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          President’s Prerogative
          Skills Result in ‘Value Add’
                     Your company mission           designed. Just as you would design and           policy implementation.
                     statement may state,           prepare the area of your factory before you      By selecting individuals from the Cross
                     “People are our most           install that new multi-colour press from         Media Training Centre or alternatively
                     important asset” …. or         Europe or Japan. The same amount of              sending existing staff to one of our centres
                     something along these          detail, forward planning, expectations of        you will achieve a number of outcomes.
                     lines. Whether it is a         longevity of career needs to be applied
                     cliché or not, it is           when dealing with a new recruit.                 You will secure more efficiency resulting
                     probably a reality in                                                           in less waste. Achieve an accelerated
                     most organisations.            Training is no longer a ‘nice to have’; it is    learning programme. Implement a career
  We then ask ourselves, if this resource is so     an essential part of the company’s strategic     path for entry-level staff thereby
  valuable, how do we keep it? Keeping the          conversation.                                    increasing the longevity of their
  good people in a highly competitive                                                                employment and also retaining their skills.
  environment where there is a war for talent       The ‘new recruit’ needs to be equipped           Obtain high point scoring on your BEE
  that is getting more expensive month after        with some fundamental skills. Gone are           Scorecard (at present training accounts for
  month is not easy.                                the days when you could recruit off the          a weighting of 20% of your total
                                                    street and expect a ‘skills return’ in a         Scorecard). Utilise your own skills levies
  One of the solutions is to adopt training as      fortnight. The risk is too high and the          to your own advantage. Find out more
  a core activity within your company. Non-         skills base far to shallow. And the latest       about implementing a learnership
  stop training, a relentless expectation of        equipment is too complex, and too                programme by taking on students from the
  continued improvement will provide                expensive, to allow unskilled staff to           Cross Media Training Centre. You will
  unexpected returns.                               operate it.                                      minimise the risk during the early days of
                                                                                                     the incumbents’ development. And above
  What ‘value add’ can a professionally             Pifsa took a strategic decision more than        all else, the ‘new generation’ of skills bring
  trained member of staff bring to your             12 years ago to assist our industry in           with them new and creative ideas. People
  company? And secondly how do you                  getting the required foundational skills         who are hungry for success can provide
  continue to get optimum performance               into the workplace through a substantial         your company with a new ethos of
  from this new generation of young talent?         investment at the Cross Media Training           development and success.
                                                    Centre. This industry can select people not
  Firstly, planning is essential. A well-           only with these foundation skills, but who       Plan for it! Use it! This is an opportunity
  articulated training plan, which ties into        also have the correct profile. This will         to create a new skills base within your own
  your company’s total strategy needs to be         assist you with your BBBEE and EE                organisation. You cannot afford not to.

                                                    I was in London recently and it struck me        The print is ‘in your face’ all day every
  Power Of Print                                    very clearly that print is so very               day. Taken for granted by all of us yet so

