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									  SafeWord 2008
Channel Presentation
      October 2009
 Overview
 SafeWord partnerships
 SafeWord First Customer Pitch
 SafeWord 2008 in Detail
 Getting Started with SafeWord 2008
 Current promotions
 Pricing examples
SafeWord Overview

               (5 Minutes)
What is SafeWord 2008?
 One-Time Password (OTP) Two-factor authentication
    Something you have (OTP device)
    Something you know (PIN)

 SafeWord provides two-factor authentication for remote access:
    VPNs
    Citrix
    Outlook Web Access

 What are the core components of the package?
    One-time-password token
    Authentication server

 What are the interfaces?
    Standard RADIUS interface to VPNs
    Authentication agents to “SafeWord enabled”
     applications such as Citrix and Outlook Web Access.
Elevator Pitch

 SafeWord is a One-Time Password (OTP) strong authentication
 remote access solution that provides proof-positive user identity for
 users of VPNs, Citrix applications, Webmail, Outlook Web Access
 and other Web applications.

 SafeWord products are designed for Microsoft environments and
 offer tight integration with Active Directory.

 SafeWord is easy to install and easy to use, and it comes tailored to
 work with any remote access system you’re using, including Citrix,
 Cisco, Check Point, and Nortel environments.
SafeWord 2008- Key Selling Points

 Simple, easy-to-use OTP solution – up and running in 15 minutes
 Seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory - Use your
  existing Microsoft Active Directory tools and know-how to manage
  two-factor authentication
 Includes out-of-the box packages for Citrix, Check Point, Nortel
  Networks, Cisco compatible
 All-in-one package includes licenses, tokens, and support
 Channel-friendly product!
 Tokens Never Expire and come with a Lifetime Warranty
 Allows you to comply with standards and regulations that require two-
  factor authentication
SafeWord helps meet compliance requirements for:
       Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
       Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
       Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC)
       Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12)
       Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
       Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

    Consequences of non-compliance
       Potential fines, penalties, and legal liabilities
       Bad press, angry customers, lost revenue, and weakened competitiveness

    SafeWord provides:
       Strong authentication and role-based access controls
       Centralized access management
       Reliable reporting and audit trail for authentication and access events
Who Can You Sell To?
 Any company that needs a secure remote access solution!
 Key target industries
    Financial services/Banking, Healthcare (including Insurance & Pharma), State &
     Local Government, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing, High Tech
 Who needs two-factor authentication?
    Mobile Workforces: sales reps, field teams, business and technology consultants
    Home office workers: marketing, customer service and support, and others
    Guest and temporary workers
    Personnel who access a common workstation or work environment
    Business partners who access a private network
    Customers who access a public-facing web application such as e-banking or
     online trading sites, online healthcare or insurance sites
Typical SafeWord Customer Profile

 Seeking a secure but simple remote access solution
 Want to enhance their current Citrix/VPN setup
 Need to enable VPN remote access – either with a token or using a
  mobile phone
 Satisfied with OTP security
 Windows Active Directory shop
 Don't want a separate management station- they like the AD plug-in
 Don't want/have a dedicated security team to manage the system
 Need to comply with regulations such as PCI section 8.3 that
  requires two-factor authentication
SafeWord Partnerships

              (10 Minutes)
SafeWord Partnerships
 SafeWord 2008 “For” Family
    SafeWord 2008 for Citrix
    SafeWord 2008, Cisco Compatible
    SafeWord 2008 for Check Point
    SafeWord 2008 for Nortel Networks

 Sell as add-on to VPN deals from our partners
 SW 2008 branded package promotions provide great
  introduction and future selling opportunity
 SafeWord for Citrix sells big in the channel
 Citrix/Cisco conferences are big lead generators
SafeWord First Customer Pitch

               (20 Minutes)
Key Requirements to “Access Your Business”
 More applications & productivity with remote
      VPN
      Citrix Applications
      Web Apps, OWA

 Enable more users from more locations
      Employees, Guest/temp workers, Business partners, customers

 Protect more data
      Customer/financial info
      Credit card data
      HR records, healthcare info
      Mission-critical applications

