Staying at the Sonoran Sun Resort

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					The Sonoran Sun Resort in Puerto Penasco, Mexico is the ultimate place to be when it
comes to luxury and beach-front living. The ocean view at the Sonoran Sun Hotel is
second to none, and you can wake up every morning to the sounds of the ocean at
your doorstep. There is nothing like being able to head out onto your balcony and
have breakfast next to the ocean, and Sonoran Sun Rocky Point makes this fantasy a
reality every time you come to visit. Sonoran Sun Puerto Penasco offers an amazing
view, not only of the ocean, but of the architecture of the buildings in the Sonoran Sun
Resort. You can enjoy beach front swimming pools and Jacuzzis whenever you want
at the Sonoran Sun Hotel, which makes it one of the premier spots, not only in Puerto
Penasco, but in all of Mexico. There is an on-site restaurant in Sonoran Sun Rocky
Point, so you don't have to go off into the town to get something to eat if you don't
want to; however, the night life in Rocky Point can get rather rowdy, so if you like a
good night out on the town, don't hesitate to head down to one of the many available
clubs or bars in this small town. Sonoran Sun Puerto Penasco has the unique ability to
combine advanced living conditions of new era resorts with the old charm of Mexico
that is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. The Sonoran Sun Resort takes
advantage of easy access to the area's most popular ocean location, Sandy Beach, but
you do not have to worry about the beach becoming overcrowded because there is a
section cut off for only individuals staying at the Sonoran Sun Hotel. You can spend a
day in the sand and then come back to your beautiful living conditions in your condo
at night to enjoy some dinner and to rest up for another beach day at Sonoran Sun
Rocky Point. If the beach is not your favorite place to stay, you can head down by the
pool and catch up on that tan and have yourself looking good by the time you head
back home to reality. Sonoran Sun Puerto Penasco contains a swim-up bar in its pool,
so you can enjoy a refreshing beverage while you sit back and enjoy all of nature's
glory that is put on display in the little Mexican town. Other activities to enjoy during
your stay at the Sonoran Sun Resort include a state of the art fitness center, tennis
courts, fishing trips, and a number of other amenities that will keep the whole family
entertained for the entire time of your visit.
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