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Stay At Home With Your Mom Or Dad


									With competing demands on our time and money, the family environment may suffer.
Spouses can't spend enough time with each other. Parents and children don't spend
enough time together. Everyone's patience wears thin as we deal with this and any
financial troubles we may have. Simply quitting work isn't an option because one
income doesn't go far enough in providing everything we want for our families.
  Working from home is a great way to earn income and devote more time to your
family. Often, mothers and fathers cannot afford to stay home from work to raise their
children without putting a financial strain on the family. But they strongly feel that
placing their children in daycare or homecare is not ideal. Working from home is a
fantastic way to allow yourself the opportunity to better manage time spent with your
children and still earn an income. The stay at home Mom or Dad will also feel less
guilty about not having quality time with their children. Working from home allows a
parent, and the child, to be rewarded with extra time for each other. You will be able
to witness all of your child's firsts, such as first steps, first words, first foods, while
allowing you to continue to financially support your family.
  Moms or Dads who choose to have home based businesses may find it difficult to
balance their responsibilities to their children and still accomplish all of the work that
needs to be completed by their deadlines. Stay at home parents deal with the added
stress of being there to take care of their children, while taking care of their business.
You must be able to allocate time to each role and to have structure in your daily
environment to accomplish what needs to be done. Write out a schedule to identify
what needs to be done and how long you have to accomplish each task. Plan out your
week with what needs to be accomplished each day and by the end of the week. Then
each morning, prioritize things that you need to work on for your business, and items
that need to be done in regards to taking care of your house and other responsibilities.
As you complete each portion successfully, you will be more confident of
accomplishing more.
  It is important that you discuss your schedule needs with your spouse. If you can
reach agreement on sharing free time, household chores and the like, then you will
increase your chance of being successful with your schedule. Working out your
schedule with your spouse and children will help to ensure that your goal or working
at home is a family goal. Make your family be a part of your success, opportunities,
and disappointments and you will be amazed at the support that you get from them.
  Being able to stay home with your child can help them to advance faster. Children
whose parents work from home tend to thrive in their education and do well in school.
They bond faster to their parental role models, than those that are not able to stay
home with their parents. Children are able to receive individualized attention from
their parents, helping them to grow and flourish. The environment tends to be more
personalized and nurturing towards the children.
  Starting your own home business may be challenging to maintain while you take
care of your children, but it can be done. You will learn to manage your company and
be your own boss, while being there for all of the plays, practices and musical events
that your child will participate in throughout the years.
  You can start your home based business while you keep your day job. I used online
affiliate marketing to allow me to work at home while building up revenue. You will
know when the time is right to quit your day job and spend more time doing the
things you love like spending time with your children.
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