  Transportable                                     transportable. We popped into a small
                                                    outlet offering ‘Genuine SA Biltong’. It
                                                                                                     vital to our lives. We play a massive role in
                                                                                                     the economy of the world. United by print.
                                                    was wrapped in a special packaging. Inside       No matter where we are print is there and
  I wonder if you have ever been on a bus or        the store were a number of other familiar        it comes from somewhere else for our lives
  a tube in London or New York or Paris or          faces…Mrs Ball Blatjang; Chappies;               and the lives of billions of the global
  Madrid or Copenhagen. Of course all of            Anchoviette; Nederberg wines; Rooi Rose          village community to be enhanced.
  these are cities with huge transport needs        and so on. All beautifully packaged here in
  especially during the rush hours. On the          SA. All transported to the UK.                   So whether it is a product to be
  tube or bus there you will see virtually all                                                       transported, or us on transport whilst we
  the people reading. Newspapers mostly in          Yes, like the transport systems that are so      are being transported elsewhere
  the form of the Metro phenomenon.                 vital to the heartbeat of those big cities we    ourselves…print is the transportable
  Magazines. Books. Just sitting there              talked about at the outset of this article, so   commodity.
  reading. On your journey you will pass            too are all the vital elements of print.         Print is the first and last word in
  hundreds of posters advertising a vast            Whether it is in packaging or media, print       information technology. Print is really
  variety of products and services.                 has a vital role to play in the lives of all.    Powerful now and forever.
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          CEO Corner
          Profit and Service
                         I have just returned           and there appears to be no need to reduce           digital print shop that specializes in books. The
                         from chairing a meeting        labour costs. Volumes are huge and the growth       average print run length is 1.7 books! This is
                         of the World Print and         rate of the printing and packaging industry is      not a typo – one point seven books. They are
                         Communication Forum            almost double that of the rest of their             however producing over 40,000 books a
                         which was held in              economies. It is these countries that pose the      month. Orders come in on the internet and are
                         Chicago during Print           greatest threat to the printing industries of       dispatched on time every time. Many are photo
                         ’05.     During      the       countries like our own, particularly in non         albums and other books that are created on a
                         meeting, each of the           time-sensitive products.                            proprietary template on the printer’s web site,
                         various     geographic                                                             submitted electronically, printed and
  regions of the world gave presentations on the        In addition, advances in technology have led to     dispatched – all without any major intervention
  state of the printing and packaging industry          dramatic changes in the kinds of skills that are    on the part of the printer. Three operators run
  from their perspective. It once again became          needed in our industry and I believe that we are    two machines (in this case Xerox Igen 3s) and
  very clear that South Africa, Australia, Europe       now more in need of a “service industry”            the shop runs a three shift system five days a
  and North America are facing very different           attitude amongst our employees. We have             week.
  challenges from those which are being faced           moved from craft to production to service. Our
  by China, Malaysia and India.                         clients need us to solve problems for them –        Who would have thought something like this
                                                        and this is why they often resort to the use of     possible five years ago?
  In countries like ours, there is an ongoing focus     brokers or agents to act on their behalf. As an     By the way, the Rochester printer is looking for
  on the reduction of labour, raw material and          industry, we need to show that we have the          worldwide partners and if you would like to
  working capital costs in order to remain              skills, knowledge and attitude our customers        make contact with him, please let me know.
  competitive, whilst these are not issues in the       need.                                               We need to think differently about our
  rapidly growing economies of China and                                                                    businesses – because if we don’t, someone else
  India. Labour costs there are unbelievably low,       In Rochester, New York, I recently saw a            will.

  Printing for Profit                                     This is the edited version of a recent article which was published on the GAIN website.

