Spiritual Healing from Traumas of the Past by djsgjg0045


									It is possible to live a life of healed of the pain of the past. Spiritual healing allows us
to live in victory, free of sin and harmful emotions that hold us in bondage to the past.
Healing ministries provide key steps to unlocking dark areas in our soul (mind, will,
emotions) that are caused by experienced trauma of the past.
  Healing ministries provide truths concerning traumas. Trauma affects your ability to
walk in the fullness of Christ. According to Webster's College dictionary traumas are
defined as: 1. A body wound or shock produced by physical injury, as from violence
or an accident. 2. Physical shock or severe distress from experiencing a disastrous
event outside the range of usual experience, as rape, military combat, or an airplane
crash. 3. Any wrenching or distressing experience. Spiritual healing is essential in
order to walk in the fullness of the promise available in Jesus Christ of abundant life.
  Traumas can be an open door in the spiritual realm to undesired emotions that can
trap a believer in Christ in that traumatic event, not allowing them to move into a
place of victory and triumph which is promised them in Scripture. The word of God is
truth and the promise of peace and joy is a reality that can be achieved by the believer
as they experience true healing from wounded areas in their lives caused by trauma.
Ministries are available which specialize in spiritual healing which sets people free
from traumas of the past.
  Trauma is considered by healing ministries to be any event from the past from which
we are still carrying pain, broken trust and/or unresolved negative or harmful
emotions. Traumas enable the enemy to plant distortions of truth within our minds and
to bind our hearts with bitterness caused by fear. Wounded areas in our souls (mind,
will and emotions) can grow into strongholds. Ministries teach that strongholds are
areas in our flesh that are fortified against living life in the Spirit. A life style free of
unwanted fears and negative emotions is only possible as we deal with the hurt and
pain of the traumatic experience.
  Traumatic events in childhood such as accidents, illness, and abuse can implant
strongholds in our lives that are difficult to overcome. Numerous fears can follow a
child into their adulthood which may develop into phobias, irrational dislikes, dreads,
anxieties and bitter resentments such as shame and regret. Thoughts such as: 鈥測 ou
are not wanted 鈥?and 鈥測 ou will never make it 鈥?fight to shape the thought
patterns of children following a traumatic event. These thought patterns can also
follow an adult and hold them back from living a life of liberty and freedom in Christ.
Spiritual healing is needed in order to be set free from a past trauma.
  Freedom is available through Jesus Christ. Healing ministries provide keys for
freedom which are available online. It is the desire of Jesus Christ that your soul be
completely healed of wounds caused by past traumas. Often the very areas of our
heart that we hide from God due to pain and fear are the very areas that He desires to
heal us of. If we want to live a life of freedom and liberty in Jesus we must deal with
past traumas so that the very roots of fear, bitterness and hurt can be completely
removed from our lives forever.
  Healing Streams is a trusted source for healing ministries and Christian spiritual

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