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					After confirming nearly announcement of 3 rd package of MIM
investment profiles MIM deputy minister for development and
investment affairs declares that there are several investment offers
at the Iraqi industry:
Engineer Adel Kareem deputy minister of industry and minerals for development and
investment affairs announced that there are several offers of various global companies to
invest in Iraqi industry following. The MIM declaration of its 2nd package of plants
rehabilitation programmer based on production sharing or partnership with Specialized
international companies pursuance to the law of companies no 22 of 1997 .there were (22)
companies from 5 industrial sectors i.e. engineering constructive textile, chemical one
petrochemical, food and drag industries during a press conference. Mr. Deputy Minister
stated that a specialized committee in MIM was formed to study. The tenders upon which
offers were presented that will be closed on June 10, 2008.
Stating that the MIM 2nd investment profiles package announced by H.E. Minister of industry
and minerals in a recent press conference Constitutes a step on MIM plan to develop
industrial sector and the transition to open market economy.
Mr. Deputy minister stressed on the necessity of attracting local, Arab and foreign
investments and capitals to invest and work in Iraq so as to develop economic reality and
eliminate unemployment in Iraq. And that local industry undoubtedly should be supported,
and those investors willing to invest in Iraqi industry should be encouraged, through the
establishment of un profitable investment banks and providing investors with bans at no more
that 2% interest rate and rendering aids and financial exemptions so as to ensure a
coordinated and balanced industrial progress within the development plan expressing
optimism for Iraqi industry development.. Since be stressed that the government support to
industry and industries will con tribute to develop industrial reality in Iraq.
Mr. Deputy Minister stated that the 3 package of investment profiles is hoped to be
announced three month next concerning the establishment of modern residential complexes
in Iraq. Mr. Deputy Minister emphasized that MIM has got a real plan to build such housing
complexes in both ThiQar and Basrah provinces, but however there are some problems that
hinder the commence of work there due to security conditions, those areas have witnessed
then and some personal and individual accidence over those areas. Referring that the
establishment of housing complexes will save the private sector reality since such complexes
will embrace both Iraq small and medium industries.
Stating that MIM is planning to establish housing complex at every province and district as for
loans given to small project owners at provinces, Mr. Deputy Minister explained that up till
now the industrial development directorate .has granted loans for 1500 industrial projects
referring that small projects are considered essential in absorbing employment in the country.
Mr. Deputy Minister confirmed that the state has to differentiate between major and strategic
industrial project and those small projects as for granting loans. Where there are huge
projects that may absorb hundreds of manpower and scores of machines. And produce
strategic materials so they could not be treated similar to those small limited production

UR state company sets contract with A Global Company to import
a low pressure station for the electric cable plant:
Ur state company for engineering industries-one of the ministry of industry and minerals state
formations concluded with A Global Company a contract for the supply of a low pressure
station for the electric cable plant.
A responsible resource at the engineering industries sector told MIM- information bureau that
the (398) million I.D. worth contract was concluded within the regions development
allowances for ThiQar province for 2008.
The resource added that (2) billion I.D. were allocated by ThiQar province to rehabilitate the
aluminum and cables plants which one affiliated to the company within the regions
development complementary plant for 2008.
In a related context the resource stated that the company realized 92% of a new cable wires
project (telephone wires) a thigh quality. Since these wines serve to improve telephone
service in Iraq and at a total cost of (9) million and (292) thousand U.S$.
It is worth mentioning that the company is specialized in manufacturing cables. Electric and
telephone wires as well as producing alumina tapes and plates. It endeavors to develop
production through. Upgrading production lines and setting a special plan for future plans.