  Dr. Ron Davis has been chief economist of             focus on in order to manage their firms better       Ron: Let me offer a definition of successful
  PIA/GATF since 1988 and has responsibility            and to improve profits?                             printers and those that are back in the pack.
  for PIA/GATF's Ratios benchmarking                    Mike: I think printers need to rethink how          Profit leaders are defined as printers in the
  program. He has also taught economics and             they judge profitability. First, I think printing   top 25% of profitability. Profit challengers
  management at various universities. Mike              firms need to calculate "profitability by           are the remaining 75%.
  Moffitt has served as an executive at several         customer" by grouping all of a customer's           The difference in financial performance
  printing firms including serving as president         jobs together and look at the total                 between these two groups is tremendous.
  of Century Graphics Corporation of New                profitability from that customer. In too many       Over the last ten years, profit leaders
  Orleans.                                              cases printers are looking at a customer's          typically earned 8-12% before-tax profit on
                                                        value too narrowly. A metric on the total           sales. Profit challengers basically broke even
  GAIN: What do you think are the most                  profitability by customer can reveal which          over this same period of time.
  difficult challenges facing printers today in         customers are the most valuable and which
  their quest for profitability?                        ones are costing you money.                         GAIN: What market forces are out there
  Mike: I think the most difficult challenge is         Secondly, another key metric is "the cost of        today that printers need to be most aware of?
  the dynamic marketplace environment with              quality." By this I mean a better tracking of       Mike: I think the key market forces is the
  consolidation of customers and competitors.           cost pressure points in the print production        consolidation taking place among printers'
  This consolidation is destabilising long term         process including the cost of various value-        customers and competitors and the changing
  customer      relationships.    Additionally,         added ancillary services.                           role of the printer to a provider of a broad
  pressures from "corporate cost cutters" and           Ron: Mike is right on target. Our most recent       array of ancillary value-added services.
  management consultants have wreaked                   PIA/GATF Ratios indicates that the average          Printers are not just printers any more.
  havoc on many long established printer-               printing firm gets over 8% of its sales from        Ron: The print marketplace of today is
  customer relationships. Almost overnight a            ancillary services and this figure is growing.      extremely dynamic. There is a lot of good
  valued relationship between printers and              Printers need to focus much more on a full          news. Print markets are growing at the fastest
  their customers can disappear as a result of a        set of metrics to evaluate and enhance their        pace in over five years. Printer's profits,
  merger or acquisition.                                financial performance.                              while not at the levels they were in the mid
  Ron: I certainly agree with Mike that the                                                                 1990s are improving. I think Mike's point
  dynamic market place is putting extreme               GAIN: What are the major differences                about printers not just being printers
  pressure on printers and their customers. The         between successful printers and those that          anymore is a key point.
  bottom-line impact is the need to reduce              are back in the pack?
  costs and improve efficiency and at the same          Mike: I think today it is more and more of a
  time increase service. These are often                service orientation. The best printers are
  conflicting options.                                  focused on targeted just in time production         For the complete article PIFSA members
                                                        and distribution. This not only improves their      (who, through their Pifsa membership,
  GAIN: What are the one or two key metrics             customer service but at the same time also          automatically have access to GAIN) should
  that printing company executives need to              reduces cost.                                       go to the GAIN website
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           Techno Chat
           Drying Problems with uncoated papers –
           back to basics
  Our training taught us that different                boss and undue attention to the basics is        Paper storage can also cause problems;
  substrates require different handling and            time consuming and counter-productive.           particularly when premises are not
  precautions; different ink formulations,             What we need to consider is that                 humidified; as there is seldom time to
  different ink/water balance, different               uncoated papers usually have a higher            acclimatise paper for several days to
  saturation/ ink film thickness/ densities,           absorption rate than coated papers and           balance the humidity and moisture
  different ink transfer, -absorption and -            that faster absorption could cause the           content. Low temperatures and high
  oxidation rates, sometimes even                      ink surface to dry too fast, with slower         humidity are the main culprits.
  different drying methods. Today’s                    through-drying,      causing     set-off,        Optimum pressroom temperatures are
  technology and materials are, however,               scuffing, mottling or chalking.                  20-22°C and a relative humidity of
  of such an advanced nature that these                                                                 45–55%. Many set off problems are
  considerations seldom need individual                When inks dry too slowly, for example            caused by handling materials prior to the
  attention when changing from one                     when the relative humidity is too high           ink having dried sufficiently.
  substrate to another, unless when                    (after rain) or when the ink-water
  problems arise. Usually these are                    balance is incorrect, emulsification of          It is not advisable for printers to change
  detected too late.                                   the ink could retard drying. High acidity        ink viscosity by adding driers,
                                                       of fountain solutions, although seldom           varnishes, reducers, anti-oxidants
  The reasons for these problems are quite             encountered if well known brands are             without checking on the advised
  simple: the above mentioned basics                   used, can also retard drying and static          amounts to be used first and measuring
  have been forgotten. In our hasty, just-             electricity, apart from causing feeding          these out accurately. When regularly
  in-time methodology, productivity is                 problems, can also cause set-off.                printing on both coated and uncoated
                                                                                                        substrates, it is advisable to keep
                                                                                                        different ranges of ink, especially
                                                                                                        formulated for the purpose, in order to
                                                                                                        minimise the risk of expensive

