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									                                                                                                                                                     APRIL/MAY 2010


Proud moments for CPUT GRADUATES

HARD WORK: Chancellor of CPUT, Dr Trevor Manuel, conferred 6 300 diplomas and degrees on CPUT graduates during the University’s April Graduation.

   Chancellor of CPUT, Dr Trevor Manuel,                           Campus, Vice-Chancellor Prof Vuyisa Mazwi-                              Pietersen, who has held several top positions
conferred 6 300 diplomas and degrees on                            Tanga said: “This is a very special occasion and day               in industry also urged Business graduates to not
CPUT graduates during the University’s                             for all of you. It represents the culmination of many              just settle for secure employment at companies
April Graduation.                                                  years of hard work and sacrifice.”                                 but to go on to create employment for other
                                                                                                                                      South Africans.
    Of this total, 62 master’s degrees and seven                       She also acknowledged the sacrifices made
doctoral degrees were awarded during the twelve                    by parents, partners, family and sponsors during                       “What this country needs are entrepreneurs.
graduation ceremonies that took place at the Cape                  the graduates’ years at CPUT.                                      The formal sector does not have the capacity to
Town and Bellville campuses.                                                                                                          take up all the demands for jobs,” he said.
                                                                       Prof Mazwi-Tanga said the institution is proud
    This year’s graduation week commenced on                       of what the graduates have achieved thus far.                          He said it takes courage to leap into the
12 April 2010, when graduates from the Business                                                                                       world of entrepreneurship as you have to have a
Faculty took to the stage to receive their academic                     “We hope that we have placed you on a                         successful business idea.
qualifications.                                                    trajectory that will lead you to greater heights,”
                                                                   she said.                                                              “Don’t look for the big ideas. Many successful
     The Business Faculty is the largest faculty at                                                                                   entrepreneurs started with humble ideas,” he said.
CPUT and five of the twelve ceremonies have been                        Guest speaker at the ceremony, David
set aside for this faculty.                                        Pietersen, the Director of Marketing and Sales at                      Dr Manuel, who presided over the
                                                                   I&J, urged students to “dream big.”                                graduation, also encouraged graduates to
    The remainder of the ceremonies was used                                                                                          pursue their dreams.
to confer degrees in the Faculty of Education                          An alumnus of CPUT, Pietersen said: “Make
and Social Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences,                   yourself a promise today that you will write down                      “I want to plead with graduates to take heed
Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Health and                      your dream.”                                                       of the advice of the guest speaker. Commit to
Wellness and the Faculty of Informatics and                                                                                           your dreams.”
Design.                                                                He said graduates must not let their
                                                                   dreams be shattered by alcohol or drug abuse,                         He called on graduates to make a
    Addressing graduates at the first graduation                   which is currently rife amongst South African                      commitment to life-long learning and return to
ceremony, which took place at the Cape Town                        youth.                                                             CPUT to further their studies.

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FIRST CEREMONY: CPUT Chancellor Dr Trevor Manuel,                  PROUD: Graduates in the Faculty of Business eagerly await       ENGINEERING: CPUT Chancellor Dr Trevor manual serves as
flanked by CPUT Vice-Chancellor Prof Vuyisa Mazwi-Tanga            the beginning of the first graduation ceremony on 12 April on   guest speaker at the16 April Faculty of Engineering graduation
and Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic Prof Anthony Staak, at        Cape Town Campus.                                               ceremony.
the first April 2010 graduation ceremony.

HEALTH: Yapo Guillaume Aboua is awarded a doctoral degree in Biomedical Sciences at the Health and Wellness Faculty graduation ceremony on 15 April.

ELECTRICAL: Marco Adonis is awarded a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering graduation           HARD WORK: CPUT Vice-Chancellor Prof Vuyisa Mazwi-
ceremony on 14 April.                                                                                                              Tanga congratulates Faculty of Education and Social
                                                                                                                                   Sciences graduate Tanya Crous, who was awarded the Vice-
                                                                                                                                   Chancellor’s Medal.

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80 NEW NURSES for the health sector
   CPUT together with the Western Cape                            Addressing graduates at the ceremony,
College of Nursing (WCCN) are taking the                       keynote speaker Sage Pillay, CEO of the
lead in addressing skill shortages in the                      National Health Laboratory Services, said
South African Health Sector.                                   South Africa desperately needs skilled health
                                                               professionals who can make an impact in the
    On 15 April, 60 students were awarded the                  health sector.
Diploma in Nursing during the Faculty of Health
and Wellness Sciences graduation ceremony.                        Pillay said many graduates will take up
During the ceremony, the nursing graduates                     careers in the public health care sector, which is
cited the traditional nursing pledge and lit the               currently viewed by many South Africans as an
nurse lamp, which is symbolic of the one which                 uncaring sector. He challenged the graduates to
was carried by Florence Nightingale, a pioneer                 change this poor image and provide a quality          HELPING HAND: Nurses recite the nurse pledge at graduation.
in nursing during the 1800’s. This tradition is                service to those in their care.
practiced at universities and nursing colleges                                                                       graduates to take up these challenges with
across the world since 1893.                                      “Remember, the people you will care for            their employer, but to do so in a “professional
                                                               cannot afford health care. Treat patients like        manner.” During the ceremony 97 Bachelor of
   Currently in the Western Cape this tradition is             you would want anyone to care for a member of         Technology Degrees in Nursing were also conferred.
only taking place at CPUT and the University of                your family. Put people first and above narrow
the Western Cape, which are the only two higher                and selfish needs,” he said.                             CPUT’s postgraduate nursing programme,
education institution offering the undergraduate                                                                     which allows qualified nurses to specialize
nursing qualification. The other higher education                 He also drew their attention to the challenges     in various areas of nursing, is one of the most
institutions in the province only offer the                    of the sector, which include lack of resources,       successful programmes in the country, drawing
postgraduate nursing programmes.                               working conditions and remuneration. He urged         students from across Africa.

                                                                                                                        He also commended the F’SATI staff members,
                                                                                                                     under the direction of Prof Robert van Zyl, for
                                                                                                                     their approach to running programmes. With
                                                                                                                     the roll out of the Satellite Systems Engineering
                                                                                                                     programme last year, Prof Staak said F’SATI is
                                                                                                                     fast becoming the flagship programme at CPUT.

                                                                                                                        Executive Director of the National Research
                                                                                                                     Foundation (NRF), Dr Romilla Maharaj applauded
                                                                                                                     the F’SATI programme, as being one of the most
                                                                                                                     successful initiatives in the South Africa higher
                                                                                                                     education system.
ACHIEVEMENT: Students who graduated with dual degrees from CPUT and F’SATI.

F’SATI and CPUT confer dual degrees
                                                                                                                         “Achieving two master degrees in two years
                                                                                                                     is really an achievement. Many students battle
                                                                                                                     with completing a normal master’s degree,” she
   Eleven students enrolled in the Electrical                     Deputy-Vice Chancellor Academic, Prof              said.
Engineering postgraduate programme offered                     Anthony Staak, who addressed delegates who
by the French South African Institute of                       attended the F’SATI Graduation Ceremony at               She said the issue of dual degrees is an area
Technology (F’SATI) became the first                           the Bellville Campus, praised the students for        which the NRF would like to explore. Referring
recipients of dual degrees at CPUT.                            achieving a dual qualification.                       to the low doctorate graduate rate in South
                                                                                                                     Africa, Dr Maharaj urged the graduates to pursue
   On 14 April, students received a Master of                    “This has been a very demanding programme.          doctoral studies.
Technology Degree (Electrical Engineering)                     Having satisfied the qualifications of two master
from CPUT and a Master of Science Degree                       degrees is an achievement,” he said.                     Prof François Rocaries, Director of F’SATI,
(Electronic Engineering) from Ecole Supérieure                                                                       said this first graduation is a milestone for the
d’Ingénieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique                 Prof Staak said these students have “broken         CPUT based centre. Prof Rocaries said he
(ESIEE), a graduate school in Paris.                           new ground” at CPUT.                                  hoped that in 2011, more students will graduate
                                                                                                                     with the dual qualification.
   Established in 2008, F’SATI is a specialised                  “You have showed us that this programme is
centre, which focuses on Electronic Engineering.               possible and very feasible,” he said.                     “I am very proud of these students,” he said.
The programmes are offered in collaboration
with CPUT and ESIEE.
                                                                  THE FOLLOWING                     VERNON DAVIDS                        BOKANG MOTJOLOPANE
   The first degree, a Master of Science Degree                   STUDENTS GRADUATED                WILFRED FRITZ                        JULIUS MUGA
from ESIEE was conferred on students during                       WITH THE DUAL                     YI HAN                               PRUDENT NDUKU
the F’SATI Graduation, which was held an hour                     QUALIFICATION:                    KOKETSO KUJANE                       PASEKA NKETOANE
prior to the CPUT Graduation, where students                                                        CHARLES MAJANI                       ATANDA RAJI
were awarded the Master of Technology Degree.

