Student Media as the Voice of Youth and Studentship in the World

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					Media is regarded as one of the most important aspects of student culture in general.
Students need someone to hear them; hence, they need to make something for they
could be heard. The only solution is the creation of student newspapers, radio stations
and videos.
 Media, as the part of student culture plays an important role for developing and
shaping student culture, as it is not only a way of making messages, but also a way of
uniting students, and keeping them aware on the matters of events in the student
community. Some radio stations offer educational programs for the students of a
campus, the others are an alternative to commercial radio. Anyway, student media,
independently on the origin, is the unique tendency, aimed at making others hear what
students tell.
 Importance of Student Media
 In fact, some student radios are broadcasted with low-power equipment, and often do
not cover even the whole territory of the city where they are located. Nevertheless, the
importance of any radio station can not be exaggerated, as they are aimed at helping
students in overcoming their difficulties and gaps in information. These could be
regarded as the students 鈥?voice for attracting attention of other communities
towards problems associated with numerous aspects, such as:
 1.Lack of equipment
 3.Problems in campuses
 4.Lobbying of student 鈥檚 interests in government
 5.Civil position of students in various aspects
 Opportunities, which are open due to activity of student media, make students
believe that they are the reliable and powerful social stratum, as they have a
possibility to make a loud declaration on any aspect in student, educational or civil
spheres. Students are free to share the information which they posses, and be sure that
they will be heard. This unites the student community, and makes others take into
consideration the opinion of the student community.
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