                                                                                                       A typical example indicating set off
                                                                                                       caused by improper handling of wet
                                                                                                       printed materials prior to the ink having
                                                                                                       dried sufficiently.
                                                                                                       For further information please contact
                                                                                                       Erich Kühl Director Commercial and
                                                                                                       Technical Services (011) 699 3000

           "FACTINATION…            • LEFTBANK: What the
            READ SLOWLY--               robber did when his bag       Legal Matters:
          THESE ARE RATHER              was full of money.
              CLEVER!               •   MISTY: Why golfers            Attention!
                                        create divots.                Increase of the maximum income threshold of the Unemployment
   • ARBITRATOR: A cook             •   PARADOX: Two
       that leaves Arby's to work       physicians.                   Insurance Fund
       at McDonalds.                •   PARASITES: What you see       The Minister of Labour, Mr Mdladlana has amended the rate of
   •   AVOIDABLE: What a
       bullfighter tries to do.
                                        from the top of the Eiffel    earnings to the following with effect from 1 October 2005.
   •   BERNADETTE: The act of       •   PHARMACIST: A helper
       torching a mortgage.             on the farm.                               Threshold as                                          Threshold up to
   •   BURGLARIZE: What a           •   POLARIZE: What                             from                                                  30 September
       crook sees with.                 penguins see with.                         1 October                                             2005
   •    CONTROL: A short, ugly      •   PRIMATE: Removing your                     2005
       inmate.                          spouse from in front of the
   •   COUNTERFEITERS:                                                                            One hundred and thirty one thousand
                                        TV.                            Per Annum R 131 592.00                                            R 106 032.00
                                                                                                  five hundred and ninety two rand
       Workers who put together     •   RELIEF: What trees do in
       kitchen cabinets.                the Spring.                                               Ten thousand nine hundred and sixty
   •   ECLIPSE: What a                                                 Per Month   R 10 966.00
                                    •   RUBBERNECK: What you                                      six rand
       Cockney barber does for a        do to relax your wife.
       living.                      •   SELFISH: What the owner                                   Two thousand five hundred and thirty
                                                                       Per Week    R   2 530.62
   •   EYEDROPPER: A clumsy                                                                       rand and sixty two cents
                                        of a seafood store does.
       ophthalmologist.             •   SUDAFED: Brought
   •   HEROES: What a guy in a          litigation against a          Reference: Notice 850, Government Gazette 27946, 2 September 2005
       boat does.                       government official.
Issue no. 8                                    To contact Printalk:                                           October 2005