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Stakeholders commit to addressing
    Delegates who attended the Stakeholder
Summit on Higher Education Transformation
have committed themselves to addressing
the challenges raised in the Soudien Report.

    The two day summit, which was held at the
CPUT Bellville campus, gave stakeholders from
universities, training authorities and government
the opportunity to engage and exchange ideas
on higher education transformation.

    South Africa’s Deputy President Kgalema
Motlanthe, when opening the summit, said
issues of transformation must be overcome.

     “If we fail to address these challenges, our
freedom will have limited meaning for many people,
especially the poorest of the poor,” he said.

    The summit, an initiative of the Department      GOOD READ: South Africa’s Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe takes a look Edu-Vision, a publication produced by the CPUT
                                                     Journalism students for the summit. Seated next to him is the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande.
of Higher Education and Training, came about         (photograph by Zaynu Wagenaar - CPUT photography student)
a as a result of the report of the Committee
on Transformation, Social Cohesion and the           a way forward a permanent Stakeholder Forum                     and the development of African languages as
Elimination of Discrimination in Public Higher       must be established.                                            academic languages.
Education Institutions, better known as the
Soudien report.                                          According to the declaration the Department                     Metcalfe, also pointed out the commitment
                                                     of Higher Education and Training must lead a                    to ensure “stronger intra-institutional capacity-
     The shock findings of the investigation,        broad consultative process to define the role and               building and knowledge sharing in order to
lead by University of Cape Town Deputy Vice-         functions of this forum and a process for it to be              foster inter-institutional sectoral solidarity and
Chancellor Professor Crain Soudien, found that       established.                                                    collaboration.”
racism and sexism are still endemic at South
African universities. The investigation, which was                                                                       The Minister of Higher Education and Training,
conducted at South Africa’s 23 universities, also       “Government will play                                        Dr Blade Nzimande, said the summit has laid the
                                                                                                                     foundation for better communication in the higher
found that institutions failed to adequately deal
with these challenges.                                  its role and so should                                       education sector and has seen stakeholders
                                                                                                                     reach consensus on the Soudien report.
    After two-days of deliberations, stakeholders         the stakeholders,”                                            Describing the summit as being “highly
compiled a Summit Declaration, which saw them
                                                                                                                     successful,” he said it was a risk to host it.
commit to addressing the challenges raised in
the Soudien report.                                      The declaration also called for a working
                                                                                                                          “The risk we took was to bring diverse
                                                     group to be convened in order to take forward
                                                                                                                     people together in the hope that they see they
    The two-page declaration, which reaffirms        the framework for institutional differentiation
                                                                                                                     have a lot in common and can move forward
the higher education sectors commitment to the       developed at the Summit and develop
                                                                                                                     together,” he said.
White paper in Higher education, also recognised     recommendations in consultation with the sector.
the challenges in the sector and outlined the way                                                                        Dr Nzimande said the department has
forward.                                                  Other issues highlighted in the declaration
                                                                                                                     committed themselves to the way forward set
                                                     include the development of mechanisms
                                                                                                                     out in the declaration.
    Director General of the Department of Higher     to promote student-centered and caring
Education and Training Mary Metcalfe, who read       universities, the implementation of a national                      “Government will play its role and so should
out the declaration at the summit, stated that as    framework for development of student leadership                 the stakeholders,” he said.

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                                                                                                                              This was then followed by the launch.

                                                                                                                                 Mvalo said the next step was to embed the
                                                                                                                              charter in all processes.

                                                                                                                                  “We need to incorporate it amongst
                                                                                                                              other things within our employment equity
                                                                                                                              transformation processes and the trans-
                                                                                                                              formation strategy. It should also be part of
                                                                                                                              our strategic planning and we need to ensure
                                                                                                                              that it cascades down to all levels within our
                                                                                                                              university. We need to keep the charter alive
                                                                                                                              and also see how can we carve out a student
                                                                                                                              charter and enhance students’ lives,” he said.

                                                                                                                                  Dr Sabie Surtee, the guest speaker for the
                                                                                                                              day, painted a bleak picture of employment
                                                                                                                              equity in the workplace according to the
                                                                                                                              findings of a research she undertook at
                                                                                                                              selected Western Cape organisations.
TRANFORMATION: Manager for Institutional Transformation, Social Cohesion and Diversity George Mvalo, Deputy Vice-
Chancellor: Research, Technology Innovation and Partnerships Dr Chris Nhlapo and Executive Advisor to the Vice Chancellor’s       Her presentation, entitled “Transformation:
Office Dr Nomathamsanqa Tisani present the CPUT Transformation Charter.
                                                                                                                              African People in the Western Cape,” reached
                                                                                                                              the following findings: “There was a low level
                                                                                                                              of appointments of Africans in middle and

  CPUT LAUNCHES                                                                                                               junior management level posts. This was
                                                                                                                              accompanied by robust appointment rates of
                                                                                                                              white people in this occupational level which in

                                                                                                                              most cases was double if not more than their
                                                                                                                              numerical representivity in the South African
                                                                                                                              population as a whole”.

  CHARTER                                                                                                                         It was recommended among other things
                                                                                                                              that “The participating companies should
                                                                                                                              build inter-company collaborative networks.
                                                                                                                              This would allow them to identify and develop
                                                                                                                              good practice to improve EE progress. Wider
    CPUT recently launched its Transformation Charter, making it one of the few institutions
                                                                                                                              stakeholder engagement is needed to deal
of higher learning that have reached that stage in the transformation agenda.
                                                                                                                              constructively with the social factors that make
    The launch was very symbolic in that it
took place two days after Human Rights Day,
                                                                     “We need to keep                                         the Western Cape an unattractive destination
                                                                                                                              for African professionals.
21 March, 50 years after the commemoration                         the charter alive and                                          Participating companies need to review
of Sharpeville Day (Human Rights Day), and 25
years after the Langa Massacre.                                    also see how can we                                        the format they are currently using to conduct
                                                                                                                              staff meetings to address the “invisible
     The launch is also significant as CPUT
will host the Department of Higher Education
                                                                    carve out a student                                       syndrome”. A new methodology needs to be
                                                                                                                              implemented where the voices of all staff are
and Training’s first ever national stakeholder                     charter and enhance                                        recognised, heard and respected”.
summit on higher education transformation
                                                                                                                                   “Business was concerned about the
from 22 to 23 April 2010.                                             students’ lives.”                                       difficulty that its members in the Western Cape
    George Mvalo, Manager for Institutional                          He said the new document will bind us                    were having in attracting and retaining African
Transformation, Social Cohesion and Diversity                   all and that it addresses seven principles of                 professionals on certain levels. Independent
at CPUT, said the higher education landscape                    transformation. The process has so far involved               research was hence needed to understand
in our country is such that universities need to                two stages, with the first stage concentrating                what are the barriers to the achievement
respond in a coherent manner to the various                     on the distribution of the charter itself on the              of employment equity in relation to African
transformation imperatives that are facing us.                  cover of the current year’s desktop calendars.                people in the Western Cape,” she said.

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VC APPOINTED to serve on HRD Council
    CPUT Vice-Chancellor Professor Vuyisa              members and organised labour are represented
Mazwi-Tanga has been appointed to serve on             in the HRDC.
the Human Resources Development Council
(HRDC).                                                    According to the report featured on the
                                                       Presidency’s website, when delivering his
   South African Deputy President Kgalema              speech during the launch, Motlanthe said: “I
Motlanthe recently confirmed the appointment.          am confident that as a collective through this
                                                       Council, we will together make a significant
     The Council, which was launched on 30
                                                       impact on improving the human resources of
March 2010 by the Deputy President in Pretoria,
                                                       our country.”
is a national multi-tiered and multi-sectoral body.

