterb ury Park Coloured Pony Stud
Cassars Welding
Christine Stimpson
Club Forster
Col Menser Nabiac Electrical Services
Ellis & Butler Taree
Forster Transmissions
Goldwing Kitchens
Gooch Agencies
Griffo’s Butchery

                     A SPECIAL THANKS
                    to our wonderful SES ,
           Minimbah and Nabiac Rural Fire Services
           for their dedicated service to our Show
                    and to our Community

                       COMMUNITY GROUPS
CTC@NABIAC (Computer Training) Neighbourhood Centre Nabiac Street
  Contact Marie Power 6554 1876

NABIAC SES meets at SES Shed Clarkson Street Wednesdays from 7 pm
  Volunteer welcome . Ring 6554 1254
NABIAC Rural FS meets 3rd Sunday each month at Fire Station 7.30 pm
  Contact Keith Nicholls 6554 3073
MINIMBAH Rural FS meets 2nd Saturday and 4th Wednesday in each month
 at 9.30 am at Fire Station. Contact Brent Williams 0427 646 737
NABIAC VILLAGE FUTURES GROUP meets at Neighbourhood Centre
  Contact Kit Carson 6554 1409 or Louise Collins 6554 1182

  Contact Trevor McBride 6554 6353
NABIAC LANDCARE      Volunteers welcome Contact Leonie Bell 6554 1518
KRAMBACH HALL COMMITTEE meets 3rd Monday in month at 3.00 pm
  Contact Stan Waldron 6559 1316
WALLAMBA COMMUNITY GROUP meets each Thursday at 10.00 a.m
 at Showgrounds Hall Nabiac Contact Gladys Mills 6554 1241
WALLAMBA CWA meets 2nd Tuesday each month Showgrounds Hall
 Contact Merle Barber 6554 1498
WALLAMBA SHOW Committee meets 2nd Tuesday in month at 7.30 pm
  New members welcome Contact Bev Harris 6554 1646

                 Section 7                KNITTING
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                                  Fees: 50c per entry

•     All entries in this section must have been completed within
      the past 2 years and previously not prize winning at Nabiac.
•     Any article which has been washed, worn or used may not be eligible
      for judging.

      1st $5, 2nd $3
      Baby’s outfit, 3 piece
2.    Baby’s jacket
3.    Baby’s frock
4.    Pram Set
5.    Child’s jumper, cardigan or vest
6.    Man’s jumper, cardigan or vest
7.    Ladies’ Jumper, cardigan or vest
8.    Any article machine knitted
9.    Rug
10.   Shawl
11.   CWA SPECIAL PRIZE 1st $3, 2nd $2
      Article in wool
12.   Free form scrumbling any article
13.   Article in acrylic
14.   Article in cotton
15.   Article in homespun wool
16.   Tea Cosy
17.   Tea towel
18.   Lace
19.   Bead doll
20.   Bead article
21.   Bead amulet
22.   Doll, suitable for child
23.   Doll, decorative
24.   Any article not on schedule
25.   Coat hanger

                 Section 8 CROCHET
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                        Fees: 50c per entry

•     All entries in this section must have been completed within
       the past 2 years and previously not prize winning at Nabiac.
•     Any article which has been washed, worn or used may not be
      eligible for judging.
1.    Baby’s outfit, 3 piece
2.    Baby’s jacket
3.    Doiley to 25 cm, fine cotton (equivalent to Semco 20)
4.    Doiley to 25 cm
5.    Doiley over 25 cm, fine cotton (equivalent to Semco 40)
6.    Doiley over 25 cm
7.    Table Centrepiece over 25 cm
8.    Duchess Set
9.    Rug, wool
10.   Shawl, wool
11.   Teatowel
12.   Table Runner
13.   Table Cloth
14.   Article in wool
15.   Article in acrylic
16.   Any article not on schedule
17.   Tea Cosy
18.   Coathanger
19.   Bead Crochet
20.   Doll or Toy

                   Section 9 HOBBIES
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                                    Fees: 50c per entry
•     All entries in this section must have been completed within
      the past 2 years and previously not prize winning at Nabiac.
1.    Porcelain/China, painted, any article
2.    Mosaic Plaque
3.    Mosaic, any article
4.    Scrapbooking, Single and 3D
5.    Scrapbooking, Album
6.    Creative Card
7.    Quilting, any article
8.    Leatherwork any article
9.    Pottery, handbuilt, any article
10.   Pottery, wheel thrown, any article
11.   Pottery, sculpture, any article
12.   Ceramics, fired, any article
13.   Ceramics, nonfired, any article
14.   Woodwork, turned
15.   Woodwork, carved
16.   Woodwork, any article
17.   Folk & Decorative Art, any article
18.   Photo Frame, any article
19.   Leadlight, foil, any article
20.   Leadlight, lamp
21.   Jewellery, any medium
22    Jewellery, any medium - fantasy
23.   Beadwork, any article
24.   Decoupage/Serviette Art , any article
25.   Lampshade, ornamental
26.   Lampshade, fabric
27.   Christmas decorations, hanging, any article
28.   Christmas decorations, any article
29.   Bead, handmade
30.   Glass, slumping                       34.     Silk Painting
31.   Glass, fusing                         35.     Decorated Egg
32.   Dried Flowers                         36.     Chicken Wire Sculpture
33.   Silk Flowers                          37.     Hat/Fascinator
                                            38.     Any article not on schedule

                   Section 10
            DOLLS, BEARS & ANIMALS
Prizes: $1st $3, 2nd $2                                     Fees: 50c per entry

•     Unless stated, items do not have to be suitable for children.