 Leverage existing infrastructure
      Windows + Active Directory
      No additional servers

 Make it easy for users
      Tokens, mobile devices
      Something that works like a password
    SafeWord 2008
Detailed Product Review
Introducing SafeWord 2008

 Protect your most important
  applications and assets

 Use the solution that is ideal for

 Deploy the token that is used by
  millions every day

 Lower your total cost of ownership
SafeWord 2008 Standard Edition
   All in one package that includes software, tokens, warranty and support
   Authenticators
      eToken PASS, Gold

   Supported Agents
      Outlook Web Access
      Citrix Web Interface
      Citrix Secure Access Manager
      Internet Authentication Service Agent (RADIUS)
      Network Policy Server Agent (RADIUS)

 Optional Additions:
      Enterprise Solution Pack (ESP)
      MobilePASS software authenticators
The Best Solution for Windows
 Tailored for Windows, today and tomorrow
    Works on 32 / 64-bit Windows operating systems

    Vista and Windows 2008 Server

    Windows 2003 and XP-compatible

 Seamless Active Directory integration
    Installs on your AD Domain Controller

    Use the Microsoft tools your already know

 SafeWord 2008 is a perfect fit when you
  upgrade your Windows infrastructure

          “   SafeWord is just about the easiest product to
                manage in this group, particularly for
                Microsoft-based servers.
                 SC Magazine Group Test, Two-factor Authentication

 eToken PASS
      OATH Compliant
      Event and Time Based

    GOLD
      PIN Protect, Challenge Response
 MobilePASS Software Authenticators (purchased
     separately from the standard SafeWord 2008 package)
      One-Time-Password generation on Windows desktops,
       BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Java ME Devices, Symbian
      SMS delivery to mobile devices
 Alpine and Platinum tokens for existing customers
Go Mobile with MobilePASS
   Purchased as an add-on to the standard SafeWord 2008 package

   Turns a mobile device into a two-factor authenticator by
    generating one-time-passwords on Windows desktops a
    and mobile devices

   Delivers SMS passcodes to mobile devices

   Works on popular platforms:
      BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, J2ME-enabled devices,
       Symbian, Windows Desktop, SMS delivery

   Eliminates the need to distribute, maintain, and carry an additional device

   Easy to distribute, inexpensive to maintain, and quick to deploy

      What you need to deploy a MobilePASS Solution:
      SafeWord 2008 + MobilePASS Tokens (priced separately)
What is the Enterprise Solution Pack (ESP)?

 Add-on package to SafeWord 2008
 Offers management capabilities outside of Microsoft
  Active Directory
 Offers self help and enrollment tools
Getting Started with SafeWord 2008

               (5 Minutes)
SafeWord Starter Packs

   Customers can get started with SafeWord 2008
    in two easy ways:
     1. Through the purchase of a Starter Pack
     2. By ordering an evaluation pack and then purchasing the eval
        conversion/activation to turn it into a Starter Pack

   Starter packs are available as branded packages for Citrix, Check Point,
    Cisco and Nortel
   All customers can purchase only one SafeWord 2008 Starter Pack. After
    that, they need to order regular quantity packs.
   SafeWord 2008 Starter Packs come with all you need to get started:
      5 tokens (eToken PASS or Alpine – event based) only)
      SafeWord 2008 software
      One year of support and token warranty
After the Starter Packs…

 Customers can purchase additional tokens in packs or in
  specific quantities to add additional users to their Starter Pack
How do customers buy the Enterprise
Solution Pack (ESP)?
 All Starter and Evaluation packs include a 30-day evaluation
  version of ESP
 Customers who want to purchase ESP, enter an order and
  receive an activation license
The SafeWord 2008 Lifetime Warranty