    The Council is chaired by the Deputy                   The role of the council includes advising
President to facilitate conditions that promote        the Deputy President on the need for the
optimal participation of all stakeholders in           implementation of policies and strategies,
the planning, stewardship, monitoring and              and will also provide a medium for a constant
evaluation of HRD activities in the country.           dialogue among stakeholders on all relevant
                                                                                                              VIP: CPUT Vice-Chancellor Professor Vuyisa Mazwi-Tanga
Briefly, the primary aim of the HRDC-SA is to          matters.
contribute to human resource development in                                                                        The invitation of the Vice Chancellor to the
South Africa.                                              The Minister of Higher Education and               Council is a singular honour and recognition. It
                                                       Training is also closely involved with the Council     also carries the challenge and responsibility to
     The high profile membership of Council            as he will be setting up the Secretariat which will    raise the voice of the higher education sector
includes Government Ministers, civil society           support the Council and its sub-committees.            including the provision and extension of post-
sectors, business, professional bodies, higher         The most important of which is the Technical           schooling training and development of South
education, research communities, co-opted              Working Group.                                         African youth.

    ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT                                                                                 communities how they can combat some of
                                                                                                             these challenges,” said Minister Bredell.

    DEPARTMENT hosts minister                                                                                     Shikombiso Mabunda, a second-year
                                                                                                             student who is among the students invited to
        CPUT’s Environmental Management                 on what the minister should speak about              listen to the minister’s speech, said: “It is going
    Department hosted the Western Cape                  concerning the environment.                          to be my first time attending something like
    Minister of Environmental Affairs and
                                                                                                             this and it really feels great.
    Development Planning at an event that was                Seconna and four students were invited
    held at the Cape Town campus recently.              to sit at the VIP section during the speech              “I hope to get more ideas about pursuing
                                                        while other students were encouraged to              my career as I am willing to help the government
        Minister Anton Bredell, who is also an          watch from screens that were going to be             where it needs assistance.”
    alumnus of the former Cape Technikon,               displayed at other alternative venues in
    addressed about 500 students and staff from         parliament. The minister’s speech would also              The ministry also invited the students to
    the Environmental Management Department             include information regarding job and in-            join and support the Green Scream Campaign,
    on 23 March 2010.                                   service training opportunities, bursaries and        an initiative of the Environmental Affairs and
                                                        budgetary provisions in the ministry.                Development Planning Department. The
         The main purpose of the visit was to invite                                                         students were encouraged to raise awareness
    students to the 2010 Budget Speech that was             Addressing the students, Minister Bredell        through creative outfits, poster boards,
    held in parliament on 26 March 2010. Three          said: “We need to create jobs and once those         mascots, and the like, on environmental issues.
    officials from the Environmental Affairs and        jobs are created, we will need to find the right
    Development Planning also formed part of the        balance between protecting our environment                The awareness campaign also took place
    minister’s entourage.                               and getting the necessary people.”                   in front of the Legislature Building just before
                                                                                                             the budget speech was delivered. Other
        Part of the minister’s budget speech                The minister also encouraged the students        parties involved in the campaign included
    involved some suggestions from Environmental        to focus on helping out communities in time          politicians, mayors, members of the industry
    Management students that were forwarded to          of need.                                             and government officials.
    the minister’s office while planning his speech.
    According to Jacob Seconna, head of the                 “We experience a lot of storms, disasters,           Nosicelo Sinje, a second-year student who
    Environmental Management programme, the             veld fires and changes in climate in the             also received an invitation from the ministry,
    department was approached by the ministry,          Western Cape. You should stop wasting time           added: “This means a lot to me. It is a first step
    asking the students to write suggestions            arguing, instead go out there and teach those        to achieve my goal.”

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                                                                                                                    staff newsletter

R34 MILLION                                                   study period of the students, enable academically
                                                              strong students to complete a full teaching
                                                                                                                        The fund had already given R33 million in
                                                                                                                    bursaries to CPUT for 2010, making it the second

for education
                                                              qualification in an area of national priority.        highest allocation in the country, with the University
                                                                                                                    of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) being the first.
                                                                  The Education Faculty has awarded almost

                                                              800 bursaries to the amount of R43 000 per                The boost comes as part of a national drive
                                                              student for 2010, across the three campuses;          to increase the number of quality educators
                                                              Bellville, Mowbray and Wellington; where the          within the public schooling environment.
                                                              faculty is located.
     The Faculty of Education and Social Sciences                                                                       CPUT has one of the highest number of
has received a financial boost from the National                   The bursaries are administered throughout        education graduates and student body in the
Department of Education (DOE) through the                     the country by the DOE and managed locally            province.
Funza Lushaka fund allocation of over R34 million             by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme
for student bursaries.                                                                                                  According to Education Faculty Dean Prof.
                                                              (NSFAS) under Financial Aid on CPUT campuses.
                                                                                                                    Maureen Robinson, “We are excited about the
                                                              Successful candidates are selected on academic
    The Funza Lushaka (meaning ‘teach the                                                                           additional funding received, as it signals the
                                                              merit through a competitive and stringent
nation’ in Tshivenda) Bursary Programme is a                                                                        state’s commitment to quality education”.
                                                              process where the Faculty and representatives
multi-year programme that promotes teaching
in public schools, with a special emphasis on                 of the Western Cape Education Department                  “These efforts to recruit the best candidates
rural areas.                                                  make a selection and submit names to the              as teachers in public schools and support them
                                                              DOE. Candidates should also exhibit a visible         through their studies is important to the country’s
    The fund’s vision is to produce ‘more                     commitment to a teaching career; have an              overall development”, she added.
teachers, better teachers’ that will specialise               interest in working with young people and show
in priority areas, such as Foundation Phase                   enthusiasm for a professional career in teaching.          Over the years, National Treasury has
(Grade R - 3) and subjects like English, African                                                                    increased the fund, resulting in an improvement
Languages, Mathematics and Sciences in the                        Recipients of these bursaries are required        in the standard of qualified educators. There has
Intermediate and Senior Phase (Grades 4 - 9).                 to teach at public schools (possible in the rural     also been a notable increase in the number of
                                                              areas) for the same number of years that they         prospective students registering for education
    The bursaries, covering all costs for the entire          receive the bursary.                                  programmes in the past year.

                                                                                                                    guarantee placements for students in industry
                                                                                                                    and ensure that they graduate in the prescribed
                                                                                                                    time. According to the grant agreement signed
                                                                                                                    between CHIETA and CPUT, the university will
                                                                                                                    be responsible for approaching industry for
                                                                                                                    placements, while the organisation will cover the
                                                                                                                    cost of the students, relieving companies from
                                                                                                                    having to pay stipends.

                                                                                                                         CHIETA CEO, Kelebogile Dilotsotlhe said it
                                                                                                                    is vital for their organisation to take a leading role
PLACEMENT: Delegates from CPUT and CHIETA at the launch of the programme.
                                                                                                                    in ensuring students are well equipped for the
                                                                                                                    Chemical Engineering Industry, which currently

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT                                                                                     faces dire skill shortages. CHIETA, along with
                                                                                                                    all other Sector Education Training Authorities

joins hands with CHIETA                                                                                             (SETA’s) were recently mandated by the
                                                                                                                    Department of Higher Education and Training to
                                                                                                                    play a more active role in skills development, by
    A R1.98 million grant from the Chemical                   that they could not afford to run internship          collaborating with higher education institutions.
Industries Education and Training Authority                   programmes.
(CHIETA) will ensure that CPUT students                                                                                  Dilotsotlhe said this is the first collaboration
secure internship placements in industry.                          “In recent years it has become increasingly      of its kind with a university of technology. “We are
                                                              difficult for us as a department to place these       proud to be part of creating history, which will be
    The move to establish the CHIETA Student                  students. It is common to see students sitting        reflected in the lives of these students,” she said.
Internship and Learnership Programme at CPUT                  at home unable to complete their diploma
was promoted by the Chemical Engineering                      programme for up to a year because they have             CPUT Vice-Chancellor, Prof Vuyisa Mazwi-
Department, who in recent years has been                      no place to undertake their one year of industrial    Tanga said a lot of effort has been made to infuse
battling to place students in industry.                       placement,” he said.                                  work integrated learning into the curriculum.
                                                                                                                    She said this grant will play a major role in the
    Addressing delegates who attended the                         The battle to secure internship placements        development of students.
launch on 9 April 2010 at the Bellville Campus,               has negatively impacted on the department’s
Head of the Chemical Engineering Department,                  throughput rates, with students remaining in              Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Technology
Prof Daniel Ikhu-Omoregbe said they                           the system as they are unable to meet all the         Innovation and Partnerships, Dr Chris Nhlapo
approached CHIETA for assistance after many                   requirements of their programme. Prof Ikhu-           welcomed the grant and said it is indicative of a
companies refused to place students, stating                  Omoregbe said the much needed grant will now          vote of confidence in CPUT.