1.    Doll’s clothes, knitted, any type or size
2.    Doll’s clothes, material, any type or size
3.    Soft toy, any material
4.    Primitive cloth doll
5.    Soft toy or doll, rag or cloth, suitable for small child or baby
6.    Toy or doll, ornamental, rag or cloth
7.    Doll, porcelain
8.    Doll, best dressed
9.    Doll, rag or cloth
10.   Teddy bear, knit or crochet
11.   Teddy Bear, fur
12.   Teddy Bear, any medium
13.   Animal, any medium
14.   Fantasy doll or animal
15.   Doll’s furniture
16.   Child’s wooden toy



        commencing 5.30 pm

           Courtesy of Nabiac Hotel
              Nabiac Excavations
       and Ron Guthrie of Sunbury Lodge
            commencing 8.30 pm
              Section 11 FLOWERS
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                            Fees: 50c per entry

•     All flowers must be in a vase unless otherwise stated. Entrants
      must provide own container or vase.
•     A ‘collection’ means not less than 6 blooms unless otherwise
•     NND means ‘Not Necessary distinct’

1.    Nerines, collection
2.    Carnations, collection
3.    Geraniums, collection
4.    Crucifix Orchid, collection
5.    Orchid Cattleya, 1 cut
6.    Epidendrums, 1 cut
7.    Rose, 1 only
8.    Rose, 3 must be distinct
9.    Rose, 3 nnd
10.   Zinnias, collection
11.   Collection of Native Australian Flowering Shrubs & Natural Foliage
      1st $10, 2nd $5, 3rd $2
      Collection of Garden Flowers
13.   Collection of Proteas
14.   Waterlily, one cut
15.   Collection of any other cut flower not on schedule
16.   SPECIAL PRIZE kindly donated by HELEN WOOD $25
      Best First Entry in Flower Section

                                  Krambach Garden Club
                                        C/o Post Office
                                        Krambach 2429

      Section 12 ARRANGED FLOWERS
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                              Fees: 50c per entry

•     ‘Embellishment’ - to adorn, decorate, garnish, beautify or to add to.
•     All arrangements to be presented in container
•     Heights, where mentioned, must be adhered to

1.    SPECIAL WALLAMBA CWA PRIZE 1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2
      Best arrangement of garden flowers, any container,
      embellishment optional
2     SPECIAL GARDEN CLUB PRIZE 1st $3, 2nd $2, 3rd $1
      Best arrangement featuring fruit and flowers, any container.
      embellishment optional
3.    Foliage arrangement, grasses & seed heads may be used
4.    One single bloom in float bowl, embellishment optional
5.    Arrangement of 3 blooms, embellishment optional
6.    Arrangement of blue or mauve flowers, embellishment optional
7.    Arrangement of white flowers, embellishment optional
8.    Arrangement of pink or red flowers, embellishment optional
9.    Arrangement of autumn toned flowers, embellishment optional
10.   Arrangement featuring one kind of flower, no restrictions
11.   Arrangement using 2 colours only, including container
12.   Arrangement using kitchen item
13.   Arrangement of green and white, embellishment optional
14.   Miniature arrangement, not higher than 10 cm, any container
15.   Arrangement for dining table, not higher than 25 cm, any container,
                                     embellishment optional

                                            Nabiac Garden Club
                                                C/o Post Office
                                                 Nabiac 2312

                                              Secretary Liz Rees
                                             Telephone: 6554 3196

                Section 13
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                                    Fees: 50c per entry
1.    Begonia, flowering
2.    Begonia, foliage
3.    Peperonia
4.    Coleus
5.    Cacti, one pot
6.    Dracena
7.    Best foliage plant
8.    Geranium in lower, any container
9.    Collection of 3 foliage plants
10.   Succulents, one pot
11.   Maiden Hair fern
12.   Fern, any variety
13.   Best hanging basket, foliage
14.   Best hanging basket, flowering
15.   African Violet
16.   Bromeliad
17.   Best native, flowering
18.   Bonsai
19.   Impatiens, flowering
20.   Best original plant, tree, flower grown on or
       in natural base, e.g. wood, stone, rock, etc.
21.   Potted Orchid
22.   Best flowering plant not on schedule

       Compliments of KINSpirit IRIS & Daylily Farm
      Frost Hardy, Drought Tolerant & Water Loving IRIS
         Daylilies Succulents Fresh Cut Flowers
         Gift Presentations and Vouchers Available

       Visitors welcome by appointment
           Phone Lyz 6559 1275

                Section 14                 DAHLIAS
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2                              Fees: 50c per entry