To real ire self-efficiency and after included with new salary
system, deputy minister of industry and minerals declares SOEs-3
year action plan:
Dr.Sami Rauf AL-Araji, deputy minister of industry and minerals for central activity affairs, has
declared that all MIM (67) state companies employees are included with the new salary
system. Provided that those employees should adhere to work hours and days then achieve
rise in productivity. So that those companies shall be qualified to compete and realize profits
in compensation for salaries and allowances that employees shall acquire.
Leading two widely attended meetings held on Sunday and Monday, June 8, 9, 2008
respectively attended by a number of heads of sectors, directors general and representatives
of SOEs in Baghdad and provinces.
Mr. Deputy Minister stated that those enrolled employees have to. Submit personal written
promise to work seriously and sincerely with no any link with other party in order to be
equalized with their counter parts. Then the company concerned shall in turn under take
providing work chances for its employees at suitable atmosphere. That is represented in the
stable security status especially concerning the hot areas. Through coordination with severity
forces or to choose work locations... as alter natives in case of impossible secured areas.
Mr. Deputy minister reviewed the constant MIM efforts to include all its employees with the
new pay roll system and to equalize self- financed SOEs employees with central-financed
SOEs ones.
Since the cabinet approval on that has been of. and the great support MIM has received from
honorable council of deputies confirming that MIM endeavors currently to get a payment
decision for SOEs employees according to the new salary system starting from January 1,
2008 instead of the ministry of finance decision stating on paying salaries for self- financed
SOES starting from June 1.2008.
Referring that MIM has presented proposals that salaries could be paid as refundable
amounts ten years later with no interest pursuant to Iraq commitments to the international
monetary fund. And the economic reform operation. However Ministry of finance in turns
demanded that MIM SOEs shall realize self- reform within the next- three years- to serve in
developing production.
Mr. Deputy Minister added that MIM laid down UN action document for all its SOEs for 2008,
2009 and 2010 respectively in pursuance to the economic reform so as to achieve self-
sufficiency. Those documents were presented to the cabinet after H.E. Mr. Minister of industry
and minerals have endorsed them... Indicating that MIM has formed a technological trend or
channel for its SOEs for the next 3 years and planned for goals that should be since them one
passed on SOEs policies among those goals. Realization of self- sufficiency at least to leave
central mark policy towards open market economies, as well as to raise SOEs up wards to
the required level, through un aspiring plan that starts with self capacities with the
governmental investment plan and MIM investment profiles that will be offer at for investment
according to the partnership basis in production and pursuant to the law of companies no 22
of 1997.
Clarifying that general directors and management councils of SOEs shall be the legal
responsible for those plans application while MIM shall follow up that application via the
various specialized industrial sectors; consequently they will be audited by special
committees from inside or outside of MIM to follow-up realization of work and the detailed
steps. Referring to the great support hoped to be provided by the 4 drafts presented to the
honorable council of deputy's i.e. national product protection. Consumer protection,
competition and non-monopolization and ISO and prevention of industrial cheating those draft
laws are hoped to be proved after the endorsement of council of deputies thereafter these
lavas will provide a great support to SOEs work so as to make the local product a competitive
in market. Mr. Deputy Minister added that SOEs one permitted for 3 months to arrange their
work and call apm their employees who have not been adhered to work time within past times
to be enrolled in work and to start their vocational life in compensation for easygoing
privileges. The will get through the new salary system. Referring that MIM employs have
suffered. injustice due to the self finance system and the 4 greed salary system Noting that
the chances is suitable to exploit privileges given to SOEs employees to prove their capacities
in work and production, then to prove that they deserve those privileges and that they have to
work in un extraordinary way.
Mr. Deputy minister emphasized that SOEs and all other ministry formations to
comprehension their employees and avail all suitable work conditions to work in accordance
with market economy but, however, in case an employees doesn't want to work according to
the new rules new will not get the same privileges that gained by the employee who works
and produces. In a related context- Mr. Deputy Minister has called upon all SOEs to present
their lists of employees, tittles, and job grades until no more June 12, 2008 explaining that
Angelo will lead to lose employee rights.
On his part Mr. Mohammed Hassan Abboud, general director of MIM economic department
said that governmental contract implantation instructions were issued in the state journal on
2008, they contain two important points: for MIM departments from preliminary insurances
that has constituted a major problem for MIM SOEs since when any company takes part in a
tender by either ministry has to offer primary guarantees that it may not have second, the
state contracts. Where contracting among state department according to this point with no
need for announcement, this may constitutes a gain for SOEs
In another context the director of economic department the ministry of finance requested MIM
to implement three essential salary-related items that are the SOEs future proposals that MIM
has performed with taking promises from employees in addition to filling for special forms on
job tittles and grades for all employees according to the public sector state employees law no
22 of 2008. This low is published in the form al journal (Qronique) no 4074 on May 12, 2008.
it contains all details of salary it is the law which will be adopted in accounting all state
employee salaries these forms are demanded on June 12,2008 as a maximum.
During the meeting also, viewpoints were exchanged with general directors of SOEs on
several an auctions and issues concerning employees and SOEs work. And salary
distribution mechanism, in addition to some questions by at tenders of the meeting on this

To realize security stability in Tarmiya district AL Sumood state
company undertakes the reconstruction of Mashahda Bridge:
Al Sumood state company, which belongs to ministry of industry and minerals, undertook
reconstructing Al Mashahda Bridge, which was damaged on 2006 to serve the district the
villages and their inhabitants.
A spokesman at the engineering industries sector stated the above to MIM information bureau
and said that a 120 million I.D. contract was signed to reconstruct Al Mashahda Bridge.
The contract states on the installation of new iron bridge as a vital crossway for the city
inhabitants and the company employees.
In a related context the spokesman emphasized that the company concluded another contract
with the directorate general of middle electricity to supply number of circular and sandwich
panels which estimated 3100 panels at 9- 11 m length made of (st- 44) metal within 15 day as
a record of execution though it was a limited time to the company adhered to despite the herd
It is worth motioning that the company implemented several high production capacity
prominent projects such as the sustainable casting project at a production capacity 150
thousand tons per year to produce steel parts at different kinds and the mill – rolling project at
a production capacity of 250 thousand tons per year, to produce various types of shafts then
the resolve forging project at 130 thousand tons per year, which is specialized in
manufacturing different items like steel pillars and oil wells drilling equipments, and high
pressure pipes. The company, further, set up scrub project at 180 thousand to 4 year which
ensures the preparation and supply of the heavy foundry planet and the Iron scrub casting
project at requirement quantities and specifications to ensure productivity process and supply
the company and its plants with Oxygen and Argon gases and Nitrogen the company
established Oxygen plants at 800 m3 per hour as well as the company erected Argon plant at
300 m3 per hour.
To support agriculture sector in Iraq… ministry of industry and
minerals supplies ministry of Agriculture with 120 thousand tons of
Urea fertilizers:
The state company for southern fertilizers, which belongs to ministry of industry and minerals
supplied ministry of agriculture with 120 thousand tons of Urea fertilizers at competitive prices
to support the sector of agriculture in Iraq.
A spokesman at the chemical industries sector told MIM information bureau that the quantity
provided to ministry of agriculture was a part of a contract to supply 200 thousand of Urea
fertilizers at super and high quality till middle 2008 to lower prices than imported counter parts
at 50%.
Meanwhile the state company for northern fertilizers witness a stop in produce for
maintenance works on an essential equipment in the plant it is hopped to resume production
during July.
Stating that the same sector state company for phosphate industries is resuming production
and has marketed already 80000 tons of phosphate fertilizers during the shut down and the
difficult transportation of raw materials due to none- function of train services.
It is to be noted that the chemical industries sector concentrates hard efforts to develop the
three state companies' manpower and equipment in order to realize higher production
capacities since those companies are considered so important that agriculture sector in Iraq
largely depends on their products.