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                                                                                            C A P E P E N I N S U L A U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H NOLOGY

                                                                                                                     staff newsletter

    The French South African Institute of
Technology (F’SATI) at CPUT hosted a two
day industry seminar on the topic of space
satellite systems on 12 and 13 April 2010.

     It was attended by 40 delegates, including
students, academics, and representatives              SEMINAR: Front row - Siyabonga Copiso (Government Relations Manager: FSATI Satellite Engineering Programme), Advocate
                                                      Lulekwa Makapela (Deputy Director: Space Affairs, DTI) and Craig Clarke (CEO of Clyde Space). Back row- CPUT staff members
from Government. This was the first in a series       Dr Richardt Wilkinson, Prof Robert van Zyl and Francois Visser.
of industry seminars scheduled for this year.
                                                      2010. It will be presented by a senior engineer                to achieve dual MTech/MSc and DTech/PhD
     These seminars serve to inform local             from EADS Astrium.                                             qualifications.
stakeholders of international trends, encourage
debate, promote networking, and promote                   The seminar will cover a wide range of                          In 2009 F’SATI established a postgraduate
SMME development. The first seminar was               topics such as the space environment, mission                  programme in Satellite Systems Engineering,
facilitated by industry specialist Craig Clarke,      analysis, launchers and earth observation                      with the support of the Department of Science
CEO/CTO of Clyde Space, Glasgow.                      missions and operations. A session dedicated to                and Technology and the NRF. The primary focus
                                                      the South African space environment is planned.                of the Programme is human capacity development
    Topics that were covered include the                                                                             in space science and technology to support the
satellite life cycle, an industry overview with           F’SATI was founded over ten years ago by                   national space agenda.
an emphasis on small satellites, the future           the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
of small satellites and CubeSats, as well as          the French Government, the National Research                       The Institute is currently developing a CubeSat
technical sessions on satellite subsystems. The       Foundation (NRF) and the Tshwane University                    in collaboration with the Hermanus Magnetic
group conducted a site visit to the Houwteq           of Technology.                                                 Observatory and Stellenbosch University. The
Satellite Integration and Validation Facilities                                                                      satellite will be showcased at the International
in Grabouw. The next industry seminar will be             CPUT joined the F’SATI group in early 2008                 Astronautical Federation Conference which will
held in the Cape Winelands from 24 – 27 May           in an effort to enable postgraduate students                   be held in Cape Town in October 2011.

    ADVANCEMENT DEPARTMENT gets a nod from major funder
      For the first time since its inception, the     amount of third stream income for the institution             reflection of the hard work and team effort the
  CPUT department of Advancement recently             through the establishment and operations of an                department had displayed in the past months.
  celebrated being awarded a challenge                advancement office, encompassing fundraising,
  grant for meeting and exceeding 2009                alumni relations, individual donors, campaigns                    “It is the first time that we are receiving
  expectations of the Kresge Foundation,              and communication.                                            this challenge grant in the history of the
  one of the institution’s major funders.                                                                           department and that shows that we are doing
                                                           The grant is released on an annual basis.                something right,” van Gensen said.
      The Kresge Foundation is an American
  private foundation that seeks to influence the          Certain targets and milestones were put in                   He said the award had motivated the
  quality of life for future generations through      place each year for the department to achieve                 department to work even harder in 2010.
  its support of non-profit organisations             and in return receive a challenge grant from
  in health, the environment, community               the Foundation. Having met and exceeded                             The challenge grant for the 2010 evaluation
  development, arts and culture, education and        all set targets and milestones for the year                   which will be conducted next year is at R1million
  human services.                                     2009, the department received R800,000.00                     if all set targets are met by the department.
                                                      in addition to the annual grant.
       In 2005, the Foundation committed $10.5                                                                           The challenge grant is specifically targeted
  million over 5 years to five South African              Advancement Director Dr Garth van Gensen                  at developing the capacity of the department
  organisations, four of which are universities       said being awarded the challenge grant was a                  staff.
  including CPUT.

      The Foundation made a total of R10.2million        The department of Advancement is located on the fifth floor, Administration Building on the
  available to CPUT for the period 2006 to 2010          Cape Town campus and can be contacted on +27 21 460 3389.
  to develop institutional capacity to increase the

                                                                                     C A P E P E N I N S U L A U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H NOLOGY

                                                                                                          staff newsletter

    Four CPUT students have been appointed             Lina Taing, a Masters student from the             to Christopher Muanda, YWP’s outgoing
to serve on the Western Cape Chapter of the        University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Social                 chairperson and principal researcher at CPUT’s
Southern African Young Water Professionals         Anthropology     Department,    gave    some           CWSS Unit, the meeting is for members of the
(YWP) at an Annual General Meeting that            insight into the Municipal Constraints around          organisation itself or anyone in the broad field
was held recently.                                 Sanitation Service Delivery.                           of water.

    CPUT’s Community Water and Sanitation              The attendees included professionals                   Some of the organisations’ members are
Service Unit (CWSS) played host to the meeting     from various industries and students from all          expected to present research papers at the
which took place on 14 April 2010 at the Food      Western Cape universities which included               annual conference, which is a way of sharing
Technology Department’s auditorium.                CPUT, University of Stellenbosch, University of        and learning from each other. The organisation
                                                   the Western Cape and UCT.                              holds at least six meetings a year.
    Thandokazi Tshoto, Mompati Modise,
Cameron Slinger and Tauriq Modhidin, all              Students were from the Civil, Chemical,                 Muanda said: “Our organsiation came about
from the Biochemistry, Biomedical Technology       Mechanical Engineering, Biochemistry and               to close the gap between the more experienced
Civil, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering         Biomedical Technology Departments. According           and less experienced people in the industry.”
Departments, were selected to serve on YWP.
                                                       “We gather and let more                                “One of the main things we do is to gather
    At least 60 young water professionals from                                                            and let the more experienced people share with
the Western Cape attended the meeting.
                                                        experienced people                                young professionals what they have learnt over
                                                           share with young                               the past years in the industry.”
    Corinne Greyling from the Cape Organic
Chemical Optimitisation (pty) Ltd was one             professionals what they                                  YWP is the youth division of the Water
for the guest speakers who spoke about                have learnt over the past                           Institute of South Africa and the South African
Nanotechnology for Industrial Wastewater                                                                  branch of the international YWP, supported by
Treatment.                                             years in the industry.”                            the International Water Association.

    With the government working towards            water for flushing and save substantial amounts
eradicating the country’s sanitation backlog,      of water,” said Muanda.
the CPUT Community Water Supply and
Sanitation Unit (CWSS) has been appointed              Under the MoU, it was agreed that the
to evaluate a pilot project in Cape Town.          CWSS Unit should cover the evaluation and
                                                   analysis of the MobiSan pilot project and
    MobiSan Technology, a dry sanitation           operationalise it through monitoring and the           ON A MISSION: Christophe Muanda, Principal Researcher;
                                                                                                          Ameen Benjamin, Researcher; Deborah Cousins, Researcher
and urine diversion stand-alone unit, which        development of comprehensive guidelines                and Claudius Zindoga, Researcher.
does not affect ground water, is currently         for operation and maintenance. CWSS is
being implemented at Pooke se Bos informal         also responsible for research funding and              so the government has to find a way to meet
settlement.                                        management. As from 1 April 2010, the team is          them half-way,” said Muanda.
                                                   going to formally start working on the project,
    CWSS’s primary role is to evaluate the         but background research had already been                   The MobiSan idea was sold by the two
user acceptance and functioning of mobile          completed.                                             Dutch companies to the City of Cape Town. The
communal sanitation facilities, using Cape                                                                City of Cape Town was keen on the idea and
Town as a case study. The initiative was as a          “We understand that decent sanitation              allowed the two companies to pilot the project.
result of a Memorandum of Understanding            service is a human right, it doesn’t matter where      Part of the requirements was to involve local
(MoU) between CWSS and Partnership Group,          you stay, so we’ll base our evaluation on that,”       researchers in order to determine the project’s
which includes Dutch-Consortium and the City       said Muanda.                                           effectiveness in a South African context.
of Cape Town that was signed on 28 July 2009.
                                                       Prof Alvin Lagardien, CWSS’s director, is              CPUT’s CWSS Unit had to come on board
    The Dutch-Consortium is made up of             heading a team of researchers, which comprise          and in its research findings, it will advise in
Lettinga Associates Foundation and Viitens         of Muanda, an official from the City of Cape           favour or against the MobiSan Technology.
Evides companies that invented the MobiSan         Town and CPUT postgraduate students
Technology. According to Muanda, a principal       from the Civil and Mechanical Engineering                  The Water Research Commission is funding
researcher at CWSS, the MobiSan is an              Departments. CPUT staff members also form              the continuation of the project.
ecological sanitation system and it does not       part of the team. According to Muanda the
require the use of water for flushing.             government has been trying to come up with                 Muanda said: “We will also look at other
                                                   a plan on what kind of sanitation people want.         technologies that were implemented and see if
    “In South Africa, as a water-scarce country,                                                          MobiSan meets the requirements. It’s important
the application of MobiSan Technology may               “Most of the times, people want full flush        for us also to find out if they have a remedial
result in the reduction of the use of portable     toilets but not all of them have the infrastructure,   plan.”