•     Exhibition cactus and fimbriated cactus typed 160 mm
       or under
•     Nymphea, Collette, Ball, Anemone, Arochid, Stella and
      Single types under 160 mm Pompone under 50 mm
•     Blooms over 160 mm to be staged one to a vase
•     Blooms under 160 mm to be staged 3 to a vase
      otherwise stated
•     Diameter sizes:
      Large, over 210 mm
      Medium, 160 mm and under 210 mm
      Small, 120 mm and under 160 mm
      Miniature, under 120 mm
•     Judging points:
•     Form 40, Stem 20, Condition 20, Colour 1, Size 5, Staging 5
•     TOTAL 100 points

‘A’ GRADE CHAMPIONSHIP - 6 vases of at least 4 types
Prize money 1st $10 to include Dahlia Society Medallion, 2nd $5

1.    Large, decorative       3 blooms nnd
2.    Large, decorative       1 bloom
3.    Medium, decorative      3 blooms nnd
4.    Medium, decorative      1 bloom
5.    Small, decorative       1 vase 3 blooms same variety
6.    Small, decorative       1 vase 3 blooms distinct
7.    Miniature, decorative   1 vase 3 blooms same variety
8.    Miniature, decorative   1 vase 3 blooms distinct
9.    Large cactus            3 blooms nnd
10.   Large cactus            1 bloom
11.   Medium cactus           3 blooms nnd
12.   Medium cactus           1 bloom
13.   Small cactus            1 vase 3 blooms same variety
14.   Small cactus            1 vase 3 blooms distinct
15.   Miniature cactus        1 vase 3 blooms same variety
16.   Miniature cactus        1 vase 3 blooms distinct

                    DAHLIAS Contd.
17.   Exhibition cactus (over 160 mm), 3 blooms nnd
18.   Exhibition cactus (over 160 mm), 1 bloom
19.   Nymphea                 1 vase 3 blooms same variety
20.   Nymphea                 1 vase 3 blooms distinct
21.   Pompone                 1 vase 3 blooms same variety
22.   Pompone                 1 vase 3 blooms distinct
23.   Ball type               1 vase 3 blooms nnd
24.   Collerette              1 vase 3 blooms nnd
25.   Any other type          1 bloom any size
26.   Seedling                1 bloom any size
27.   NOVICE                  Any of the above classes

           Congratulations to our 2009 ‘A’ Grade
              Dahlia Championship Winner

                           Neville Walsh

              Section 15 VEGETABLES
Prizes: 1st $3 2nd $2                                    Fees: 50c per entry
•     All produce must be delivered to Produce Pavilion and given
•     Separate entry number to Hall entries.
•     All produce must have been grown in past 12 months
•     Produce species can be of any variety unless otherwise stated
•     Herbs must be presented in water filled container

1.    250g Beans, French
2.    250g Beans, any other variety including climbing
3.    4 Beetroot
4.    4 Capsicums, red
5.    4 Capsicums, green
6.    4 Chillies
7.    4 Carrots
8.    2 Chokoes
9.    3 Corn cobs
10.   3 Cucumbers, apple
11.   3 Cucumbers, prickly
12.   3 Cucumbers, white
13.   3 Cucumbers, green
14.   3 Cucumbers, lebanese
15.   Herbs, fresh bunch (more than one variety)
16.   Herbs, fresh bunch (one variety)
17.   Herbs, Dried bunch
18.   Lavender, fresh bunch
19.   Lavender, dried bunch
20.   Lettuce, head
21.   Marrow, any variety
22.   Gramma
23.   Melon, any variety
24.   6 Onions, white
25.   6 Onions, brown
26.   6 Onion, red
27.   Parsley, bunch
28.   6 Potatoes
29.   Pumpkin, butternut
30.   Pumpkin, Queensland blue
31.   Pumpkin, any other variety
32.   Asian Salad Greens, in clear plastic container, with lid
33.   Heritage vegetables - open
                VEGETABLES Contd.
      Largest Pumpkin over 40 kg
35.   12 Radishes
36.   12 Rhubarb stalks
37.   12 Silverbeet or Spinach stalks
38.   3 Squash, button
39.   1 Squash, pimply
40.   1 Squash, banana
41.   3 Zucchini
42.   Any other vegetable not on schedule
43.   Arrangement featuring vegetables, embellishment optional,
                                            any container
44.   1 Rockmelon
45.   1 Watermelon
46.   Grapes, white
47.   Grapes, black
48.   6 Limes
49.   6 Lemons
50.   6 Passionfruit
51.   1 punnet Strawberries
52.   6 Peaches
53.   6 Kiwi Fruit
54.   3 Persimmon
55.   6 Tomatoes, Tommy Toes
56.   6 Tomatoes, any variety
57.   Heritage Fruit - open
58.   Heritage Vegetables - open.
59.   Macadamia Nuts
60.   Any fruit not on schedule

61.   3 Muttai cobs
62.    6 Eggs white
63.   6 Eggs brown
64.   6 Eggs Duck white
65.   6 Eggs Duck brown
66.   6 Eggs Bantam
67.   6 Eggs Guinea Fowl

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