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Stressful Economy


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									If your worried about what the bad economy is doing to your bank account
鈥?Consider also what it 鈥檚 doing to your health. During times of stress our bodies
release variety of hormones, a few among them are cortisone and adrenaline which
cause our hearts to speed up, our senses to become more alert, and our brains to
become more active. All of which are great for short term activities; however, if the
flood of stress hormones isn 鈥檛 mitigated in some way over the long term 鈥?It
can do major damage to our bodies.
  Chronic stress is associated with high blood pressure, immune system problems,
irritability, depression, and a heightened susceptibility to heart arrhythmias. Plus when
people are under stress they tend to eat more, get less exercise, and eat unhealthy food.
Fortunately you can combat the negative effects of stress through exercise 鈥?Doesn
鈥檛 have to be full blown aggressive exercise, a simple few laps around the block
with arm movements is better than nothing.
  Just as stress causes your body to go into fight or flight mode 鈥?Physical activities
stimulate a response to that reaction by using up all those extra hormones produced
during times of stress, this makes it easier for you body to relax, not just your mind
鈥?but also your heart and other vital systems get a break as well. When you exercise
for half an hour or more your body releases chemicals which relieve pain and enhance
mood behaviors.
  Should Employers Disclose Possible Layoffs
  If the company you work for is thinking about cutting jobs in a few months, would
you want to know about it now or later?
  When going through rough financial times should it bury information OR be honest
and open with their employees?
  An ethical way looking at this situation would be if you 鈥檙 e going to affect so
many peoples lives on this scale, those people deserve to know about it ahead of time
so they can prepare and brace themselves against this kind of blow in their life.
  Certainly it would be a fine thing if a company could give notice to specific
employees that they plan to let go. This avoids the problem of some of the companies
best workers jumping ship, and making things even more difficult for the company to
stay afloat.
  But even this can be dicey. An informed employee could become unhappy and
worthless knowing they might not be there in a few days, and could do a lot of
damage to company if he/she has several weeks of work with little or nothing to lose.
  But if the company felt the moral obligation to announce 鈥榞 eneral layoffs
鈥?ahead of time rather than 鈥檚 pecific employees 鈥? Those with the most talent
and skills are likely to start their search for other prospectives since, they are more
likely to be the best employees, and will have an easier time finding other work.
  So making the choice to announce general layoffs could have adverse effects when
the best and brightest employees go get other jobs, when they are the last people the
company would have wanted to let go.
  Employers expect loyalty from their employees, so why shouldn 鈥檛 the company
be expected to show loyalty to the them? Maybe if they gave their employees the
courtesy of keeping them informed about the .... Read the rest here

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