Nineveh Drugs Company produces new drugs limit the anti-
cancer drugs side effects:
The state company for drugs and medical appliances industry-Nineveh which belongs to
ministry of industry and minerals wined a compatibility certificate from the national
commission for observance and we searches which belongs to the ministry of health. For
anew drugs limit side effects of several cancer drugs. A spokesman at the company told MIM
-information bureau. That the company got the said certificate for the new (1 injection mesnan
100 –mi) drug that could avoid side effects of cyclophosphamide anti- blood cancer drugs
stating that the new drug when used before or with that drug will limit side effects.
In a related context the spokesman added that the. Company succeeded producing new
(Beslomethanin) spray drug, which contain. Kind of kortzon referring that sample of the new
drug has been sent to the medical observance directorate for conducting necessary analysis
and tests. Consequently the drug has been presented to pharmacies, following successful
The company is currently about to produce new spray drugs to treat sensitivity at nose, as
well as to produce other medical items.
It is worth mentioning that the state company for drugs and medical appliances industry-
Nineveh has recently produced several medical drugs that have been already presented to

MIM... ready to hold Fairs for its company products in all Iraqi
H.E. Mr. Fawzi Franso Harriri- minister of industry and minerals unstructured MIM economic
department to directly coordinate with the all provincial councils in order to hold Faris for MIM
company products... At ever province center with no rent expenses to be paid provided that
each province shall under take the fair protection responsibility.
An official spokesman at MIM economic department stated that the minister's instructions are
equivalent to those of the state ministry for province affairs. In its letter no.210 dated march
24, 2008. Addressed to al provinces to seriously pay attention to promote MIM Company
products by those authorities belong to provinces considering these products as national
items that contribute to meet local needs and provide hard currency for the country, as well as
those products are identical to global ISO specifications. Stating further that the state ministry
for province affairs also suggested to open centers at provinces to exhibit MIM company
products in order to the concerned sides to be acquainted adding that all ministries and
offices have been previously. Instructed to promote national products, and to purchase from
private sector only when state company excuse to provide the demand.
Those ministries and departments have also been provided with company discs containing
products and prices of all MIM companies, so as to help those sides to ensure meeting their
AL-Sumood state company finalizes Iron parts for both Abbasiyat
Bridge in Najaf and Batha in ThiQar:
The state company Al-Sumood for steel industries which belongs to the ministry of industry
and minerals, made the iron parts of Abbasiyat Bridge on the highway linking both Babylon
and Najaf provinces in a accordance with the contract concluded with Hamourabi stat
company for contracts which belongs to the ministry of housing and constriction at a value of
(165) million.
A spokesman at the company told MIM- information bureau that the bridge will shortly be
opened after the finalization of painting and covering works. In order to help lessening traffic
in that area and widening roods there under the great progress that traffic and transport
nowadays witness in the country.
Praising the efforts of engineering and technical personnel of the company in implementing
the contract within the agreed upon time.
The company also executed the iron parts of the second Batha Bridge at ThiQar province for
the advantage of Al-Mutasm state company for constructive which belongs to the ministry of
housing and construction.
Within the company cement supported industry activities. The new Badush cement plant in
Mousel and Al-Najaf cement plant have been provided with essential items to rehabilitate and
develop their production lines.
It is to be noted that AL-Sumood state company is specialized in producing iron
structures. Producing iron pressed and forged items at hot forging method, and producing
closed –forged items-besides producing steel panels of different kinds of steel.

Minister of industry and minerals signed a memorandum of under
standing with Scania automotive industry company sweeden:
With the aim of upgrading the state company for automotive industry Alexandria this has
taken plaice during the participation in the second international promise conference of Iraq.
Held in Stockholm on Thursday, may 2008. With the participation of major delegation headed
by H.E. Mr. Primer and deputy primer Dr. Barham Saleh and a large number of minister and
senior officials

After turning to produce blankets, State Company for woolen
industries repeats Al Harria factory.
The state company for woolen industries, one of the ministries of industry and minerals state
formations repeats Al Harria woolen industries plant, following the transformation of
production lines so as to cope the progress in world textile industries.
This was confirmed by a spokesman at the textile industries sector. Who told MIM–
information bureau that Al Harria plant will be specialized in producing woolen blanket sin
stead of woolen cloth?
On a related context.. the spokesman state that the company. Has got (2) million U.S. $ out of
the us grant allocated by MIM for textile industries sector which amounted (13) million and
(125) thousand U.S$ as to upgrade this sector which faced a lot of obstacles due to borders
openness and that goods entering into drag are not subject to the adopted technical
specification it is worth mentioning that in seeking for production reality progress. The state
company for woolen industries has got (7) plants i.e.
The mechanical carpet plant Al-Fath plant May 1 plant Nassiry textile plant. AlHarria plant
AlTaji plant tarns and carpet plant and spare parts manufacturing plant. As well the company
has its systematic and middle products including. 2 and 1person woolen blankets eklirick
textile blankets male woolen cloth. eklirick bear pet the company also aspires to the future
since it has got large chances to develop and modernize its production these through
cooperation with world companies and investors.
85% realization Rate, State Company for dairy products
implements pastured milk production line project:
The state company for dairy products which belongs to the ministry of industry and minerals
Succeeded in finalizing the installation of cartoon canned pastured milk production line at AL
Deueney dairy plant of a value of (4) million and (100) thousand U.S$ as apart of the Italian
grant in cooperation with the united nations industrial development organization (UNIDO) with
view of developing. Animal width of the province
This was reported by a spokesman at the food staff and drags industries sector. Who told
MIM information bureau that the project was supplied with advanced machinery and
equipments from Major European companies (A.P.V. and valaval companies) ads that the
project included the purchase of advanced canning machine and power generator at (800) KV
capacity. In order to keep the products clean. The spokesman returned that the project has
been supplied. With modern lab-rotaries devises and specialized vehicles to carry the raw
milk with a water purification unit. Adding that the company employees have been trained to
work on the new production lines at both state and private sectors sine an expanded work
shop has been prepared with the participation of (18) specialized dairy companies and 30
farmers and cow breeders. In coordination with agricultural dire orate of the province. With
real of aver ness in using modern and advanced styles in possessing raw dairy resources on
a related connection. The spokesman stated that a new similar project has been initiated in
Abu Grebe plant lately in 2008 to produce pastured milk in plastic cans at a capacity of (10)
ton per hour. Emphasizing that the project was contracted with Lebanese Company at a value
of (3) million and (400) thousand U.S $. The ministry continues to support the company so as
to serve animal wealth in Iraq.

