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					When talking about Search Engine Optimization, you always hear the term Click
Through Rate or CTR. We have previously discussed what this would do to our ads
and how we could improve this factor. In this discussion, I will be introducing some
more ways on how to improve CTR. As we all know, CTR is one of the most
important factors to consider when wanting to improve your ad position and reducing
the cost per click (CPC). Listed below are more ways to improve CTR without going
to the very technical aspects of your ad.
  1. Trademark Symbol & Registered Symbol
  Implementing this on your ad will not only increase PPC CTR because it can also
increase your Search Engine Results Pages (SERP CTR). This is done by simply
adding the trademark symbol 鈥溾劉鈥?or the registered symbol 鈥溌 ?on your ad
so that searchers will know that the product you are offering is legitimate.
  2. Price in the Headline
  Adding the price of your product in the headline of your ad can actually improve
your CTR. Just also be aware that this could decrease it as well. A price which will
give customers a good deal will definitely get them interested and will make them
click. Take note; however, that your CTR could decrease when your product isn 鈥檛
the cheapest one in the market since by nature, customers would first check out the
cheaper product that offers the same services.
  3. Seasonal Headlines
  This can also help improve your CTR since most customers would usually purchase
something during holidays. You can pick any of the relevant seasonal headlines to add
to your ad. It would be an advantage if you target locally as well. You may use some
terms such as 鈥淓 aster Sale 鈥? 鈥淐 hristmas Promotion 鈥? etc.
  4. Trademark in Display URL Sub-domain
  You may use trademark terms in your display URL. Using these terms will attract
potential customers and will give them an idea that your site is an official reseller or
affiliate of a certain product. You will need to use this with great caution; however,
because Google knows when a searcher hits the back button.
  5. The Exact Keyword in the Headline
  This is where a good keyword research tool comes in handy. You have to know the
exact keywords to use for your ad 鈥?keywords that internet users/searchers will
most likely use when searching for your product. You won 鈥檛 even need to use the
dynamic keyword insertion method if you know exactly which keywords work best
for ad. Here is where KeywordSpy gets into the picture. KeywordSpy is a powerful
keyword research tool that allows users to mine the most effective keywords for an ad
determinable by the metrics presented in its report. These metrics will help users in
choosing the correct keywords in terms of profitability (ROI), position, budget and
many more. Using this tool and implementing these methods would definitely raise
your ad to the top and of course get rid of unnecessary budget spending.
  Now try this out and watch your ad position improve while your budget is being
spent well. Visit KeywordSpy 鈥檚 website,, explore the
amazing tool and see which type of subscription would best suit your needs.

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