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					Since Starcraft 2 was out some time and non-beta players were able to create some
strategies, or simply rob them from experienced gamers, I will reveal the simplest
technique for Terrans. The Marine Rush Technique. Marines are the initial army unit
you'll produce and also the simplest. Just about all you require so that you can
produce a marine really is a barracks. You will only need 50 minerals and supply to
cover per marine. These two resources are going to be insured through mining solely
minerals and building a great deal of supply depots.
  Currently, it might seem that marines would be the weakest unit so they aren't really
worth producing, however with this technique the key is within the quickness.
Marines are easy and fast to create and you'll make a great deal very quickly. Begin
by producing SCV's, til you have 9 after which construct your very first barracks.
Construct a supply depot, then a barracks and after that a supply depot and after that a
barracks. Be sure to have upgraded your command center to orbital command to call
down M.U.L.E.s to mine more minerals. You are able to duplicate this as frequently as
you feel is acceptable, there is however something you have to be informed on rush
tactics...They are often viewed as cheese.
  By cheese I am talking about, they're an all in or little or nothing strategy. Should
you deliver 20 marines to some enemy base and they coordinate to beat you, you will
most likely have problems as you will end up behind in economy. Luckily, rush
techniques require minimal time. I won games using this technique in under 7 minutes
  After 3 barracks are already constructed, provided that you have been smart and
produced marines simultaneously you ought to have approximately 20 units all set.
Arrange an SCV by building an additional command center and send out your units.
When your marines have gotten to the opposing forces no doubt you've had the
opportunity to restore their quantity out of your increasing number of barracks.
  Performing so early in the match your adversary will most likely be focusing on
forcing his tech and constructing plenty of advanced structures, that you can blast into
oblivion. Repeat again and again if needed. Frequently, you'll discover that the
defender has dispatched 6 or 7 units towards your base in an assault which your
recently produced marines will smash effortlessly after which you will end up wasting
his undefended base to ashes.
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