The central committee for application transparency principles:
The central committee for application transparency principles at the ministry of industry and
minerals, executed realization of the first stage of transparency guide according to the guide
adopted criteria so as to ensure no deviation. Honest and fairness of demonstration of MIM
(67) SOEs.
Mr. Thaer badri Hasson Farid assist ion general director of MIM Economic department, head
of the committee. Declared his committee transition to the second stage of the adopted
mechanisms of the committee of application transparency criteria and principles through the
commence of continues reports publishing starting from early June 2008 across media and
press in order to acquaint ministries and evil society organizations and dignity commission
and the public in general. With the transparency reports The committee will farther circulate
these reports over the electronic web-cite, which will be announced later on, when completed
in order to be another means to circulate the committee reports and to receive views and
remarks from authorities concerned in tackling financial and administrative corruption cases
So as to serve the public and support national economy and to eliminate corruption
phenomenon then to make 2008, an anti administrative corruption year, in accordance with
H.E. Mr. Prime ministry instructions

AL-Faris state company makes water pacifications units for the
advantage of the ministry of municipalities and public works:
The technical personnel of Al-Faris state company. One of the formation of the ministry of
industry and minerals completed more than (85%) of the wakes of manufacturing water
purification units of a capacity of (50-240) mc/hour for the benefit of the ministry of
municipalities and public works. according to the control whose value equals to (9) billion(1)
A spokesmen at the company told MIM – information bureau that those purification units are
included within proposed project to retreat sewege and industrial waters with view of
eliminating wastes that may result in environmental hazards besides gel ting benefit from the
chemical materials out of treatment.
Stating that the project has got other positive prospects that are availing pure waters for water
and irrigation projects.
The spokesman added that the company is on the way to execute a major project within the
2008 MIM investment plan. The project states on manufacturing industrial waters treatment
units so as to largely contribute to have a clear and free environment from industrial nastes
and chemical materials that those industrial waters contain.
On he other hand The spokesmen declared that the project is of AL-Doura power station 4th
unit rehabilitation is hoped to be awarded to Al Faris Company in cooperation with Ibn Majid
state company.
It is worth mentioning that in addition to be specialized in making water purification units Al
Faris and crude oil refining on its.
Al Faris state company produces also vertical and horizontal storage tanks, high pressure
vessels. Iron structures farther more the company a spires to produce new products such as
ballic storage tanks and refining towers for chemical and petrochemical projects and sewege
treatment systems in addition to the company endeavors to Tran sfer technology from other
international enter prizes.

Al-Faris state company manufactures water purification units at
varied capacities for the benefit of the public sector:
Al-Faris state company one of ministry of industry and minerals state formations implemented
the works of manufacturing water purification units at a capacity of (200) cubic meter per hour
for the advantage of the state directorate for water which belongs to the ministry of
Municipalities and public works i.e.(20) units.
A spokesman told MIM-information bureau that the company has got another contract for the
supply of (52) purification units at a capacity of 50-240 cm per hour stating that the contract
accomplishment rate amounted 80%.
On the other hand the company personnel finalized the implementation of crude oil refinery
unit, installation project at a capacity of (10) thousand barrel /day for the benefit of the state
company for southern refineries at rate of (85) in pursuance to the contract concluded with the
latter. At a value of (140) thousand U.S.$ the remaining rate is for to sake of the state
company for designs and engineering consultations including the follow up of importing
complementary equipments.
It is worth men honing that Al-Faris state company. In moreover its specialization in
manufacturing water purification unit and crude oil refineries produces also vertical storage
tanks and horizontal ones. High pressure vessels iron structures further, it endeavors to
introduce the manufacture of new products including ball storage tanks, refinery towers for
chemical and Petro- chemical projects sewege water treatment units besides. The company
aspires also for technology transition from global specialized enter prices.

With 100% Iraqi efforts the state company for Iron and steel
rehabilitates spiral pipes plant:
The state company for iron and steel, which affiliates to the ministry of industry and minerals
installed the spiral pipes plant special equipment relying on Iraqi technical expertise and
efforts since the German side has apologized to lo so.
A spokesman at the company reported the above to MIM- information bureau and state that
this plant construction and installation process has been 75% performed. The company of the
work is hoped to be during next November.2008 referring that all work steps have been
covered by media in coincident of credibility and Transparency the company is often pursuing.
State that the company has called upon all employees for work to achieve job stability and to
set an actual work time discipline, especially following the cancel of self-finance and
application of the new salary system for employees and the signing of written promise for
work commitment and not to affiliate to any other party.

Deputy Minister of industry and minerals announces the
finalization of last works of Al-Sarrafya Bridge rehabilitation:
Mr. Adel Kareem deputy minister of industry and minerals for development and investment
affairs supervisor on Al-Sarrafya iron bridge rehabilitation works declared that this greet
momentum is hoped to be inaugurated on lately may 2008.
This declaration came within a field mist paid by Mr. Kareem accompanied by Mr. Mohammed
Abdullah deputy MIM for company affairs and Mr. Manqith Al-Bakr advisor of MIM in order to
get acquainted with the last stages of the bridge rehabilitation.
In a statement to MIM information bureau Mr. Deputy Minister described the bridge us one of
Baghdad important symbols since MIM. Technical and engineering personnel used the most
modern technological techniques to rehabilitate the bridge. Explaining that MIM related–works
were designing and manufacturing and site- installation of all parts of the iron bridge to reach
the final stages...
Mr. Deputy Minister further, reiterated that all work phases were successfully undertaken In a
challenge to the terrorist acts that targeted the infrastructure evaluating the ministry of
housing and construction role in removing the rebels and paving the bridge.
Mr. Deputy Minister, further, praised the cooperation between both ministries that has
resulted in performing the competition of rehabilitation works at a very standard period of
Congratulating the Iraqi government and people. For this achievement which is considered as
an important step.
An the country reconstruction on one hand and competing terrorism, on the other.