A P R I L / M AY 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                                      9
                                                                                             C A P E P E N I N S U L A U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H NOLOGY

                                                                                                                      staff newsletter

CHANCELLOR adds his voice to funding request
    CPUT’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Vuyisa
Mazwi-Tanga recently met with the Chancellor
and Minister in the Presidency Dr Trevor
Manuel, at the filming of a promotional
video to attract sponsorship for the new
Food Technology Centre currently under

    This meeting, arranged by the Director:
Advancement Dr Alwyn van Gensen to boost
the funding profile of the project took place on
Friday, 16 April 2010.

    Dr    Manuel said: “In my capacity as
Chancellor of the Cape Peninsula University of
Technology, I wish to invite potential investors
to be part of the development; the first of its      FUNDS: Vice-Chancellor Prof Mawzi-Tanga, Chancellor Dr Manuel and Dr Van Gensen at the filming of the promotional video.
kind in the Province”.
                                                     established.                                                     resistance through development of functional
      “I personally endorse this exciting new                                                                         foods and contributing towards environmental
initiative and I recommend that investors consider       The Centre will consist of two divisions                     sustainability.
it as an investment destination”, he added.          namely an academic training component and a
                                                     commercial service division to render contract-                      The physical structure will consist of
     The Centre will provide training facilities     based support to the food industry at a reduced                  renovated facilities as well as a 1500m2 pilot
for food technology students, who will receive       cost.                                                            plant.
comprehensive hands-on skills development
that will address our country’s demand for more          In the bigger context, this Centre will support                  CPUT has made R40.6 million available
adequately trained food technologists.               the achievement of South Africa’s commitment                     as primary funding for the initial construction
                                                     to support the United Nation’s Millennium                        activity; however a further R25.3 million is
    It will also house a food safety testing         Development Goals in our region through the                      required to complete the project.
centre, offering the food industry a facility for    development, production and safety control
quality and safety control of food products.         of food necessary in eradicating poverty.                             Dr Manuel concluded by saying: “I appeal to
                                                     This initiative also aims to address the issue of                you to consider supporting this priority project,
    Furthermore, a food analysis laboratory as       nutrition which is central to enhancing education                as it will enable South Africa to demonstrate our
well as a functional foods research unit focusing    success; improving maternal health and                           leadership and contribution of real solutions to the
on innovative food product development will be       reducing child mortality while improving disease                 international debate on food security and safety”.

New building for                                          Head of the Cape Town Mechanical
                                                     Engineering Department, Tjaart van der Schyff,
                                                                                                                          The two-story building will consist of
                                                                                                                      several hi-tech laboratories, workshops, lecture

                                                     said the move to construct a new facility at the                 theatres, classrooms and staff rooms. Existing
                                                     Bellville campus is part of the consolidation                    laboratories will also be extended.
                                                     process of the institution. Currently Mechanical

ENGINEERING                                          Engineering programmes are on offer at the Cape                       Head of the Bellville Mechanical Engineering
                                                     Town and Bellville Campuses. The new facility will               Department Zwelethu Ngewana, said space
                                                     allow the department to relocate all Cape Town                   has also been allocated to house 15 doctoral

DEPARTMENT                                           staff, students and facilities to the Bellville Campus.

                                                         This consolidation process follows that of
                                                                                                                      students while a section of the existing building
                                                                                                                      will be revamped to house 40 master students.
                                                                                                                      Provision has also been made for a study area
                                                     several other departments in other faculties,                    for undergraduate students.
    Construction work on the new Mechanical          which have either consolidated at the Bellville or
Engineering building is progressing at a rapid       Cape Town campuses. Van der Schyff said they                         The building will also house the Industrial
rate, with one section of the facility earmarked     have already started the consolidation process                   Systems Engineering Department. Ngewana
for completion at the end of April.                  by locating all 2010 first year students at the                  said consolidating the departments is a huge
                                                     Bellville Campus.                                                task. He said once the building is completed,
     The building, which is being constructed in                                                                      they will have to look at moving all equipment
phases at the Bellville campus, will be connected         More students and staff are soon expected                   stationed at the Cape Town Campus to the new
via a passage to the existing Mechanical             to take occupation of phase one of the building,                 building.
Engineering building. If all goes as planned the     which is scheduled to be completed at the end of
last phase of the building will be completed by      April. This section, which is adjacent to the front                  “It is going to be a huge operation to
the end of the 2010 academic year.                   of the existing Mechanical Engineering building,                 transport all the equipment,” he said.
                                                     consists of several classrooms and staff offices.
    Measuring 5 000 sqm, the new building will                                                                            However, Ngewana said they are looking
have the capacity to house 1 800 students and            “The remainder of the department will move                   forward to the completion of the building and
70 staff members.                                    in 2011,” said van der Schyff.                                   operating the department from one site.

                                                                                                              C A P E P E N I N S U L A U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H NOLOGY

                                                                                                                                       staff newsletter

CPUT brings CULINARY EXPERTISE to Table of Unity
                                                                                                                                           This year’s three-course luncheon was
                                                                                                                                       paired with Lazanou Organic wines, with the
                                                                                                                                       Hotel School’s Executive Chef Jerome Peters
                                                                                                                                       and culinary lecturers Nina Septoe and Marietta
                                                                                                                                       Hattingh preparing a mouthwatering dessert
                                                                                                                                       comprising a chocolate mousse pyramid, served
                                                                                                                                       with an apple and saffron puree and beetroot

                                                                                                                                            The entertainment lineup for the day
                                                                                                                                       included Solly Philander, R & B artist Danny K,
                                                                                                                                       the Fezeka High School Choir from Gugulethu,
                                                                                                                                       3 Tons of Fun, local musician Chad Saaiman, up
                                                                                                                                       and coming eclectic band Coda and Jarrad.

                                                                                                                                          Charity organisation The Amy Biehl
                                                                                                                                       Foundation and Samsung also showed their
                                                                                                                                       support through sponsorship.

                                                                                                                                           The Cape Town Hotel School first year
                                                                                                                                       students, provided guests with expert front of
                                                                                                                                       house service, being involved with the seating
                                                                                                                                       and serving of food and beverage.
CULINARY: The first year hospitality management students are pictured here with Hotel School Director Alan Romburgh (left; back
row) Western Cape Premier Helen Zille (centre) and Hotel School Functions and Marketing Co-ordinator Luke van Rensburg (far right).
                                                                                                                                           Functions and Marketing Co-ordinator Luke
                                                                                                                                       van Rensburg who supervised the students said,
                                                                                                                                       “They (the students) also assisted by putting
    On Sunday 18 April 2010, the tenth annual                           The concept began several years ago with                       together and setting up the table the day before;
Table of Peace and Unity was held on the                            the vision of creating a single platform for Cape                  much praise was awarded to them for their first
slopes of Table Mountain, the mother city’s                         Town’s local sports icons, celebrities, politicians                industry event”.
iconic natural attraction and CPUT’s Cape                           and community heroes to spark conversations
Town Hotel School was there to participate in                       about transformation and give back to our                               The Table of Peace and Unity has become
this philanthropic culinary experience.                             communities.                                                       one of South Africa’s foremost charity functions,
                                                                                                                                       raising over seven million rand since its inception
    Over 700 South Africans from all walks of life                      The aim of the event is to promote peace                       and over one million rand donated in 2009.
shared a luncheon together to show the country                      and unity in South Africa and all proceeds
that a truly unified people hold the power to heal                  from the event are donated to charities that                           This five-star luncheon not only raises
a nation.                                                           benefit children. The charity event also took                      substantial funds for several children’s charities
                                                                    place simultaneously in Johannesburg at                            but also and brings together South Africans with
   The event was also attended by the Western                       Constitutional Hill and in Polokwane at the                        a common goal of peace and a true, lasting
Cape Premier Helen Zille.                                           Mitchell House School.                                             unity.

