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									Steamboat Springs, CO has carved out a legacy as a Mecca for winter sports
enthusiasts, but few visitors know that adventures can be discovered year round at this
bustling mountain town. Steamboat 鈥檚 legacy as a ski town is what brings the
visitors in droves every winter, but recently, the region has seen growing activity
during the summer months as well. Thanks to a full offering of sports and activities
for thrill seekers, Steamboat Springs is now a year round destination for adrenaline

Winter Thrills near Steamboat Springs
Alpine skiing and snowboarding always has and forever will be the lifeblood of this
Colorado mountain town. The local ski resorts make millions of dollars in renovations
each and every year, providing some of the best downhill skiing and snowboarding in
the world. The snow in Steamboat is the softest and driest around, providing the basis
for the term 鈥淐 hampagne Powder.鈥?The topography of the Rocky Mountain
region surrounding Steamboat makes for perfect snow conditions and attracts casual
skiers and professionals alike.

Steamboat Springs has been the winter training ground of over 60 Olympians,
providing further evidence to its claim as the world 鈥檚 foremost alpine skiing
destination. The breathtaking views from the top of the runs, fresh champagne powder,
and challenging slopes set the stage for an unforgettable ski experience.

In addition to alpine skiing and snowboarding, the region surrounding Steamboat
offers miles of trails, ideal for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.

Steamboat Springs 鈥?Fun in the Sun
After the winter snow has melted and the ski resorts close for the summer, Steamboat
Springs plays host to a new set of adventures and outdoor activities. The melting
snow means that the rivers and streams come to life, providing perfect conditions for
river rafting and fly fishing. During the summer, the Elk River is dancing with trout
(Rainbow, Brown, and Brook) and the Yampa and Eagle Rivers are filled to the brim,
attracting kayakers and white water rafters.

For those that prefer to stay dry during their summertime trip to Steamboat, a myriad
of trails for backpacking and biking are at your disposal. Your trek will take you
through dense forests, open meadows and steep canyons, each offering a unique
opportunity to enjoy the mountain land in Colorado.

Year Round Opportunities for Visitors and Residents
If you are planning a vacation, or even relocation to Steamboat Springs, be assured
that endless adventures and outdoor opportunities await you on a daily basis.
Steamboat Springs truly is a haven for adventure and its reputation is expanding
beyond just winter sports activities. Even the most seasoned alpine skier, fly
fisherman, or white water rafter will find a challenge awaiting them in Steamboat
Springs. Reserve your adventure today.
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