State company for northern cement succeeds in rising up
production capacity of Badosh cement plant to 90%:
The state company for northern cement which belongs to the ministry of industry and minerals
executed the rehabilitation of Badosh cement plant, by relying on the company self efforts.
A spokesman at the constructive industries sector told MIM- information bureau that the
rehabilitation helped to raise up the production capacity to 90%.
Clarifying further that the company has also rehabilitated the new Hammam AL-Aaleel
cement plant The rehabilitation included the alteration of special parts of equipment and the
repairing of others according to a detailed program therefore the plant production capacity
has been raised up from 25% to 75%.
Stating that the plant faces several problems that hinder its production marchIncluding the
hesitated power supply and the sudden shaft-down and interruption of power supply which
negatively and directly influences the production capacity of the company since it needs at
last 24 hours after every power cut off to re operate the parts of the plane. In addition to the
unstable security situation which affects the attendance of the company empbyces to work?
It is worth mentioning that the state company for northern cement is specialized in producing
normal Portland cement and high soft cement the company owns ( 6 ) plants. Badosh Sinjar
and Hammam Al-Aleel cement plants.
Since Badosh cement plants consists of (5) production lines where as Hammam Al-Aeel
cement plant has got (3) production lines. While Sinjar cement plant possesses only two
production lines.
State directorate for industrial development eon ducts survives on
173 industrial projects all over Iraqi provinces:
The state directorate for industrial development one of the ministry of industry and minerals
state formations conducted survives on (173) industrial projects all over Iraq provinces a
spokesman at the directorate told MIM information bureau that the directorate also issued
founding-completion for (32) fully- applicable projects with the o ownership and stocks
transition for (294) industrial projects. Clarifying that the directorate issued (94)
recommendations letter for the allocation of areas of land for industrial projects those letters
were addressed to the governmental real-estate departments all over the country provinces
with the issuance of (655) support letters (need reports) for those industrial projects benefiting
from raw materials.
The state directorate for industrial development was previously issued (362) founding licenses
for a number of industrial projects in Iraq. That has been distributed over various industrial
sectors, foodstuff, textile, wooden, paper, chemical, and plastic, Constructive manufactured
metal and Trans formational metal industries at a total investment value of (51) bullion and
(27) million I.D.

Mender the auspices of deputy minister for development and
investment affairs a work shop to discuss… the industrial
investment law amendment for both mixed and private sector:
Engineer Adel Kareem deputy minister of industry and minerals for development and
investment affairs stressed that currently in Iraq there is no local economic policy... but
however there is general governmental policy aiming at supporting local sector
through establishing investment banks.
Won –profitable banks and granting for investors at 10 year term with no more than 2%
interest rate. Teaching a work shop held on Tuesday may 20.2008 … to discus the industrial
investment law for both mixed and private sectors… no 20 of 1998 with the attendance of
large number of researchers and specialists in industrial sector, Mr. Kareem said that this law
was adopted within the last regime when the state has controlled over all sectors including the
economic ones and closed markets in Iraq while the current policy aims at opening
cooperation prospects and facilitating. The entering of Iraqi market and creating new
technology, stating tat the law consists of positive items and other in need for some amen
dements in order to be so convenient with the political and economic requirements and to
encourage investors to invest in Iraqi industry and to support national industry… through
granting exemptions and aids… to guarantee an industrial progress with the development
plan via establishing small and middle industrial projects development fund at (50) million
U.S. $ capital.
Stressing the necessarily compatibility between investment law no.13 of 2006 under which
non- Iraqis were allowed to establish
Industrial projects and the industrial investment law for both mixed and private sectors.
Besides he returned to the mechanism by which grant and aids could be offered to
industrialist so as to develop the industrial reality Mr. Deputy Minister clarified that the
seminar recommendation will be presented to H.E.Mr. Minister of industry and minerals to
approve them and in tarn address these recommendations to the cabinet, then to the state
shura council aft awards to the council of deputies for voting and endorsement.
Referring that MIM has got several of seminars and work shops to review many of the laws
and organizing that work.
Adding that the industrial development directorate has granted loans for 1500 industrial
projects yet and that there is a proposal on granting easy loans for industries- at (50000) U.S
$ for each project.
Mr. Munqith AL-baker advisor to MIM that there is an urgent need for a deep and integrated
study for the private sector and to find necessary means of sap port indicating that MIM
tendency is to enhance and develop industry in general. And not certain sectors, explaining
that –small… projects are considered as essential to obserb employment in the country and
to eliminate unemployment Mr. Salim Paul's. MIM general inspector stressed that industrial
investment law for both private and mixed sector.. Requires some amendments to be taken
so as to ensure some prevail characteristics granted to some plants Mr. Abbas nasrallah.
General Director of industrial development stated that the law being discussed by the seminar
and the items proposed to be amended in the investment law are quite stable to the current
industrial reality. Referring that industrial projects are possible to be established on
agricultural lands those private sector business have got varied opinions. On law
amendments they expressed. Comfort for that step taken by MIM in proposing law
amendments. Mr. Basim .vice chairman of Iraq industrialists union stated that those items
proposed to be amended are important once s since their amendment will have greet benefit
far the Iraqi private sector. One of the industrialist said that Iraqi industrialist are in need for
special support and that there should be legislations on private sector considering it as a
contributor to develop national economy and eliminate an employment. And that the state
should determinate between major and strategic projects and small projects as for granting
loans since there are major projects that comprehensive hundreds of employees and tens of
machines and produce strategic materials. So they could not be treated as small projects of
limited production.