                                                 networking. The breakfast itself proved           handled separately and according to
          Central Chamber                        to be a prime example of the latter               different criteria.
                                                 benefit and membership of the YMP now
          News                                   exceeds 100.                                      If a portion of the business is outsourced,
                                                                                                   there is a legal obligation on the
  Young Management Printers                      Mr Simon Grose of Sappi presented                 outsourcing employer to ensure that the
  On Thursday 1st September, 2005 (Spring        an excellent case for the use of print            employees who perform that task are
  Day in Johannesburg) the Young                 as an accompaniment to any other                  transferred to the outsourced company.
  Management Printers of the Central             kind of advertising, particularly electronic      Should that outsourcing contract
  Chamber of PIFSA arranged a breakfast,         advertising, in order to boost awareness          subsequently be awarded to another
  sponsored by Sappi Fine Papers to              and revenues of the advertisers.                  company, the legal effect is that those
  celebrate the occasion of the first day of     The information he shared with those              employees are returned to the original
  Spring. The event, attended by                 present was the result of a considerable          employer and must then be transferred to
  approximately 100 persons, was held at         amount      of      research     conducted        the new outsourced company.
  the Country Club, Johannesburg in              internationally, including in South Africa
  Auckland Park.                                 and anyone who has not seen                       Telephonic conciliation by the CCMA is
                                                 this presentation would benefit by                perfectly acceptable and regarded as
  The event was well-attended and Lady           contacting Mr Grose at their earliest             having been duly attempted.
  Spring was in her finest to help with the      convenience.
  celebrations. Not only was the breakfast                                                         The unilateral withdrawal of employee
  superb and the company beyond                  Labour Law Principles                             benefits (in this case, travel vouchers) and
  comparison, but both the Young                 Perusal of the Law Reports for June 2005,         replacement by a financial incentive,
  Management        Printers     Executive       reveals the following nuggets of                  without consultation with employees is an
  Committee and the management of Sappi          information:                                      unfair labour practice.
  used the occasion well to spread their         Employers have a common law duty to
  respective message.                            take care of the safety of employees and          Where employees lie, whether under oath
                                                 this is not confined to an obligation to take     or otherwise, at a disciplinary hearing, the
  The YMP took the opportunity to explain        reasonable steps to protect them from             employer is entitled to take disciplinary
  to the gathered throng the aims and            physical harm only but also includes a            steps against those employees.
  objectives    of    that    organisation,      duty to protect them from psychological
  particularly emphasising the benefits of       harm.                                             Should an employee refuse to commit
  introducing     junior    and     middle                                                         his/her verbal resignation to writing, it is
  management employees within the                An internal investigation and disciplinary        acceptable for the employer to accept that
  industry to new technologies (which they       action against an employee is totally             verbal resignation in writing and have
  would not under normal circumstances           divorced and separate from any police or          such acceptance signed by an independent
  have the benefit of seeing) as well as         criminal investigation and the two must be        witness.

                                                             Kwa-Zulu Natal
                                                             Chamber News
                                                     SA Institute of Printing Annual Dinner
                                                     The KwaZulu Natal Chapter of the
                                                     Institute recently held its Annual Dinner
                                                     at the Durban Country Club. This was a
                                                     special occassion, where close to 60
                                                     people enjoyed an evening of great               Council members: Geoff Warren, Ted
                                                     company, good food and special                   Reade, Rob Dicks, Carl von der
                                                     entertainment.                                   Decken, Matthew Ambross and Ron
                                                                                                      Oborn Front left Geoff Peters Newman
                                                     The evening was very special a it saw the        and SAIP President Andrea Penetti
                                                     introduction of five new members to the
                                                     Institute. These were Ted Reade of
                                                     National Starch and Chemical, Rob
                                                     Dicks of Ipex Machinery, Carl von der
                                                     Decken and Ron Oborn of Trade
                                                     Laminators, and Matthew Ambross of

                                                     Music for the evening was courtesy of
  The YMP Breakfast, sponsored by Sappi              Lauren Laing of Pop Idols fame.
  Fine Paper, which held at the
   Johannesburg Country Club on the 1st              The next official function by the Institute      Left to right: Matthew and Sandy
  September to celebrate the occasion of the         will be a full Council meeting which will        Ambross, Philip and Diana O’Flattery,
  first day of Spring.                               be held during November 2005.                    Mike Atkinson and Nirmala Ramdhani.
Issue no. 8                                    To contact Printalk:                                     October 2005

