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 Dr Angus Hay
    Neotel’s Internet Data Centres
•    Global specifications

      • Tier 3 Data Centres (99.982% availability)

•    Accessibility

      • Meet-me room access for any carrier

      • SEACOM customer meet-me rooms

•    Connectivity

      • World class data centre

      • On national and international backbones

•    Locations: Midrand and Cape Town

      • Close to most South African customers

      • Driving hosting homecoming revolution
   Global footprint of co-location
   and data center facilities

                                  ~1 Million Square Feet Worldwide
                      New Build of over 500,000 sq ft of Data Centers in India, UK, USA and Singapore

Global VPN Services
NeoHost – Data centre services
• Collocation (Tier 3 Data Centre)
    •   Space: Hosting, Storage, Remote hands
    •   Power: 6500 kW with dual municipal feed
    •   Cooling: 18 standalone 90 kW aircon units
    •   Flooring: Raised flooring, hot / cold rows
    •   Fire: Fire detection with total gas flooding
    •   Monitoring: Building Monitoring System
    •   Security: 24h guarded, with CCTV cameras
    •   Facilities: PDU, UPS, Batteries, Generators

• Why Collocation?
    •   Tier 3 Data Centres (99.982% availability)
    •   Highest power/cooling density (5.4 kW/rack)
    •   Carrier neutral, SEACOM, JINX/CINX access
    •   Billing per kW for actual power usage
NeoHost – Data centre services
•   Connectivity
     • Burstable per Mbps bandwidth billing
     • or Burstable per GB usage billing
     • Pay for what you use, not for the peak
•   Managed Hosting (Colo+)
     • Managed Storage: Storage Area Network
     • Managed Backup: VeritasNetbackup
     • Virtual Firewall: Cisco Firewall Services
•   Why Managed Hosting?
     • Secure, world class, shared storage
     • Business Continuity for critical data
     • High security with low overheads
     • Reduce capital and operating expenses
    NeoHost – Data centre services
•    Virtual Host
      •   Virtual servers based on VMware
      •   Storage space in Storage Area Network
      •   MS Windows, Linux, or Solaris OS
      •   Range of virtual machines available
      •   Managed firewall service included
      •   Leased line, VPN or Internet connectivity
      •   Access to Managed Hosting services
      •   Future option of High Availability

•    Why Virtual Host?
      •   Eliminate dependence on own hardware
      •   Dynamically scale and reassign servers
      •   Reduce operation and maintenance costs
      •   Maximise Internet connectivity and speed
NeoConference – Audio Teleconference

•   Public audio teleconference service
    •   Local numbers and toll-free numbers
•   Without operator:
    •   On demand: Any time, using dual PINs
    •   Scheduled: Fixed time, pre-arranged
•   Operator services:
    •   Assistance, Recording, Dial-out
•   Additional features:
    •   Name announce, entry/exit, lecture mode
•   Charging
    •   Charge purely per use, billed monthly
    •   Service charged to single customer
    •   Excludes cost of telephone calls
    NeoPresence– Global Telepresence
•    Unlike any other videoconferencing – better than being there

•    Save money, make life easier, get more done, save the planet

•    Public rooms available globally, booked on an hourly basis

      •   South Africa: First room is live in Neotel headquarters, Midrand

•    Private rooms can be built in any office, connected globally
    The changing world of broadband
•    Broadband is evolving rapidly

      • Applications, especially streamed media, drive bandwidth requirements

      • Technology ensures that the cost of bandwidth will decline over time
•    Broadband 2.0

      • Higher bandwidth, low contention ratio

      • Symmetrical access and Quality of Service

      • High-definition video speeds (20+ Mbps)

      • Multiple sources of content, peer-to-peer

•    Two worlds of broadband

      • Wireless for personal broadband access

      • Optical fibre for fixed Broadband 2.0 access         The future of SA
      • Copper access becoming a legacy technology       Broadband lies in Fibre
                                                         to the Building / Home
    NeoBroadband – Fibre Broadband

•   The Broadband flagship in South Africa
•   Speed: 1 – 15 Mbps, Uncapped, Unshaped
•   Symmetrical up/down, low contention ratio
•   High Availability: Dual fibre feed to building
•   Flexibility: Software upgrade/downgrade
•   Managed Customer Premises Equipment
•   Simple integration into customer LAN
•   Multiline and single line voice service (VoIP)
•   Areas: Targeted buildings / office parks
•   Why NeoBroadband Fibre?
     •   True Broadband performance, world class network
     •   One provider accountable for entire service
     •   Immune to lightning, rain, corrosion, copper theft
    NeoBroadband – WiMAX Broadband

•    WiMAX Fixed Broadband Wireless service
•    Down: 1 – 8 Mbps, Up: 768 kbps – 3 Mbps
•    Uncapped with Fair Use Policy
•    Flexibility: Software upgrade/downgrade
•    Optional bundled customer switch/router
•    Simple integration into customer LAN
•    Multiline and single line voice service (VoIP)
•    Rapid installation, with outdoor antenna
•    Areas: Zones in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban
•    Why NeoBroadbandWiMAX?
      • DSL performance over wireless access
      • One provider accountable for entire service
      • Immune to lightning, rain, corrosion, copper theft
Bringing it all together for Broadband

                                              •   New international submarine optical
                                                  fibre cable systems
                                              •   New high bandwidth national optical
                                                  fibre backbone
                                              •   High quality national and
                                                  international Internet / IP
       Sandton                                •   Carrier-class voice on IP core
       Killarney                              •   World-class Data Centres
        CBD            Germiston
                                              •   Content Delivery Network
                                              •   Metro Ethernet fibre access
                                              •   New access networks
                                                   •   Optical fibre: FTTC ->
                                                   •   Fixed wireless (WiMAX)
 Dr Angus Hay

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