AL Maliki confirms that the inauguration of Al Sarafiya Bridge
represents a repulse on destruction and terrorism forces, and
evaluates both ministries of industry and minerals and housing and
construction efforts of reconstruction and revival:
The minister of industry and minerals undertakes sustainable efforts for Iraq reconstruction.
The inauguration of AL sarafiya an iron bridge, year after the criminal act that targeted it
H.E. Mr. nuri AL Maliki, prime minister confirmed that Al Sarrafiya Bridge reconstruction
represents a victory of good will over evil force. And it has sent a message to sabotages and
ignorant that the Iraq will shall construct. The evil damages and that consequently it will be
the victorious.
In a speech at the inagaratory celebration of Al Sarrafiya iron Bridge, held on Tuesday may
27, 2008. Attended by a number of members of council of deputies and official ministers, AL
Maliki stated that the rebuilding of the Bridge has amoral value, since by reconstructing the
bridge we could be able to react towards destruction culture clarifying that we should highly
appreciate all noble efforts that gathered to rebuild this major monument, especially those
efforts of both ministries of industry and minerals and housing and construction employee son
his part. Mr. Fawzi Franso Harriri. Minister of industry and minerals stated that this date
constitutes the commence of actual reconstruction campaign, and that the finalization of Al
Sarrafiya iron Bridge with 100% Iraqi efforts at a standard period of time was a result of
decisive will of factors of both ministries of industry and minerals and housing and
construction. Stating Al Sarrafiya Bridge represent one of Baghdad civilized monument, and
has a great significance for Iraq is since it connects doth. Tigris ranks of Kerkh and Rasapha.
Mr. Minister reviewed a part of MIM efforts in implementing this project since mim formed... as
soon as officially entitled. A special commission headed by deputy minister for development
and investment affairs and the membership of MIM state companies which took part in the
bridge reconstruction i.e. the state company for heavy engineering equipment, Ibn Majid.
State company for automotive industry, further more un operation room at MIM was formed
for daily supervision and following –up of works there … stating that during the bridge
reconstruction process, more than 1500 tons of iron have been purchased. Then cut and
widened according to the designs drawn up in MIM referring that those works were performed
by more than 350 factors in addition to 150 engineers and technicians from SOEs best,
personnel's at two shafts along 12 continuous work hours. Mr. Minister clarified that MIM
started actual work in re-inst-illation of the bridge on February 2, 2008 and finalized the work
on April 10.2008. The location and cite of work has been handed over consequently to the
ministry of housing and construction due to the support rendered to MIM. Mr. Minister
addressed thanks and appreciation to H.E.
Mr. Minister further appreciated role of both Ministries of Oil and Electricity for their
contribution to provide MIM needs.
Mr. Minister promised to move for- wards to avail all necessary efforts and powers to build
Gifts were exchanged between H.E. Mr. primer and H.E. Minister of industry and minerals.
H.E. Mrs. Bayna Dazey, minister of housing and construction confirmed that MIM has
succeeded in accurately executing the iron structure in accordance with the required
specifications and within the limited period of time praising MIM minister and personnel who
contributed in the work.
Mars .Dazey referred that the ministry of housing and construction has secked with full power
to achieve a quality jump in the ministry and SOEs performance in as for the bridge
reconstruction endeavors.
On his part, Mr., Adel Kareem deputy minister of MIM confirmed that Al Sarafiya iron bridge
finalization has been performed by good will efforts of Iraqi people and the state support
headed by H.E. Mr. prim minister since a emission of both ministries of industry and minerals
and housing and reconstruction, has been formed and accordingly the work was divided over
both ministries stating that the bridge reconstruction total coast was 31 billion I.D. out of
which. MIM share was 8 billion I.D... Whereas that share of ministry of housing and
construction was 24 billion I.D.
Mr. Deputy minister clarified that those SOEs which participated in the realizing the
manufacture and connection works and all other technical works within three and a half
months … where works have been distributed over the 3 participant SOEs in the bridge
rebuilding whose damaged distance was 180 m at 60 m of the bridge for each company those
works were eomplated on August 15.2007.stating that installation works elapsed for two and
a half months. Then consequently it was handed over to the ministry of housing and
constriction for the completion of works such as paving and painting the bridge.
Deputy Minister, further, indicated that the facilities rendered by the cabinet and by Dr.
Barham Saleh deputy primer in particular, have clearly contributed to realize the work which
was considered as pun Iraqi work 100% starting from manufacturing works and ending up
with installation works.
The inauguration ceremony witnessed a number of activities, like Al Sarrafiya construction fair
with several activities that reviewed Al Sarrafiya historical values and Baghdad history for
Iraqis, further more the attendants stood a moment of science the commemorate those
martyrs failed during the bridge reconstruction works it is worth mentioning that Al Sarrafiya
iron bridge was established by the British company of hollow since 1946 while the designs
were laid down by Blaywsd British company it was among the longest bridge in the world at
that time it has several names such as Al alwazya , train bridge and Al aywadhya bridge it has
got a great value for Baghdad since it is con side red as one of Baghdad monuments.

 With an amount of 7.5 billion I.D. state companies for leather
industries initiated a wide rehabilitation plan:
The state company for leather industry which belongs to the ministry of industry and minerals
initiated a wide rehabilitation plan that covered the company producing cites in order to
increase the company is economic activity.
This was reported by a spokesman at the leather industries sector, who told. MIM- information
bureau that the ministry allocated ( 7 ) billion and ( 500 ) thousand I.D. within 2008_2009
investment plan for the rehabilitation of the company plants which is represented in the
leather processing plant including cow leather processing for shoes making goat and sheep
leather processing for clothes making, and Baghdad shoes plant for service and safety shoes
making. The rehabilitation works, further, included the purchase of modern machines from
Turkish leather industries specialized origins and the repair of the plant old machines. The
spokesmen added that the company initiated also the rehabilitation of the shoes industry
requirements plant through introducing advanced injection machines for P.V.E. and P.U.
materials. And other direct injection machines for producing service and safety shoes.
On related context within regions development programmer the spokesman conformed that
Najaf province has allocated (1) billion I.D. for the kufa plant which belongs also to the
company to execute civil works for the personal protection requirements producing project.
It is to be mentioned that the company has got the capacity to meet all demands of
governmental at mixed and private sectors the needs of service and industrial safety shoes
leather jackets according to the adopted specification of the central standardization and
quality control system. The company has also got ISO certificate (9001) and hopes to get
(9002) ISO certificate.