              Lorna Mosca
                       After matriculating       experience in Flexographic design and         I recently completed the EDTP certified
                       in 1986 and a two-        layout, which has led me to having            Outcomes-Based Assessment Unit
                       month        holiday,     developed a passion for Flexographic          Standard and I plan to further my career
                       reality stepped in        and Packaging design.                         path in the field of Education, Training
                       and I had to make a                                                     and Development Practices.
                       decision as to what I     I decided to leave the production
                       was going to do with      environment to pursue a career in             I am currently busy with a two year
                       my life. My father        training and development and joined           part-time Progressive Management
  suggested I visit an old college friend of     Cross Media Training Centre as an             Certificate through the Cross Media
  his who at that time was a director at         Electronic Origination lecturer. One of       Business School.
  Beith Digital. I contacted him, made an        my first goals after joining Cross Media
  appointment to see him, and to cut             was for me to upgrade my                      On a personal note, I have a wonderful
  a long story short I commenced                 Photolithography qualification to that of     and very active little girl of seven years
  my apprenticeship as a colour                  Electronic Origination National Craft         old. Celine started grade 1 this year and
  photolithographer in January 1987 with         Diploma via the industry RPL route,           keeps everybody on their toe’s.
  Beith Process and Phototype and                which I successfully achieved in 2002.
  completed my apprenticeship and                                                              My hobby is digital photography, I love
  qualified as an artisan in 1989.               Training and development has proven to        taking photographs of children (mostly
                                                 be a unique challenge. It is a different      of my daughter, a total of 1800
  In 1991 I joined Kiley Baker (Pty) Ltd,        ball game to that of the production           photographs from the day she was born
  a Flexographic repro and design                environment, and can be frustrating, but      until now).
  company. I was privileged to be part           most of the time it is very rewarding.
  of a selected team to start the DTP            After being in the printing industry for      My next venture is scrapbooking and if
  department within the company and              most of my adult life, I am glad that I       it’s worth mentioning, I am a beginner
  spent ten years in this sector of our          am in a position to contribute back to        golfer and enjoy going to the driving
  industry during which time I learned           the industry by training and developing       range on the occasional Sunday.
  and gained an enormous amount of               the young entrants to our industry.

              Cross Media Training Centre
              Is still the centre of excellence.
  2005 is drawing to a close with regard         beneficial not only to the leaner but also    Visit our website
  to full time training in the trades of         to the company as a tax rebate can be         or contact Lungi for more information
  Electronic Origination, Litho machine          claimed from the Receiver of Revenue          with regard to employing a student or
  minding, Rotary machine minding,               on the onset and completion of training       enrolling as a full time student.
  Continuous stationery and Flexo-               by the company.
  graphic Machine minding. In 2005
  Cross Media returned to a one-year             The leaner enters into an agreement
  training programme for all the trades.         between the MAPPP Seta, the company                     "FACTINATION…
                                                                                                  As Heritage Day was celebrated on
  The result of which will be beneficial         and himself or herself for the duration of
                                                                                                  the 24th September herewith some
  to the printing industry when they take        the learnership period. Once the leaner                  interesting facts on
  on the students as learners at their           has qualified, the contract is then ended                   South Africa.
  companies.                                     and the employer and the now qualified
                                                 artisan can then renegotiate employment         • Total geographic area 1,225,815
  By changing to a one year programme            terms.                                            sq km
  the students receive eight-months of                                                           • Arable as % total of land 12%
  practical training opposed to three as         Cross Media offers loans to students who        • Population 42.1 million
                                                                                                 • Population per square kilometre
  they     had     in    the    six-month        have achieved a “C” symbol or higher on
                                                                                                   is 34 people per square kilometre
  programmme. They also complete the             their matric reports. Students receive          • Population under 15 makes up
  technical theoretical blocks. This             R3000,00 per “C” symbol or higher up              34.0% of total.
  means that the product, being our              to a maximum of R12 000,00.                     • Population over 65 makes up
  student will be able to be productive in                                                         5.7% of total.
  a printing company with much more              On successful completion of the course          • No of men per 100 women is 96.5
  experience than ever before.                   this loan is then converted into a bursary,     • GDP R796 Billion
                                                 thereby attracting hard working students
  Employing a learner at a company is            to the printing industry.
Issue no. 8                                        To contact Printalk:                                                  October 2005