   HOTEL SCHOOL                                                       chef team, comprising culinary lecturers
                                                                      Mariette Hattingh, Nina Septoe, Sarah Withey,
   FEATURED IN                                                        Clinton Bonhomme and Executive Sous
                                                                      Chef for the Hotel School Jerome Peters
   ROOIBOS COOKBOOK                                                   were selected then tasked with developing
                                                                      rooibos inspired recipes.
        CPUT’s Hotel School recently made
   a mark in the culinary world with the                                  “We were each given a liberal brief to
   acknowledgement of their unique recipes                            develop a recipe; like a starter, main course,
   featured in a rooibos inspired cookbook                            beverage or dessert that uses rooibos tea as an
                                                                      ingredient, so that gave us the freedom to be                   ROOIBOS: The CPUT culinary team (from left) Nina Septoe,
   titled A Touch of Rooibos.                                                                                                         Jerome Peters and Mariette Hattingh.
                                                                      original with our creations”, said Mariette
       The cookbook received a bronze award                           Hattingh, a pastry chef who submitted a malva                    the culinary slot of the Afrikaans lifestyle
   for best cookbook in the world and was also                        pudding recipe.                                                  programme Pasella on SABC 2 and uses the
   voted the best single subject cookbook for                                                                                          rooibos recipes in her teaching practice.
   South Africa at the Gourmand World Cookbook                             The aim of the book was to promote the
   Awards in Paris, France earlier this year.                         cooking versatility of rooibos tea and inspire new                    A Touch of Rooibos is available locally
                                                                      culinary creations, whilst placing an emphasis on                both in English and Afrikaans and has even
       A Touch of Rooibos, published by the                           the tea’s health and wellness benefits.                          been adapted for the international market,
   Rooibos Company Limited, offers over 100                                                                                            where rooibos tea is gaining popularity as one
   original recipes from fourteen of South Africa’s                       Hattingh added: “Working on this project                     of the country’s biggest exports.
   leading chefs, with four CPUT chefs having                         has been very inspirational and rewarding for me
   contributed their original recipes.                                and I’ve started using rooibos more often in                         The book is also due to be exhibited later
                                                                      my cooking. There’s nothing that can’t be                        this year in a special exhibition of food and
        Rooibos Ltd., approached the Hotel                            made with rooibos”.                                              wine books from South Africa, and all other
   School two years ago to get the chefs involved                                                                                      countries of the African Continent at the Cape
   in recipe development for the book. The CPUT                            Hattingh has also featured twice in                         Town Book Fair.

A P R I L / M AY 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                                                                    11
                                                                                                C A P E P E N I N S U L A U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H NOLOGY

                                                                                                                        staff newsletter

MARITIME STUDENTS visit rescue operation centre
    The Maritime Rescue Coordination
Centre (MRCC) plays a vital role in ensuring
lives are saved at sea.

    Director of the MRCC, Johan Carstens, who
addressed CPUT Maritime Studies students
who visited the centre on 13 April 2010, said
the centre is responsible for responding to all
maritime emergencies in South African waters,
ranging from vessel accidents to deep sea
towing operations.

    The purpose of the visit to the Parow based           AT SEA: Maritime Studies lecturer Rui dos Santos (left) with some of the students at the entrance of the Maritime Rescue
organisation was to illustrate to students the            Coordination Centre.
important role the MRCC plays in the maritime
                                                          to vessels travelling in areas which they are                 Williams, said here students were able to view
                                                          responsible for. South Africa is responsible for              first hand the operations of the VTS, which is
    Once qualified, the students will be                  an area of 42 million square kilometers of sea                required to provide vessels with assistance
equipped with the skills to serve on vessels              water, which stretches to the South Pole.                     when entering the harbor.
as certificated Deck Officers, Chief Mates
                                                               Blows said their main function is to                          “They monitor if vessels are anchored in
and Masters, and will need to be aware of the
safety resources at their disposal.                       coordinate rescue missions, which sees them                   the right place and if they are keeping to their
                                                          establishing vessels exact locations and alerting             lanes when entering the port,” said Williams.
    Jared Blows, Operation Manager at                     their rescue team partners, such as the South
the MRCC who gave students a tour of the                  African Air force and other private organisations.                Lecturer, Rui dos Santos said this
operations room that is manned 24 hours                   In many resource missions’ aircrafts as well as               excursion was a vital part of the students’
a day, said they respond to more than 600                 vessels are used. The excursion included a visit              learning experience.
distress calls a year from vessels at sea.                to the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) situated at
                                                          the Cape Town Harbor.                                             “What was not covered in the classroom
   According to international regulations,                                                                              was covered during the visits to these
each country is required to offer this service                Deputy      class     representative,      Theresa        organisations,” he said.

                                                           STUDENTS EXPLORE SHUTTLE TRANSPORT
                                                              Service Learning Projects, which are                          Peffer said the interaction with UCT
                                                          managed by the Service Learning Unit, see                     students and the officials was “extremely
                                                          students working with the community on                        valuable” for the purpose of the project.
                                                          projects related to their courses. The students
                                                          are evaluated and marks are allocated.                             “The students have a general picture of
                                                                                                                        what is happening at another university,” he said.
                                                              As part of the project, the group of 42
                                                          students visited the University of Cape Town                       During the next few weeks, students
                                                          (UCT) during April to investigate the Jammie                  will conduct surveys at the Bellville campus
                                                          Shuttle Service, which is one of the most                     to determine the transport needs of CPUT
                                                          successful student transport systems at a                     students and analyse their findings.
                                                          higher education institution.
                                                                                                                            They will then compile a report, outlining
                                                              During their first visit to UCT they conducted            their findings and recommendations on the
                                                          a survey to establish students’ views on the                  development of a shuttle service for CPUT.
                                                          service. The second visit saw students interact
                                                          with Jammie Shuttle Service officials, who gave                   Peffer, who has initiated several Service
                                                          insight into their daily operations.
                                                                                                                        Learning Projects in the Civil Engineering
                                                              With 30 buses on the road, operating from                 Department, said it is vital for students to
TRANSPORT: Students catch the Jammie Shuttle Service at
one of its bus stops.                                     6am to 1pm daily, the core purpose of the                     interact with the community.
                                                          shuttle service is to transport students to and
    Civil Engineering Students, enrolled in               from residences and between the campuses.                         “One day as civil engineers they will have to
the extended programme, are investigating                 Operating from 12 routes, the shuttle transports              work with the community. The community will
the possibility of establishing a shuttle                 35 000 students daily.                                        be their clients,” he said.
service for students at the Bellville Campus.
                                                              Officials said setting up a shuttle service will              Civil Engineering student Kelsi Jameson
   This study, which forms part of a Service              benefit students. However, they warned that it                said the group has enjoyed interacting with the
Learning Project, was initiated by Engineering            was not an easy task as the shuttle service had               community and working on a project outside of
Communication Skills lecturer, A. Neil Peffer.            to comply with national transport regulations.                the classroom setting.

                                                                                           C A P E P E N I N S U L A U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H NOLOGY

                                                                                                                   staff newsletter

ARCHITECTURE                                             This year, a total of 29 prizes were awarded
                                                     to students in various levels of study for their
                                                                                                                   medal at the graduation ceremony which was
                                                                                                                   held on 17 April.

                                                     technical drawings and architectural designs.
                                                                                                                       Another notable graduate was Jacquie
                                                         The prizes, varying from books and                        Fourie who received the Cape Institute for
celebrate academic                                   vouchers to substantial cash rewards, were
                                                     presented by faculty alumnus and architecture
                                                                                                                   Architecture award for best national diploma
                                                                                                                   student over four years of study, having

achievements                                         professional Michael Borgstrom.                               achieved 18 distinctions out of 21 subjects.