 Purchases of SafeWord 2008 tokens include a token warranty
  that allows customers to return a damaged or defective token at
  any time for a replacement
 This warranty is valid as long as the customer has an active
  support contract
 Token replacement requires the return of the original damaged
 Warranty does not cover lost or stolen tokens, or expedited
  shipping costs
Support and Renewals
 Starter Pack comes with 1st year of support
 Support for add-on tokens
    Support for add-ons is included from the purchase date until the next
     anniversary of the original Starter Pack purchase
 Support renewals
    Based on all tokens purchased to that date, including tokens
     purchased after the initial Starter Pack
    For example, if a customer purchases 1000 tokens on January 1,
     2009, then purchases 300 additional tokens on March 1, customer
     must renew 1,300 tokens on January 1, 2010.
 Renewals are required for all tokens purchased to date
Case Studies
World-class Customers
Banamex (Banco Nacional de Mexico):
The leading bank in Mexico
Product: SafeWord Gold Tokens
Business Challenges
   Eliminate the vulnerabilities associated with passwords
   Secure Banamex’s online banking operations for retail customers, business partners
    and employees
   Provide an easy to use portable solution that could be easily deployed and
    distributed to thousands of customers
Solution Benefits
   SafeWord Gold tokens provide secure access to customers’ bank accounts and the
    bank’s online applications
   Banamex has been able increase customer confidence and gain a competitive edge
    over other banks
   SafeWord authenticators were easy to install and deploy, and had the lowest Total
    Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to other solutions that were assessed
   Tokens deployed: Over 2.5 million tokens
Associated Bank

Product: SafeWord for Citrix
Business Challenges
   The solution had to be compatible with ASBC’s current remote access deployment to
    provide the highest level of security available
   Integration with existing Citrix access infrastructure
   Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
   No user training required to simplify the roll-out of the solution
   Minimal administrative effort related to deployment and maintenance
Solution Benefits
   Ease of deployment and administration
   Seamless integration with existing Citrix infrastructure
   Positive user identification
   Secure access to critical information
   Tokens deployed: ~ several thousand
Allen Matkins Law Firm

Product: SafeWord and SafeWord for Citrix
Business Challenges
   Secure online access to sensitive and confidential legal cases
   Ensure speedy access for attorneys at home and at customer sites
   Enable secure remote access from via Citrix and VPN
 Solution Benefits
   Ability to customize access rights according to attorney’s user profiles
   Seamless integration with Citrix enables users to travel lightly and securely access
    resources from various location.
   Fast and secure access to mail and other network resources from any location via
   Detailed audit logs provide an accounting of all activity, including failed login
   Very easy to use and carry around
   60,000 students, 18,000 employees

   Existing password system unreliable and non-secure; password
    change rules frustrated users and administrators       “SafeWord’s ability to
   Needed easy deployment to large number of              address all of our testing
    users; easy integration with variety of applications   criteria, particularly its
                                                           integration abilities and
   RSA replacement: SafeWord won on ease of
                                                           superior reliability, made
    integration and lower TCO
                                                           the choice easy.
                                                           SafeWord exceeded our
                                                           expectations in ease of
                                                           manageability and
                                                           rollout.” Mark Powell,
                                                           Director of Data Security
Pricing Example
    SafeWord 2008 + eToken PASS
    (Authentication Price List)

    •         Request:
                •           Customer would like to order 1,100 licenses for eToken PASS
                            with SafeWord 2008 as a management system
    •         Components needed:
                •           1,100 SafeWord 2008 eToken PASS Licenses

    DPRODUCT                                            SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE (SRP)                                     ($) Dollar

    SafeWord 2008 Authenticator Pack (Price per unit)
                                                               1-100             101-500             501-1000             1001-2500                  2501-5000
    SafeWord 2008, Alpine (Event Sync)                         148.95             136.44              124.00                106.00                     99.00
    SKU                                                     NSAL-1-100-DP     NSAL-101-500-DP     NSAL-501-1000-DP     NSAL-1001-2500-DP          NSAL-2501-5000-DP

    SafeWord 2008, eToken PASS (Event Sync)                    110.70             94.50                85.50                70.20                      64.80
    SKU                                                    NSPASS-1-100-DP   NSPASS-101-500-DP   NSPASS-501-1000-DP   NSPASS-1001-2500-DP        NSPASS-2501-5000-DP

                            Total quote: 1,100* $70.2 = $77,220

Thank You

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