                             Océ South Africa
                             Continues to support CMTC
                     The Cross Media Training Centre is the proud                turnarounds, peak equipment productivity and manageability.
                     recipient of a VarioPrint 2105 scan, print and              The VarioPrint 2105 is ideally equipped to meet these
                     copy production system, courtesy of Océ South               challenges. Students being trained on this piece of equipment
                     Africa.                                                     will enter the marketplace familiar with digital – and Océ –
                  For some six years, Océ South Africa has been
  Peter Enslin of supporting the Cross Media Training Centre by                  In addition to being used the train students, the VP2105 will be
  Océ South
                  providing it with an Océ printer on which to                   utilised by the college for its everyday printing, scanning and
                  train students. This year, Océ has renewed its                 copying requirements.
  sponsorship of the college with the donation of a VarioPrint
  2105 scan, print and copy production system. “The machine                      Nick Delport, Managing Director of Cross Media Training
  will be used to train students on the operation of a digital press             Centre says, “this new installation will go a long way to
  now that the college’s curriculum is placing more focus on                     meeting the needs of both our in-house production
  digital printing than previously,” says Peter Enslin, marketing                requirements, as well as the training of Digital Printing
  manager for Océ South Africa.                                                  competencies to both industry and our students alike.” He also
                                                                                 expressed his thanks to Océ for their continued investment
  He says, “The print room, or central repro department, is                      and commitment to training.
  facing increasing pressure to digitise, plus demands for faster

              Cross Media Training Centre IMPORTANT REMINDER!
              TT Block dates in 2006
  An important reminder that Cross Media Training Centre shall be offering two sets of Technical Theoretical Blocks per level at
  our Johannesburg and Cape Town centres during the 2006 training year. Learner registrations for TT blocks can be completed
  via Cross Media Training Centre. For further information and registrations please contact Renel van Rooyen at (011) 699-3000
  CMTC Johannesburg or Patrick Pederson/Carmelita Sauls at (021) 552-4013 CMTC Cape Town.
  Cross Media Training Centre Johannesburg                                       Cross Media Training Centre Cape Town
  TT Block Timetable 2006                                                        TT Block Timetable 2006
                                                                                 First Semester
  First Semester                                                                 TTI Block 20 February - 17 March
  TT3 Special Block 9 January - 3 February                                       Exams (13 March, 15 March and 17 March)
  Exams (30 January, 1 February and 3 February                                   TT2 Block 20 March - 14 April
  TTI Block 20 February - 17 March                                               Exams (10 April, 12 April and 13 April)
  Exams (13 March, 15 March and 17 March)                                        TT3 Block 14 August - 8 September
  TT2 Block 8 May- 2 June                                                        Exams (4 September, 6 September and 8 September)
  Exams (29 May, 31 May and 2 June)
  TT3 Block 5 June - 30 June                                                     Second Semester
  Exams (26 June, 28 June and 30 June)                                           TT1 Block 11 September - 6 October
                                                                                 Exams 2 October, 4 October and 6 October
  Second Semester                                                                TT2 Block 9 October - 3 November
  TT1 Block 17 July - 11 August                                                  Exams (30 October, 1 November and 3 November
  Exams 7 August, 8 August and 10 August                                         TT3 Block 6 November - 1 December
  TT2 Block 9 October - 3 November                                               Exams (27 November, 29 November and 1 December)
  Exams (30 October, 1 November and 3 November)
  TT3 Block 6 November - 1 December
  Exams (27 November, 29 November and 1 December)

  Cross Media Training Centre has decided to keep the cost of Technical Theoretical training as affordable as possible to industry.
  Companies will pay the training centre and will be able to claim back on the prerequisite that this training appears on the work
  place skills plan of the organisation. Claims can then be made to the Mappp Seta for completed training. The rates for Technical
  Theoretical Modules are as follows: Day student R3 876.00 VAT Included Resident student R8 151.00 VAT Included.

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        Printalk and any attachments relating to the official business of PIFSA or any affiliated or administered Association is proprietary to PIFSA. Whilst
           all reasonable steps are taken, PIFSA can not assure that the integrity of this communication has been maintained nor that it is free of errors.

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