AL-Furat state company releases a monthly income of more than
(1) billion I.D. in marketing chemical materials and plastic bags:
AL-Furat state Company for chemical industries that belongs to the ministry of industry and
minerals. Through out one month marketed (1156) tons of chemical materials and (600000)
plastic bags at a value of (1) billion and (700) million I.D.
A spokesman at the company told MIM-information bureau that the marketed chemical
materials were concentrated and light sulfuric acid hydraulic acid clore .soda, sodium
hypochlorite and iron hydrochloric. Stressing that the company is resuming its production
lines operation according to the available capacity and marketing referring to that (600)
thousand plastic bags have been marketed to various .public sector during the same period
.more over direct selling to private sector has been opened when a surplus production is
available as for other materials, a spokesman confirmed that production lines are highly
prepared .but however the company suffers from high prices of raw materials. Those are
allowing corn. Declaring that the company is ready for operation for others concerning the
company production of chemical materials the spokesman announced that (332) ton of varied
materials like concentrated and light sulfuric acid. Huidroklorlic acid, clore, soda, sodium
hypochlorite, iron chloride. Which enter into several industries was produced for the
advantage of ministries of industry and minerals. Oil and electricity according to previous
concentrated contracts are under performing a co now. AL-Furat state company is among the
prominent companies in chemical industries has gained an ISO certificate (2000-901ISO) on
2003. it has succeeded .also in expanding production lines depending on self technical efforts
to develop and modernize the company to read its designed capacity ,(25) billion and (500)
million I.D. were allocated to establish a production line for soda and clore in addition to (11)
billion and (400) million I.D. to execute ecological projects that may contribute to ported
At is worth men toning that through its planned expansions the company in aspiring to
produce certain materials. As well as, to establish new production lines to increase production
capacity at the plastic bags plant.

Al-Sumood state company supplies the state directorate for middle
area Electricity with sand witch and circular panels:
Al-Sumood state company for steel industries which belongs to the ministry of industry and
minerals finalized the works of contract concluded with middle area Electricity state
directorate the contract state on manufacturing 1250 circular panels (44ST) at ( 11) m length
and (1200) other panels at (9)m length.
A spokesmen at the company reported the above and state to MIM-information bureau that
the contact also contain supply of (300) sand witch panels at (11) m length and other (350)
sandwich panels at (9) m length, station that the contract has been implement at wither the
(45) day. agreed upon period the spokesmen added that the company also succeeded in
manufacturing the special rolls for cement plants with their own shafts according to the
international adopted specification metering that the Al-Sumood state company is considered
as the first in the industrial sector which has been able to manufacture those rolls .since then
were important from abroad in the past and after the successful manufacturing experience.
The company concluded contract with the state company for southern cement for the supply
of (6) stone grinder rolls with 6 shafts so this will save huge amounts of money for both sides.
Referring that this experience is hoped to be applied for all cement plants in the country the
spokesmen explained further that the company has executed the works of manufacturing (28)
parts of 2 Batha bridge for the benefit of al Al-Mutasm state company for contracts. As well
as the company has of its future plans for expansion including. The mill rolling project and
sustain casting in addition to the circular forging project and iron-wastes re treatment project
at required quantities and specification to ensure the productivity process continually.

Support of Iraqi drugs industry Ministry of industry and minerals 22
billion I.D. for Sammara drugs Company:
Within the 2008 investment plan ministry of industry and minerals allocated 22 billion I.D. for
the state company for drugs and medical appliances- Sammara. One of the Ministries of
industry and minerals state from at ions, so as to up grade its industrial reality.
This was reported by a spokesman at the food staff and drugs industry sector, who told MIM-
information bureau that the company has allocated the above mentioned amount for the
disposable sirens plant and for establishing anew am pales blood and yare bags production
The spokesman added that the company of drugs and medical appliances industry– Nineveh
is currently in the course of establishing unit-cancer drugs project station that new marketing
centers are supposed to be opened shortly. Including the inauguration of anew marketing
office of the drugs information building as well as other international marketing offices the
spokesman clarified farther. That following imported drugs have over flooded the local market
.distorted and expired drugs have infiltrated to the country. There fore competed in price with
nationally and locally made products that are deemed better in quality and effectiveness.
Referring to the sustainable contraction with the ministry of health for the supply of drugs and
medical appliances besides the multi- supply resources in the country from private plants and
where houses.
His worth mentioning that both Sammara and Nineveh products are quite computer able with
international drug constitutions lather more .MIM drugs and medical appliances industry state
companies have the possibility of training and apprenticing drug- industry s penalized
personnel us well as. Designing and executing those production units in drugs making.
Among the most important Iraqi drugs are tablets, Capsules, creams, suspensions, syrups,
liquids, powders and medical gases.

General directorate for industrial development issues 362 rounding
licenses for industrial projects:
 The state directorate for industrial development, one of the ministry of industry and minerals
state formations .issued 362 founding licenses for several industrial projects in Iraq .Engineer
Adel Kareem , deputy minister of industry and minerals for development and investment
affairs told MIM- information bureau that those project have been distributed over different
industrial sectors food stuff textile wooden paper ,chemical and plastic
construction manufactured metal industries at an investment value of ( 51) billion and (27)
million I.D.
 Clarifying that foodstuff industry have got the first rank in gauging certificates sine these
industries got (85) founding licenses at a total value of (11) billion and (257) million I.D. while
the manufactured metal industries have got the second rank since they got (78) founding
licenses at a total value of (13) billion and ( 531) million I.D. the constructive industries have
got the third rank by gaining ( 67) founding licenses at an investment value of (8) billion and
(696) million I.D .where as the remaining were been distributed over ( 55) founding lances for
chemical and plastic industries at on investment value of (14) billion and (710) million I.D. and
(41) licenses for wooden industries of a value of (1) billion and (318) million I.D. with (23)
licenses for textile industries a value of (770) million I.D. and (11) licenses for paper industries
at a value of (545) million I.D. then just ( 2 ) licenses for transformation industries at a value of
(200) million I.D.