                                                                                                                       Head of Department Jake De Villiers
                                                        Also in attendance was Informatics and
    On Friday, 16 April 2010 the department          Design Faculty Dean Professor Johannes Cronje                 commented on the awards function, saying:
of Architectural Technology hosted its               and architect Paul Righini as guest speaker.                  “The event promotes healthy competition and
annual student work exhibition and awards                                                                          gives top students an opportunity to exhibit
function at the Thomas Patullo building in               Mr Righini is a retired architectural lecturer            their work annually, serving as role models to
Cape Town’s Foreshore.                               and the author of a much used text book called                other students”.
                                                     “Thinking Architecturally”.
    Since the department’s consolidation                                                                              The exhibition of the students work ran for
three years ago, this event has come to hold             2009 third year student Annette Steyn and                 a week after the ceremony took place.
a valuable place in their calendar and is made       now a cum laude graduate with 15 distinctions
possible by sponsors across the building,            out of 16 subjects, walked away with five                         De Villiers added, “It’s good to see our
manufacturing and architecture industries.           individual prizes and one joint award during the              profession and suppliers of materials to
                                                     ceremony.                                                     the building industry sponsoring prizes and
    Some sponsors included Corobrik;                                                                               supporting students to the extent they do.”
Saint-Gobain Construction Products; Marley               She has done her department proud by
Floorworx; Archilab; the South African Heritage      having been awarded the Dean’s Medal for her                     “We are privileged to be involved in
Resource Agency; The South African Institute         outstanding achievements.                                     developing our communities and to be part of
of Architectural Technologists; the Society of                                                                     a profession that was highlighted during the
Architects; Planners, Engineers and Surveyors           The Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and                 preparations leading up to the Soccer World
and the Cape Institute for Architecture.             Design, Prof. Johannes Cronje, handed her the                 Cup”, said De Villiers.

FOOD TECHNOLOGY student clinches top award
   Working hard has paid off for Food
Technology postgraduate student Lusani
Vhangani, who was recently awarded The
Koeppen Memorial Scholarship and the
FoodBev-SETA bursary.

    The scholarship as well as the bursary,
which were both awarded on 15 April,
recognizes academic excellence in the field of
Food Science and Technology in South Africa.

    An initiative of the South African Association
for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST),
the Koeppen Memorial Scholarship is one of
the most prestigious awards in this field.

    President of SAAFoST, Rosemary Maquire,
said the award honours the late Professor B H        HARD WORK: Dr Jessy van Wyk, Krappie Eloff, Lusani Vhangani, and Rosemary Maquire at the handover of the scholarship and
Koeppen who was Head of the Department of            bursary.
Food Science at the University of Stellenbosch
up to his death in 1980. Koeppen had done                Head of the Food Technology Department,                   want them to generate research, which can be
groundbreaking work in the area of Food Science.     Dr Jessy van Wyk, said they nominated                         useful for the industry.
                                                     Vhangani as she is the top masters’ student in
    Maquire, who addressed delegates during          the department. Meanwhile, Vhangani was also                      Vhangani, who recently returned from
the handover ceremony at the Bellville campus,       awarded the FoodBev-SETA bursary, which                       Germany after participating in an exchange trip
said this is the first time that the scholarship     was launched last year.                                       at the Institut fur Getreideverarbeitung GmbH,
has been awarded to a student at a university                                                                      said she feels honoured to have received the
of technology. Since its inception in 1981, the           FoodBev-SETA representative, Krappie                     scholarship and bursary. Vhangani’s masters
award has only been awarded to students              Eloff said the bursary, which covers students’                research sees her focusing on Anti-Oxidant
studying at traditional universities.                tuition, is aimed at developing skills in the area            Effects of Maillard Reaction Products in a Lipid
                                                     of Food Science and Technology.                               Rich Food Product.
    To qualify for the scholarship, institutions
have to nominate one candidate, who is either            “We want to get more qualified people into                     Maillard Reaction Products (MRPs) result
registered for Masters or Doctorate degrees.         the industry,” he said.                                       when heating sugars and amino acids. Her
The nominations are then received by SAAFoST,                                                                      studies will evaluate the anti-oxidative effects
who then awards the scholarship of R25 000 to            Eloff said they have chosen to limit the                  of these MRPs on sunflower oil as an alternative
the top student.                                     bursaries to postgraduate students as they                    to synthetic anti-oxidants.

A P R I L / M AY 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                                               13
                                                                                                         C A P E P E N I N S U L A U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H NOLOGY

                                                                                                                              staff newsletter

RADIOGRAPHY HOLDS OPEN                                                                                                        which included Out-patient Clinic areas, the
                                                                                                                              Mould Room and the Linear Accelerator treatment
                                                                                                                              unit, among others.

DAY for RADIATION ONCOLOGY                                                                                                        Jamie-Lee van Niekerk, one of the marshals,
                                                                                                                              said: “It has been great to assist the learners.
                                                                                                                              All the groups I was dealing with were very

                                                                                                                                  The Open Day was also open to first year
                                                                                                                              Radiography students who all need to know
                                                                                                                              about radiation oncology. Some may decide
                                                                                                                              to swop to radiotherapy from another category
                                                                                                                              since the first year is nearly the same for all four
                                                                                                                              types of radiography.

                                                                                                                                  “Putting together the Open Day was a team
                                                                                                                              effort, but a special mention goes to Mrs Liz
                                                                                                                              Greeff and her team of radiation therapists at
                                                                                                                              Groote Schuur Hospital who put in so much
                                                                                                                              effort and hard work to promote the profession.
                                                                                                                              Two of our lecturers Liezel Hudson and Bridget
                                                                                                                              Wyrley-Birch also deserve thanks for their major
                                                                                                                              contribution,” said Dr Engel-Hills.

EYE-OPENER: Learners find out more about radiation therapy as a career at Radiation Oncology Open Day.                            The department targeted schools that are
                                                                                                                              science and mathematics strong.
   The Radiation Oncology Department at                             profession entails.
Groote Schuur Hospital in collaboration with                                                                                      Wyrley-Birch said: “I am very happy with the
Radiography at CPUT recently held a joint                               The Centre of Science and Technology                  quality of the Open Day. It really exceeded our
Open Day.                                                           (Cosat), Wittebome High School, Islamiah College,         expectations. The number of applications we
                                                                    Masiphumelele High School and Garlandale                  are going to receive will determine whether the
     On 17 March 2010, five schools from the                        High School were among the high schools that              learners were impressed or not.”
Western Cape and individuals from as far afield                     attended the Open Day. Radiography is made
as Worcester and Villiersdorp descended on                          up of four disciplines: Diagnostic Radiography,               Information regarding salary scales, job
the Groote Schuur Campus, seeking more                              Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Radiation                opportunities and approximate numbers of
information about radiography and in particular                     Therapy.                                                  positions for Radiation Therapists in the country
radiotherapy.                                                                                                                 was provided to the learners.
                                                                        The Senior Lecturer Prof Penelope Engel-Hills
    The day was dedicated to the learners and                       said: “Radiation Therapy is still a relatively unknown        Sabeeha Khamissa, a second-year student
CPUT’s first year students while second and third                   specialist discipline. The Open Day is giving us a        and tour guide, said through providing the
years assisted as marshals and tour guides. The                     chance to show-case to various communities out            learners with information, she also learnt a lot.
radiation therapy professionals who are already                     there that this is a good career option.”                 The department also holds tours once a month
qualified and working at the hospital explained to                                                                            throughout the year that include all Radiography
school learners and first year students what their                       The learners were taken to various stations,         disciplines at no cost.

    60 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT students off to Namibia
         As part of their annual academic                               The students will spend two days in the                   Mphumzi Biyana, a third-year student
     outing, 60 third-year students from the                         Northern Cape, visiting Kleinsea, a copper              and one of the organisers of the trip, said:
     Environmental Management Department                             mine, before jetting off to Namibia for four            “It’s a great honour for us to go there
     have embarked on a trip to Namibia on 11                        days.                                                   because the experience will give us an
     April 2010.                                                                                                             opportunity to see if we are still on the right
                                                                         Seconna said: “We felt that it is relevant          track as a department in comparison to other
          The students are specifically visiting the                 for our students to visit a mine in Namibia             countries.”
     Namibian Mine, which is the only mine in                        because in Environmental Management,
     Africa that is rich in uranium deposits.                        we deal with all aspects of Environmental                   Each student contributed R2500 towards
                                                                     Resource Management.”                                   the trip, while CPUT took care of the rest of
         The purpose of the visit is for students                                                                            the expenses.
     to get practical experience in industrial                           “It is important for our students to
     processes, health and safety precautions in                     learn how to manage the activities in the                   “Going to Namibia will help us towards
     mining and other related industries.                            exploration of environmental resources,” said           our studies in terms of environmental
                                                                     Seconna.                                                resources and it will definitely help us to be
         According to Jacob Seconna, the                                                                                     me more versatile,” said Biyana.
     head of the Environmental Management                                The students are expected to share with
     programme, the students will be shadowed                        second-year students what they have learnt                   Last year, third year students went to
     by mining operations managers who are                           during the trip in the form of presentations            visit PPC Cement in Hummansdorp in the
     expected to explain the different aspects of                    once they come back to the university.                  Eastern Cape.
     the mining process.

