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Starcraft 2 Protoss Vs Zerg Strategy Guide - How to Counter Zerg - Guide in SC2


									Are you playing the Protoss and need to learn how to counter a good Zerg player?
Well if you want to know how to counter Zerg in SC2, you may want to follow a
couple of these strategies.
  A big part of the game comes from scouting. Being able to spy on your opponents
will enable you to be one step ahead of them. This will allow you to predict strategies
and see what armies they amass enabling you to build counter units accordingly. With
that said, build observers early game to maximize vision and to spy on your
  If you see that your enemy is building an army of Zerglings, produce a Colossus or
two fast. This unit is very effective against this Zerglings, however remember to
protect your unit with a handful of Zealots and Stalkers to take some heat off your
  When you see your opponent amassing the Roaches and Hydralisk combo, opt to
construct an Immortal. This unit deals extra damage to armoured units like Roaches,
so your Immortal will be able to inflict maximum damage.
  A good Zerg player with Infestors can be very difficult to play against. Therefore, it
is very important to know how to scout enemy base effectively to prepare for such a
unit. Once you spot Infestors in the process of being made, quickly build several air
units such as Void Rays or Phoenix to protect yourself against the Zerg unit.
  By effectively scouting enemy base, you will be able to predict which units to build
and how to counter the Zerg in SC2.
  These are just one of the many expert tactics Diamond rank players use. Want to
learn more advanced strategies to prepare you for any counter attacks?
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