With high production capacities State Company for phosphate
resumes the production of combined fertilizers and sulfuric acid:
 The State company for phosphate .one of the ministry of industry and minerals state
formations .produced about 1500 ton of combined fertilizers and 4200 ton of sulfuric acid
.during April 2008 Further more it has marketed 1205 ton of combined fertilizer for the benefit
of Ministry of Agriculture the company continues the production processes according to the
concluded contracts A spokesman at the chemical induction Sector told MIM information
bureau that the company has got allowances of the 2008 investment plan . Which amounted
50 billion I.D. through which the rehabilitation of the company production line will be financed
by importing varied equipments including pumps ,filters belts compressors and different
control devices these equipments will help to increase the production capacity of the company
with nigh rates in comparison with the current production capacity his worth men honing that
the company has got future plans to establish a major chemical complex AL_qaem district for
producing phosphate fertilizes at three kind: ( combined NP. uni –MAP and tri_TSP) his
conceded anon significant projects of industry in Iraq .the company further has got tradition
and middle production .such as( phosphoric acid .Sodium tri _phosphate , sodalim and
silka jeel )

Minister of Industry and Minerals meets both Ambassadors of Italy
and Japan to Baghdad
H.E. Mr. Fawzi Franso Harriri minister of industry and minerals met with Italian ambassador to
Baghdad the possibility of benefiting from Italian loans in industry and the encouragement of
Italian loans companies to work with and cooperate with MIM state companies were
Further more Mr. Minister met also the Japanese ambassador to Baghdad the details of the
Japanese loan and MIM share of the loan and the preparations for the Japanese conference
on investment and businessman hoped to be held on next July 2008 and a number of
seasons encouraging Japanese companies to enter into Iraqi market were alleles cases
during the audience.

To protect Iraqi Consumer, Ministry of Industry and Minerals
adopts Consumer Protection Law:
The Ministry of Industry and Minerals under took the adoption of the consumer protection Law
which aims at protection Iraqi consumer as for prices and quality the human un applicable
goods, through adopting firm procedures over every producer or advertiser who may hot
adhere to this low. A spokesman at the Ministry told the information bureau that the new law
imposed a number of procedures that call upon every supplier or producer to fix the data and
specifications and the complete components of product, especially the expiry date before
presenting those products to market, and to adhere himself to Iraqi and international standard
so as to define the good quality of the imported or locally made goods. The Central
standardization and Quality Control Board will be the responsible authority for this purpose,
with the necessity of having the supplier a trade name and address to be registered in his
dual records, and keeping purchase and sell receipts and invoices and to all owe concerned
official authorities to conduct test and inspection at the supplier and advertiser cite so as to
get samples of stored and displayed goods with view of performing test on those goods by the
officially adopted authorities in order to decide wither these goods are valid for human
consumption clarifying that punishment will be imposed on every one who will violates the
principles of the law that is no less than 3 months of imprisonment and no less than 500
thousand I.D levy, or no more than 3 years imprisonment and no more than 5 million I.D levy
or by them both . The spokesman reiterated further that also among this law provisions that
every supplier or advertiser is prohibited from practicing chat or mislead and hiding the real
and actual adopted specification . The law also prohibits displaying, advertising or selling,
goods or services that cont radiates with the general, discipline or morals this applies upon
every imported or manufactured good that complete components are not shown on the cover
or a cage of that goods. The expiry date must not be changed deviated or cancelled starting
that the main purpose is to protect Iraqi Consumer as for prices and quality and to help him to
avoid possessing, bad quality goods. The law also aims at getting the consumer aware of
rejecting many of bad imported goods so as to protect locally made goods. The spokesman
further stated that also called consumer protection council was established headed by a
chairman and comprises of representatives of 9 ministries the Iraqi chamber of commence,
Should the Council undertake a number of tasks among which lay down – policies and action
programmers that guarantee the consumer protection and rights with raising consumption
awareness and receiving and investigating complains, then studying draft resolutions on
consumption and consumer. It is worth mentioning that the adoption of this law came from
considering similar laws especially in neighboring countries in addition to convening seminars
and symposiums with the concerned authorities so as to ripen the draft law so as to avail the
required investment at mosphere under the economic openness and Iraqi affiliation to the
World Trade Organization This law has been endorsed by the Council Ministers and it was
awarded to the Council of deputies – Economic Committee to be Studied adopted.

Harriri discusses with is Minister of Trade and senior Iraqi and US
business men the investment opportunities in Iraq:
H.E. Mr. Fawzi Franco Harriri minister of Industry and Minerals. During acumen visit to the
United States of America. Met with the U.S Minister of Trade.
Through the meeting at tented by .the legal advisor of H.E. Primer. The Iraqi Ambassador to
washing to and Dr. Sami AL-Araji deputy minister of Industry and minerals for center activities
Cooperation between the US minister of trade and the Iraqi minister of Industry and minerals.
Were discussed formula open which the Iraqi economic shall be enforced and developed
H.E. Mr. Minister Harriri met farther .Iraqi and U.S chamber of commence . The investment
opportunities in Iraqi industry and other economic sectaries well as the available opportunities
for U.S companies to work in Iraq. were all discussed in a related context .Mr. Minister held a
wide press conference at the national club of industry at Washington. To evaluate both
political and economic situation in Iraq. During his interview with Mr. Armor Muse. General
Secretary of the Arab league on line with the U.S. Arab economic forum .Mr. .Minster
discussed the last development in Iraq.