                                                                                                     C A P E P E N I N S U L A U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H NOLOGY

                                                                                                                          staff newsletter

                                                                                                                              The WPEs also have to complete three
                                                                                                                          introductory courses upon which they receive
                                                                                                                          accreditation certificates, which assist them
                                                                                                                          in engaging their colleagues with factual

                                                                                                                             Recruits can benefit from participating in
                                                                                                                          the programme by gaining self confidence,
                                                                                                                          leadership skills and can learn about team work

                                                                                                                             WPEs are also encouraged to develop a
                                                                                                                          workplace portfolio that can be added to one’s
                                                                                                                          résumé of community activities.

                                                                                                                              At the end of each year, an awards ceremony
                                                                                                                          is held to thank recruits for their participation in
                                                                                                                          the programme that serves as an incentive.

                                                                                                                             The key performance areas for WPEs
                                                                                                                          are participating in HIV/AIDS and TB related
                                                                                                                          activities; HIV/AIDS awareness programmes
                                                                                                                          run through the Unit; campaigning against
                                                                                                                          gender based violence; encouraging Voluntary
AWARENESS: Head of the HIV/AIDS Unit Dr Ashraf Mohammed with the 2009/10 Workplace Peer Educators.
                                                                                                                          Counselling and Testing (VCT) and holistic
                                                                                                                          behaviour, and facilitating group discussions.

PEER EDUCATORS continue                                                                                                      In the coming months, the WPEs will be

campus wide programme
                                                                                                                          embarking on a number of activities including
                                                                                                                          a community outreach and candle-lighting
                                                                                                                          ceremony in Wellington, condom distribution
                                                                                                                          across CPUT’s main campuses and a staff
    The HIV/AIDS Unit is continuing the                         recent results of a national survey conducted             VCT drive.
Workplace Peer Educators Recruitment                            across several institutions of higher learning, it
Drive, having formally launched the initiative                  was revealed that service staff tends to have
in the second quarter of 2009.                                  a higher prevalence of an HIV positive status,
                                                                being four percentage points higher than that
                                                                                                                                  For further enquiries
   The programme is aimed at raising                            of students.                                                            contact the
awareness around HIV/AIDS in the working                                                                                         HIV/AIDS UNIT on the
environment across all campuses and                                 The almost twenty recruits will serve as
encourages staff to contribute towards                          Workplace Peer Educators (WPEs) for a period
                                                                                                                                 Cape Town campus at
improving their knowledge of the pandemic                       of one year with the possibility of re-applying and                Tel: (021) 460 9030
and the lives of people it affects.Following the                are based at their campuses and sites of delivery.

      CPUT’s Green Team recently completed                       derived products, in spite of the rain.                    Grobler mentioned that the group will be
   a successful beach clean-up at the                                                                                    embarking on a number of new projects in
   Strandfontein Beach near Muizenberg on                           Chiyana was able to demonstrate to the               the coming months, such as starting a worm
   27 March 2010 in support of the national                      group how the litter affects the environment            bin that will produce compost to be sold and
   Earth Hour 2010 campaign; an annual                           and how anyone can apply practical solutions            the profits will be ploughed back into more
   World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) initiative                    to the growing pollution problem, such as               green initiatives.
   that encourages towns and cities to turn                      recycling items made from plastic, glass and
   off their lights for one hour sending a                       paper.                                                     Other activities include planting trees on
   powerful message on the impact of global                                                                              the Bellville campus in support of Arbor Week
   climate change.                                                  According to the group’s mentor Student              in September and arranging mountain hiking
                                                                 Development Officer Annette Grobler, “Beach             route clean-ups later this year.
      The      group,    headed      by   third-year             pollution is a global environmental problem
   Environmental Management student Kombole                      that threatens the wildlife and inhibits the               All its initiatives supported by the
   Chiyana, was established as a part of the                     natural cycle of development of marine life”.           institution’s Green Forum chaired by Leanne
   students’ interest in preserving the environment                                                                      Seelinger, an Environmental Management
   and contribution to reducing the carbon                          She added: “The recent increase in density           lecturer.
   footprint, in keeping with the WWF’s mandate.                 of large debris stranded on South African
                                                                 beaches is a major cause for concern, and                 Those wishing to get involved can contact
     On the day, about 30 students collected                     plastic makes up a majority of the debris               Anette Grobler on 021 460 3499 or visit www.
   over 40 bags mainly containing plastic                        found on our beaches”.                         for more information.

A P R I L / M AY 2 0 1 0                                                                                                                                                15
                                                                                           C A P E P E N I N S U L A U N I V E R S I T Y O F T E C H NOLOGY

                                                                                                                    staff newsletter

for persons with disabilities
    Higher education institutions must provide             Currently there are 16 sporting codes in
students with disabilities the opportunity             South Africa for people with disabilities. These
to participate in competitive sports, said             sporting codes include team activities, such
Wentzel Barnard, Manager of the Stellenbosch           as soccer, hockey and adaptive rowing to
University Disabled sports team.                       individual sport activities such as blind judo.

    Barnard delivered a presentation at CPUT               Barnard, who has been managing the
that detailed how universities can start up            Stellenbosch University Disabled sports team
sports teams for students with disabilities as         for several years now, said it is difficult to
part of a Disability Unit awareness campaign.          start up a team as funding is always an issue.
                                                       However, he said it is necessary for institutions
     The campaign, spearheaded by the Head             to provide students with this opportunity.
of the Disability Unit, Dr Nina du Toit, is aimed at
raising awareness amongst students and staff                He suggested that when starting up a team,
on disability at CPUT. The campaign is running         institutions must rope in the help of someone
at all campuses throughout this year.                  who has knowledge of sport for the disabled
                                                       and who has previously been involved in such
    Addressing staff members and students              activities’. He also suggested that athletics
who attended the presentation, held at the             would be an ideal sport to start off with.
Bellville Campus in April, Barnard said: “Sports
is part of your wellbeing. It’s important for              Barnard said that they started their team
people with disabilities to take part in sport.”       with 35 students and now accommodates 75
    Barnard, who became disabled 25 years ago                                                                       SPORT: (Front) Disability Unit staff member, Lorraine
during a rugby match, said sporting activities for        “Slowly but surely we are spreading the                   Manekwana, Stellenbosch University Disabled sports team
                                                                                                                    manager Wentzel Barnard, (back) Head of the Disability Unit
the disabled must not be taken lightly.                word about disabled sport,” he said.                         Dr Nina Du Toit, and Dean of Students Mrs Cora Njoli-Motale.

  CRICKET TEAM celebrates winning season
     The CPUT cricket team has had a                                                                               the award for the most improved player.
  successful season, having won the majority
  of matches played.                                                                                                  “All our achievements have come through
                                                                                                                   the hard word that we have put in and the
      With the season officially closed, captain                                                                   excellent structures we have in place at the
  of the first team, Donovan Henry said they
  have done exceptionally well and are looking                                                                     club. We are a young team, with a good mix of
  at improving their performance during the next                                                                   experience,” he said.
  season, which officially starts in October 2010.
                                                                                                                       Henry said although the team has a large
     The club, which is open to the public and                                                                     number of students scattered across the
  CPUT students, proved this season that they                                                                      different teams, they are hoping more students
  are one of the top clubs in the Western Cape                                                                     will join up for next season.
                                                                                                                      Sport Development Officer Quinton
                                                       WINNERS: The CPUT First team, who secured the title of
     The first team won the Western Cape Club          league winners this season.                                 Summer said this has been a remarkable
  Two Day and One Day competition, which                                                                           season for the club.
  helped them secure the title of league winners.      recognised for their outstanding performance
                                                       during the 2009/2010 season.                                   “Already the cricket club looks to be strong
     “Our second team also won their league,                                                                       candidates to clinch the CPUT club of the
                                                         Wayne Holman won batsman of the year,
  and this made us the only club in the Western                                                                    year award and the challenge is for our winter
                                                       while Henry clinched the bowler of the year as
  Cape to have their first and second teams win        well as player of the season awards.                        codes to try and equal or better,” he said.
  their respective leagues,” said Henry.
                                                           Faiek Davids, the club coach and a                         Students wishing to join the club in
     The club recently held their award                member of the first team won the all rounder                the new season can contact Summer at
  ceremony where several players were                  of the year award while George Hlazo clinched               021-4603345.

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